Generate additional income on Fiverr: How does it work?

Would you like to have additional income? You don’t have the opportunity to work overtime, but you are motivated, ready to work from home, and have interesting skills to highlight? Why not offer your services on Fiverr?

Fiverr is an American micro-services platform with a simple concept: each seller offers their services, starting at $5. It is possible to provide both traditional services such as translation or content writing, as well as more unusual services such as recording a personalized message.

Create an account

To offer your services on Fiverr, you must create an account and complete your profile. You can write a description of what you offer, detail your professional and academic background, and put a link to your social networks.

Your profile is a showcase that should interest your potential customers. Your goal? Look professional and engaging. There is no need to detail everything: focus on what will encourage customers to use your services rather than your competitors. Show what sets you apart.

Offer a service

Once your profile is created, you can offer services. You can have several, but try to keep a sure consistency: you must have a real identity. If you seem too hands-on, clients will come to you less spontaneously and may doubt your professionalism.

On Fiverr, you can offer community management services , web writing, translation, correction, video editing, sound processing… let your skills express themselves.

Find a service that you can perform quickly, and that still pays off for $5. First, you need to attract customers, so you can adopt an affordable price, or launch a discovery offer.

Increase your average basket

$5 doesn’t sound like a lot to you? You are right. That’s why, in addition to your initial service, you can offer options. Try to offer interesting options for your client that add little work to you.

For graphic designers, it may be a question of assigning the exploitation rights of the logo, for editors of carrying out the SEO optimization of an article. Of course, these services can be charged much more than $5, which allows some sellers to earn very comfortable income from Fiverr.

Gain visibility

To gain visibility, you can promote your services on your social networks, join the community of Fiverr sellers and participate in events organized around the world, or even apply for the Fiverr Pro program to attest to your high level of competence in your field.

Declare your income

In France, the easiest way to declare the income you will get from the Fiverr platform is to adopt the status of micro-entrepreneur. Indeed, you will only have to provide a very simplified accounting, which will take you little time. You can get your money by bank transfer or Paypal.

You will have understood that making money on Fiverr is not in itself so complicated if you find the right offer and you respond to a request, but do not forget the possible shortcomings as Sam Rondot writes in his article.

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