Five tips and tricks for TikTok

Five tips and tricks for TikTok!

Here are a few more ideas to make your TikTok marketing successful:

Five tips and tricks for TikTok

tract attention and animate your community.

Of course, use simple hashtags, and don’t forget the music and trends.

If you already have a customer base, fans on Facebook, followers on Instagram… offer them a challenge on Tiktok with a gift to win or exclusive content.

Here is an example with the music “J’irai à Tahiti

Necessary: publish original videos… don’t republish other people’s content (for rights reasons) or content already online. Indeed, TikTok likes, above all, fresh and original videos.

– Use an influencer to boost your visibility

As in all social networks, you have to go and find the audience where it is…

That’s why it’s exciting to set up partnerships (that make sense) with people who already have a community in line with your theme.

You can propose different kinds of partnerships:

A flat fee

A promo code with a percentage of sales

A video interview

A product placement

A free product

Attention: if an influencer promotes you directly, don’t forget to mention that it’s sponsored content.

You can also mention influencers, partners… via @nomdelapersonne in the comments.

You can, for example:

Ask for a review of your video

Ask a question

Note: Before asking for a partnership with an influencer, start by building a personal relationship by commenting on their videos (with an @ on their name) for 2 to 4 weeks (2 or 3 times a week) to prove that you are interested in their content.

In the meantime, follow influencers in your field and 4 or 5 particularly creative Tiktokeurs to find inspiration and ideas to apply to your business.

You can also watch the videos with the most #s in your theme:

Using TikTok in your communication strategy: what are the advantages and how to go about it? 8

Five tips and tricks for TikTok

3 – Make videos with photos and mini videos

You can’t make highly elaborate videos every day…

On the other hand, you can take a few photos with your smartphone and make a slideshow (e.g., a trade show, an event…).

This allows you to humanize your account and create a link with your subscribers.

4 – Make short videos rather than long ones…

Unlike Linkedin, where the number of likes, comments, shares… is essential, on Tiktok, what counts is the time spent on the video.

Indeed, Tik Tok monetizes its audience through advertising, and therefore through the time spent in the App… this means that they seek above all that users spend time on the platform.

The key is to make people stay as long as possible on the platform without skipping because of a wrong or boring video…

It is essential to encourage viewers to stay as long as possible (tell a story, make a montage with frequent changes of shots and rhythmic cuts to avoid fatigue, indicate that we will reveal something important at the end, make videos that are watched in a loop so that the person watches a second time without realizing it…).

It’s better to make a shorter, more focused video than one people only watch for a few seconds and then skip.

Don’t hesitate to make 15-second videos. These are the most viewed videos (often > 90%), while “long” videos (more than 30 seconds) are watched at 50% or 60%.

You can split your video into 3 or 4 videos to encourage people to subscribe to your channel and watch several videos in a row.

Also, always add subtitles because not everyone can put the sound on.

Five tips and tricks for TikTok

5 – Have at least a defensive presence on Tiktok

Being present on Tiktok does not mean that you will drop everything to be present on this social network…

You can have a defensive presence with an account that you will feed with :

Photos in “slide show” mode

Videos that you will then be able to republish on Instagram, Snapchat …

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