Fiverr has a slew of professionals, amateurs, and people who need a quick buck to help you with anything you need. These services all start at just $5. Creating an account is free, and once you start looking at all the offers, you will be amazed at what you can get for $5. Be careful not to take the least expensive service systematically, and you risk being disappointed by the quality. Indeed, on Fiverr, you can hire creative experts for one-off projects, starting at $5 and beyond! If you need a poster for an upcoming concert, a lyric video to promote a new single, or business cards to introduce yourself to the professionals you meet, discover who is ready to do it for you on this platform.

Musicians can use this platform either to obtain marketing material for their musical project or create an additional income source for themselves. Now let’s look at some services that can be particularly useful to them.


When you are looking for possible service to buy or “gig,” I advise you to compare the notes of each offer. You will be more likely to find a quality provider if the rating is high. Don’t pick the first one that comes along. Review each seller by clicking on the “gig” they offer. Please review the description to be sure they offer what you need. On the right side of the gig, you’ll see exactly what they provide at the Basic (cheapest offering), Standard, and Premium (most expensive offering) tiers. Then choose the package that suits you best.

Also, look at the level of sellers in the Fiverr community. The best-rated will also be the most expensive. Your choice will depend on your budget. However, if you have the opportunity to work with a top-rated seller, you can rest assured that you will get good service. Avoid an average of less than four if you don’t want any unpleasant surprises. Also, take a look at the number of previous orders they have already completed and the average rating of customer reviews.

Many vendors are English speaking. If you do not want to face problems with the language barrier, select “the service provider speaks French” in the “Service provider profile” section in the search filters or even “the service provider lives in France.”

When selecting a gig, pay attention to how long it will take for your order to be delivered. Deadlines vary from offer to offer, so if you have a short deadline on your particular project, you should consider this when choosing a provider.

Use the ‘contact the provider’ button to ask any questions you may have to ensure they are available and can do the job. If their packages don’t meet your needs, sellers can sometimes offer you a personalized offer.


What’s a great album without some session music from other musicians to help add that extra edge to your tracks? It’s easy to have a home studio these days; you don’t necessarily need to set foot in an expensive studio to create a song that sounds great. You need to add a guitar track, a piano, drums, and you don’t know how to play it? On Fiverr, you can contact other artists and hire them as session musicians at very affordable rates.


On Fiverr, some providers offer audio mixing and mastering services. As a reminder, a good audio track that sounds great requires a good mix. During this stage, several recorded tracks are mixed into one, often using EQ, reverb, compression, level adjustment, panning, and other neat engineering tricks. After mixing, mastering must be done. To find out what it is, I refer you to my article What is mastering? You can get overwhelming cheaply through online mastering platforms. You can also contact one of Fiverr’s service providers who have mastered this technique.


Maybe you have an upcoming tour you’re planning or a new EP you’re releasing, and you need a press release. Writing press releases or biographies is not the same as writing a new song. Excellent lyric writing skills won’t always help you write a memoir with a storytelling twist, convince a concert hall to book you, etc. If you don’t feel comfortable with this writing job, you need a good writer who knows the music world to do it for you. Sometimes it helps for someone outside of your sphere to write a catchy biography for you in the third person that will help you stand out in an oversaturated indie music market. Freelancers offer to write for you on Fiverr for just $5. Be careful to choose a service provider who writes in French if you want to write in French or English if you wish to write in the language of Shakespeare.

As a writer, I can also help you write your biography, correct your writings or other writing service (in French). Do not hesitate to consult my services for musicians .


Many graphic design services are available on the platform. So you can design your CD cover on Fiverr! Do not hesitate to read my album cover article to see the different ways available to you to create your cover. I also talk about the 99Designs platform, where you have access to a community of graphic designers for your different needs. Let’s see the other graphic design services you may need.


This platform can also be the right place to get a unique logo and stand out. Be sure to brief the designer on the message you want to convey so that your logo reflects your music well.


Concert halls often ask you to send them posters to promote your show. Not everyone has the talent to design a poster that reflects their musical universe. Send 2-3 sample posters you like to the chosen Fiverr provider to help them figure out what you want.


Lyrics videos are a great way to promote and market a new album or single. Image is very important today and making clips can be expensive and time consuming. A lyric video is a solution to quickly put your new song on YouTube. Once again, service providers will be happy to take care of this for you within a few days on the platform.


A business card can be very useful for musicians. You never know when you’re going to bump into an important person in the music industry. It is therefore important to have some at hand. Sure, you can do them yourself in Photoshop (available on Adobe Creative Cloud ) or Canva , but if you don’t feel like spending the time on them, head to Fiverr.


You too can create a profile and offer your services to potential buyers: other musicians, companies that need jingles, etc. Offer yourself as a session musician, singer, songwriter, voiceover, etc. Some also offer music lessons (instrument, voice, production, theory). Take a look at the site, it will probably give you some ideas.

Be selective and study your choices. Take the time to really look at their examples and read their reviews. You’ll be glad you did when you save the time of having to find a replacement for your first or second choice. * Try to plan ahead and not procrastinate when hiring someone. Getting results won’t take a day or two, so expect at least 3-5 days to complete the project. And that doesn’t include any time for any changes you might have. Give yourself time to work with the person to create a great product. Use these sites and embrace the system, but be careful and smart, and you can build a good relationship with these designers to get some of the things you need off your plate. You’ll save time and the aggravation of learning Photoshop.


Some sellers on Fiverr offer services that might be the perfect fit for your music career development needs. Fiverr can be useful, but remember that anyone can offer themselves as a provider on the platform. Therefore, be selective and study your choices. Very cheap services are not always of high quality. Take the time to really look at the examples and read the reviews. Beware of music promotion services (available in the digital marketing section) unless the seller is extremely specific about how they reach their audience and who their audience is. There is therefore no real guarantee that the public will actually take your message seriously if it comes from these sellers.

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