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The life of a freelancer is not linear; there are ups and downs. One month you hit your turnover, the next month, you have your worst month of the year… But in order not to live in fear, you have to think outside the box and diversify your sources of income. I was interested in freelance platforms from the start. In addition, I quickly turned to train to diversify my sources of revenue. I first started by selling services on, then offering courses on Udemy, and finally offering face-to-face courses. I have been testing the Fiverr platform for a few months, a platform similar to No wonder since the idea of comes from Fiverr at the base. I will also reveal my results to you in full transparency.

Fiverr: how it works (and comparison with

Fiverr is the flagship platform of the ” gig economy. “ The concept is straightforward, the site is a catalog of micro-services. Initially, all services were to start at $5, but today it is possible to offer services starting above this amount.

The sellers, who are generally full-time freelancers or people wishing to generate additional income, therefore offer services in packages. We typically have the basic courtesy to which we can add options. This system, which is the same as that of 5 euros, is efficient because customers know exactly what they are buying, and at what price and therefore ask fewer questions. This saves a lot of time. Fiverr still allows you to make “tailor-made” proposals, which does not yet offer. It is quite possible to sell services at 2000€ on Fiverr.

Like any platform, there is messaging built into the site. Customers, therefore, want to ask questions before ordering. Fiverr is an international forum, so the primary language is English. I started selling in May 2020 on Fiverr and have worked with many countries: Italy, the USA, Finland, Switzerland, Estonia, UAE, Canada, Vietnam, Senegal, and Romania. At first, English was a hindrance for me. But as you can see there are not only native English speakers so even with basic English we understand each other. Then a translator like Deepl is enough to translate its services and converse.

Be aware that on Fiverr, there is no dispute or mediation service; in any case, I did not notice it. The commission is 20% regardless of the number of your orders, which is expensive compared to, for which the commission is only €1 irrespective of the amount of the charges.

I’m not going to go into the details of the platform. I don’t know it well enough yet, but the operation is the same as that of, and personally I love this simplicity in the commercial process.

Why Join Fiverr?

So why register on Fiverr when you are a freelancer? What prompted me to get into it? As I told you at the beginning of the article, I wanted to diversify my sources of income. Today, I have direct clients, some for one-shot assignments because some services are only sold in one-shot and some every month.

Unfortunately, you never know what can happen, and everything can go very quickly, and that’s why I decided to start very quickly on freelance platforms. The latter make it possible to ensure a continuous flow of missions at fair prices, no offense to some. I am particularly present on, the French equivalent of Fiverr . 5 euros is my permanent contract, a stable income constantly increasing. You never know what can happen but overall, with 5 euros I am calm.

I also started on Udemy by offering online courses, and it is growing little by little. But I didn’t want to be dependent on either, this addiction to a platform can eat away at you mentally. The operation being the same as on Fiverr, I decided to duplicate 2 flagship services by translating them, nothing very complicated in the end, we can do 2 in 1.

I have already explained to you the advantages of such platforms. Some freelancers will say that they cannot offer their services on these platforms. Personally, I do SEO and I see few SEOs registered on these platforms, yet I manage to do it well, you just have to offer specific tasks with high added value . Otherwise, it is quite possible to offer something other than his expertise.

If you are a freelancer and want to be serene about your activity, I urge you to study these platforms. Train yourself to offer new services that will sell well on these platforms. For example, on my side I do SEO, it’s my expertise. But on 5euros, I also offer the production of small videos that I make with Lumen5. This service does not require any video skills, I use a tool at less than 50€ per month and I sell the videos around 80€ and above all I like it

If you don’t know how to get started on these platforms, I have a solution for you that I’ll tell you about at the end of the article.

My results on Fiverr

I will regularly update this article to keep you informed of my progress. Currently I only have two services on Fiverr. I completed 35 orders and earned €1324 . This makes an average basket of €37.80. It’s been 4 months since I started and therefore it’s 331€ per month. It’s already a very good additional income and I don’t expect to earn thousands of euros tomorrow on Fiverr. As with, you have to be patient and humble at the start .

Personally, I was amazed by these results. To be honest, Fiverr has been around for a long time and everyone knows about this platform, the competition is tough and I thought I was drowning. It is very far from being the case. But I left with one hell of an advantage: being already a seller on, I already have processes and services in place.

Now if you too want to get started on Fiverr, I have something for you.

Do you want to get started on Fiverr and / or to sustain your freelance activity or make additional income? Save time: I have training for you!

I recently told you about an incredible training to get started in web writing. Sébastien, the creator of this training has just launched a new training: Generate income on the internet thanks to microservice platforms.

I followed the training and I must say that as for the first one, the quality is there and the price is once again very affordable. The training explains to you which platforms to register on and presents them to you, so you know where you are going and especially why. Then, the training explains to you step by step what services to offer, there are many ideas, but beyond the ideas, Sébastien shows you how to perform these services. Those who don’t know what to offer have a turnkey solution here!

The training talks a lot about, being in French it remains the platform that I recommend to you first but like me it is quite possible to duplicate on Fiverr and therefore generate twice as many sales!

The training is sold for €129 including tax, there is the possibility of paying in installments at no cost, and if you use my promo code GUILLAUMEGUERSAN it goes to 99.95. Click directly on this link to access the promo .

Of course, if you buy this training through my link, I will earn a small commission, a good way to support my blog

And you, did you get started on Fiverr and what did you think of it? What do you think of my results? I look forward to reading your reactions!

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