The Fiverr platform makes it possible to reach customers in France and abroad. Since most of the site is in English, it will be easier to use if you are fluent. Users are either “buyers” (purchasers or customers) or “sellers” (vendors or service providers). Missions, whatever their nature, are designated by the term “gig” (job). At the start of 2021, the platform had 3.8 million buyers. A “gig” (or service) is purchased every 4 seconds, which indicates the platform, which totals more than 50 million transactions . The price range is from $5 to $10,000. We explain everything to get started with Fiverr.

Jobs on Fiverr

The numerous services are classified into nine categories:

· graphics and design,

· Digital Marketing,

· writing and translation,

· video and animation,

· music and audio,

· programming and new technologies,

· data,

· business,

· “lifestyle” or way of life.

This last category, quite large, ranges from cooking classes to creative hobbies, including astrology, divination, and modeling.

How the Fiverr platform works

Only registered users can buy and sell on Fiverr. Registration is free. Some services on the site are nevertheless chargeable: service fees and different types of accounts for buyers (Fiverr Pro, Fiverr Business), courses, and a 20% commission is levied by Fiverr on the remuneration. Of each “gig.”

Fiverr primarily caters to clients looking for freelancers. They can opt for a Fiverr Pro account, which presents a selection of pros among the service providers registered on the platform, or Fiverr Business intended more for larger teams and companies, with additional services (registration of the file of service providers already employed, tools for communication). Sellers are presented from the home page with their services and starting prices in each tab corresponding to one of the categories.

Fiverr also offers free guides to different terms, jobs, skills, courses (most paid for), events, the ‘Nine Twenty Nine’ podcast, and a blog. These focus more particularly on ways to develop one’s professional activity.

How to register on Fiverr

You can register on the platform with your email address, Facebook account, Google Connect, or Apple Connect. When you create an account on Fiverr, it will default be a “buyer” account. Once registered, pull down the top-right menu from your profile thumbnail and click on “Become a Seller” to create your profile. You will be prompted to choose your username and password. Your username can no longer be changed, so choose it carefully since it will appear on your profile and in the URL linked to your account. Your account will be activated using a link sent to your email address. Videos and tips help you enhance your profile. Be sure to view them before starting. In particular, it is recommended that you describe your skills precisely to increase your chances of obtaining more missions. Indicate your professional experience and diplomas and links allowing you to discover your work and professional network. It’s about introducing yourself to potential customers and giving them referrals to gain their trust. It is advisable to personalize the profile with a photo. Some services require delivery. In this case, you must indicate up-to-date delivery costs.

Once your profile is completed, you will need to provide a phone number to validate it. You can then announce your first “gig” to offer your services. Here too, you must be clear and precise, choose the category your service corresponds, add keywords and phrases, indicate the time required to complete the mission, and specify the number of round trips with the client and your price.

The process is explained step by step here. You will also find advice for sellers in the “Help and Support” section of the site.

Before registering on Fiverr or another networking platform such as Upwork, Malt, or 5euros, don’t forget to create your company invoice. In general, the most advantageous status is that of self-employment. Indeed, it offers many advantages to young auto-entrepreneurs: simplified account maintenance, VAT exemption, and even aid for business creation such as ACRE under certain conditions. If you want to accompany your creative process, register on Espace Auto-Entrepreneur. Our self-employed experts will accompany you for the creation of your company and will be there to guide you with all the steps to take to start your activity.

What is the cost of the Fiverr service?

Access to the platform and the creation of an account are free. Fiverr takes a 20% commission on the remuneration of each “gig”, and there may be additional costs related to the mode chosen to collect its remuneration: transfer (exchange rate), Paypal account, or “Fiverr revenue” card. Note that payments go through Fiverr and your compensation for a gig will be withheld for up to 14 days after your work is delivered to the client.

The advantages of the Fiverr platform

On Fiverr, freelancers have access to an international community of professionals and potential employers and benefit from the visibility of the platform. They can also train and stay up to date with their expertise thanks to the many training courses offered.

Our tips for getting started on Fiverr

Take the time to watch the videos and read the tips. Check out profiles, especially in the Fiverr Pro category. You can apply to be included in the Fiverr Pro selection. Your profile will be studied, and the appreciations of customers taken into account before including you or not in this group more visible among all the sellers .

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