Four Applications to Earn Money on Your Smartphone

Four Applications to Earn Money on Your Smartphone

Make money using mobile applications? It’s possible! Discover 4 apps that could change your daily life.

If there is one thing that rarely leaves us wherever we are, it is our cell phone. This makes it a tool of choice to earn money easily and especially daily. Numerous mobile applications have been developed to help us make the most of the time we spend in front of our little screens, or simply with our smartphones in our pockets. If they don’t allow you to win millions, they can sometimes offer nice surprises. Here are 5 of them to try to make ends meet.

More widely, it is possible to earn money with a little bit of everything today: internet, financial investments, real estate investments, stock market, cryptomoney,… We explain.

WeWard, the application that pays you to walk

Four Applications to Earn Money on Your Smartphone

After a 2020 marked by repeated confinements and curfews, maybe you need to stretch your legs. That’s good news, because there are apps that encourage you to walk as much as possible. While the health benefits of walking are no longer in question, you should know that it can also be good for your wallet. The WeWard app, which works like a pedometer, counts your every step and turns them into “wards” (₩). At the end of each day of effort, the app reminds you to validate your steps to increase your wards counter. These can be converted as soon as you reach 100 into euros, coupons, promo codes, or even donations to associations.

A little extra: the application has a map that gives you destinations to visit or stores to go to. If you go there, your number of wards increases and so do your chances to get rewards!

iGraal Market, the application that refunds your shopping

Four Applications to Earn Money on Your Smartphone

Real reference in its category, iGraal is a cashback application. The principle is simple: you download the application on your mobile and use it to make your online purchases. The latter can be clothing, cosmetics, tourism, computers and recently food. As soon as you place your order, the application refunds a part of your shopping directly to your bank account. The percentage of cashback varies according to the brands and iGraal also offers discount coupons even during sales. Thousands of brands are listed, so you can find what you are looking for. Be careful to always use the application to make your purchases, otherwise you will not be able to benefit from the refund.

Little extra: for each new (free) registration, iGraal offers 3 euros as a welcome gift.

i-Say, the paid survey application

Four Applications to Earn Money on Your Smartphone

Do you know Ipsos? If not, it is the acronym of the Institute of Public Opinion Polling Sector. The company, 3rd leader on the survey market, has its own application that allows you to earn money. Called i-Say, it invites users to take surveys and share their opinions on a variety of topics. As a reward, the application offers you discount coupons or gift certificates, and of course points that you can convert into euros. The polls are often friendly, with questions like “What is your favorite fast food”, or more serious with questions like “What do you think about the health pass introduced by the government?

A little extra: you can have fun creating your own polls and see if strangers share similar opinions to yours on the different topics.

Allovoisins, the paid mutual aid application

Four Applications to Earn Money on Your Smartphone

Sometimes we need things we don’t have at home, like an iron, a lawnmower, flour or a household product. There is a 50/50 chance that one of our neighbors has what we need, but we need to have the courage to go knock on their door. With Allovoisins, the principle of mutual aid between neighbors is not only simplified, but also paid for. No matter what you need (cleaning, moving, borrowing objects, babysitting, etc.), all you have to do is post an ad via the application. To earn money, on the other hand, you just have to answer an ad. According to the site, more than 80% of the requests are answered within the day. Your services can be paid in person or online via a 100% secure payment system.

A little extra: all services rendered are then evaluated on the profile of the individual or professional. This is a great help in forming an opinion on the reliability of a member of the application.

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