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Free YouTube Video Downloads Secrets!

Make Money with Free YouTube Video Downloads.

Free YouTube Video Downloads to Make Money on YouTube without ever creating any videos. Yes, it is a method many affiliate marketers use, simply using free YouTube video downloads. But you need to be careful because you cannot just download and use any video to make money on YouTube.

You must know how to avoid content rights violations and copyright violations. Because not all free YouTube video downloads come with a creative commons license. But there is a way to safely download and reuse YouTube videos, especially with affiliate marketing.

Forget about fancy and expensive video equipment, especially when you just get started. It is costly, and the reason why you are probably trying to make money online? Is that you do not have that kind of money to get started in the first place, right?

YouTube is the second largest search engine on Earth, second only to Google. With thousands of free YouTube video downloads available. The best part is all you must do to make money on YouTube.

It is to know where to find the free YouTube video downloads and avoid violations—making it (in my opinion) one of the simplest ways to make money with YouTube and affiliate marketing.

Over 109.7 BILLION Monthly Visits at your Fingertips.

Whom we all know owns YouTube? Making that a potential 109.7 BILLION visits per month combined. From the two most visited websites on the planet, Google and YouTube. No wonder free YouTube video downloads are one of the best ways to get free traffic to affiliate links.

This Free YouTube Video Downloads technique to Make Money on YouTube without making any videos is simple. One that works rather well for me. Because many affiliate products will have a review or walkthrough video promoting the affiliate offer.

Which is the key to making money on YouTube without making any videos with affiliate marketing. There are already videos presenting and explaining the working of the affiliate offer in detail. If you place your keywords strategically and know how to leverage YouTube Video SEO, it is a sure way to make money with YouTube videos. A simple but proven effective buyer traffic method with affiliate marketing.

Downloading and Converting Free YouTube Video Downloads.

Free YouTube video downloads can be leveraged with a YouTube Downloader tool, where you enter the video URL (From the Video Share Window). You will be presented with a choice of different video quality options.

My advice? Try targeting the HD videos. It does play a role in video ranking capability.

But before you start using the tool, you must first click on the “filters tab” on your YouTube Search Result Page. This is where you will find the videos with “Creative Commons,” be sure to activate that filter.

Because those are the free video downloads that are safe to use. Without violating any ownership or copyright claims. These can be used to make money on YouTube.

Next, you search YouTube again for the keyword or search phrase you are looking for. With the creative commons activated, your next search result page will display the list of free YouTube video downloads available.

For example (affiliate product name followed by review or walkthrough). Not all affiliate products will have such videos available, so you will have to research a bit to find the ones that do. But this method of using free YouTube video downloads to make money on YouTube works like a charm! Because you will make money on YouTube with free videos already of high-quality and usually an excellent way to present your affiliate offer to any audience.

Activate the Creative Commons to Avoid any Violations!

Make Money on YouTube with the Right Affiliate Network.

For some of the best free YouTube video downloads. The affiliate network, Warrior Plus, has quite a few such product presentation videos available. But also, Clickbank (paying the highest commissions of up to 75%), especially with the high-ticket affiliate offers.

These affiliate networks have hundreds of YouTube Channels promoting “Creative Commons” videos on YouTube. A mountain of free YouTube videos Downloads at your fingertips.

Expand the video description to ensure you have suitable videos and avoid violations. At the bottom, it should indicate the following.

License – Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

Some of these video creators, offering videos under “Creative Commons,” may enable you to use their videos in some instances. But when uploading the video to YouTube, you will be notified that all added revenue from the video still goes to the video owner.

You do not need to have concerns over this. Because your affiliate link will still be in the video description, letting the video creator have the added revenue (where applicable), I find it only fair. Would you agree? After all, they did all the hard work.

Uploading and Ranking Free YouTube Video Downloads.

There are five primary focus points to rank your free YouTube video downloads. But the algorithm requires more than that; it involves activity. To make money on YouTube with free videos, you must share your video wide.

It forms part of your video, maintaining its ranking on YouTube. Perhaps you have noticed some of your videos ranking nicely when uploading new videos. But, a few days later, your video dropped right off the search result page in YouTube, right?

This happens when there is not enough activity on your video, which is recognized as a video the YouTube audience is not interested in. Therefore, it drops right off the ranking chart!

The five primary ingredients to a successful SEO-friendly video upload to YouTube are.

  1. Video Thumbnail.
  2. Video Title.
  3. Description.
  4. Video Tags.
  5. Hashtags.

Out of these 5, your video thumbnail must be the most important because that is what must create curiosity. Enough so that your visitor stop scrolling their feed and cannot resist looking.

The thumbnail for your free YouTube video downloads is paramount to making money on YouTube. The video thumbnail must create curiosity!

The Purpose Behind Creating a Striking Video Thumbnail.

Every marketer on Earth is looking for more traffic; it is an obvious need. So, who will not want more free viral traffic? See where this is going? Address a need and offer a proven solution.

Making affiliate links viral offers a traffic solution; doing it fast creates curiosity.

The video thumbnail is your viral salesman for your free YouTube video downloads. It is the first thing your visitor sees. But it is equally essential that the video offers the exact content suggested through the presentation.

More importantly, be sure the link in the video description is for the product presented in the free YouTube video download. You do not use free YouTube video downloads for specific affiliate products to promote any other link with said video.

Not only may the video creator have a problem, but it is just downright rude and arrogant. It is not an excellent way to make money on YouTube, or anywhere for that matter.

Free YouTube Video Downloads Title, Tags, and Descriptions.

Find the keyword and search phrase you want your new free YouTube video download to rank for. Longer search phrases of around 2 – 4 words come highly recommended. Then place the search phrase as close to the start of the video title but within the context of the sentence (Title).

Be sure to populate the free YouTube video download description with the exact search phrase or keyword you wish to rank for. While the same goes for your video tags, search phrases and keywords must remain constant throughout video content.

Even sub-titles should contain the search phrase if you make money on YouTube. Getting the best video tags to boost your video ranking capability is done by using two free chrome extensions. They are.

  • VidIQ.
  • Tube Buddy.

As illustrated below, these extensions will give you the best search phrases your video is most likely to rank for. But they also indicate where exactly your free YouTube video downloads are ranking, in what position. The blue indicators are VidIQ, and the green ones, Tube Buddy. It would seem they sometimes have different results, however. But still, the best tools to help you rank your YouTube video and make money on YouTube.

Free YouTube Video Downloads ranking Results.

Hashtags in Free YouTube Video Downloads Descriptions.

Suppose you want your chosen hashtags to display beneath your video. Then you do not enter a video location when you upload your new video to YouTube. When you do, the site will show and not the hashtags.

Use a tool called “Tube Ranker” to check on best and trending hashtags.

YouTube Consistency Methods to Maintain Video Rank Position.

You will need to get views and responses from your audiences by sharing your newly uploaded free YouTube video download. Although YouTube will boost your rankings coming out of the starting blocks, after that. It is up to you to maintain your speed in the proverbial race to make money on YouTube.

Ranking a free YouTube video download on YouTube is super easy and only requires strategic search phrases and keyword placement. Maintaining the free YouTube video download’s ranking can only be done through video activity.

I find that sharing a video on Facebook, for instance. Then share it to pages and groups you own work rather well to maintain a certain level of consistency. But the same goes for Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and all the usual social giant suspects. Therefore having/owning multiple social profiles (Groups, Pages, Spaces, Communities) is essential. Consistency will always be the key to generating an income online.

Ranking on YouTube for High Competition Keywords.

Getting the Best YouTube Video Ranking Results.

The above-ranking result illustrations result from simple keyword and search phrase placement. As you can see, these videos are ranking for somewhat competitive keywords and search phrases.

Try getting your target search phrase right at the beginning of your free YouTube video download title. Start the tag with your search phrase. The “trick” is to use it within the context of the Title (Sentence).

Lastly, be sure that your free YouTube video download title does not exceed 60 characters, also counting spaces. Be sure that your video tags exceed at least 250 characters. After that, you will be well on your way to making money on YouTube.

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