Fraud on eBay – how to protect yourself

Again and again, there are scams on portals such as eBay or eBay Classifieds. The scammers’ tricks are becoming more and more perfidious, so even people familiar with the Internet have to be careful not to become victims themselves. There are some warning signals in advance that could indicate the offer of a potential scammer. eBay has published some hints that may indicate fraudulent behavior.

The offer sounds too good to be true.

Even though eBay and eBay classifieds are known to offer so many bargains, users should be careful if an offer sounds too good. For example, if a seller offers high-quality goods at an excessively low price or has products that are otherwise sold out everywhere, they should become suspicious. Even if a seller posts an offer only briefly, it can signify that something is not going right. Because the longer a post is online, the greater the probability of being discovered. For this reason, many scammers discontinue their offers only very briefly.

Caution is also advised if sellers want to contact you outside the respective platform for payment processing. No personal contact details such as email address or mobile phone number should be provided. In addition, only permitted payment methods should be used.

These stitches are available on the buyer’s side.

But not only the sellers can be fraudsters. Even if you sell something on eBay or eBay classifieds yourself, you should be careful. Last warning was given of a trick, In which the potential buyer sought contact via WhatsApp and allegedly wanted to use the “secure payment” variant of eBay. Subsequently, a fake link was sent via the messenger service, which led to a page that looked deceptively similar to the actual page. Thus, the alleged buyers got to the seller’s bank details and could empty his account.

Another scam on the buyer’s side affects suppliers of large and bulky items – in the forwarding scam, which MDR Jump reported, the buyer shows an interest in a piece of furniture, for example. However, he claims to live further away so that he cannot pick it up himself but will hire a freight forwarder. The buyer then asks the seller to pay the costs directly to the shipping company. As apparent evidence, he shows an alleged payment confirmation. The shipping company is not honest in this case – and the money ends up with the scammer.

The so-called “triangle fraud” “is prevalent on eBay, where a third party is unknowingly used as a middleman. The buyer pretends to want to buy something, but even before receiving the goods, he makes an offer for the same product. When a buyer then registers, he provides the payment details of the original seller, so he receives the goods without having paid for them.

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