Five reasons to include LinkedIn in your digital marketing strategy

With more than 562 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the leading social network focused on professional relationships. In Brazil alone, 29 million people use the channel for networking, advertising, searching for job openings, and information about brands and the market.

For companies, LinkedIn today is much more than a recruiting tool. It is a strategic space to disseminate content and consolidate its reputation with customers and potential customers, partners, suppliers, and society.

With this in mind, we have listed five reasons for your brand to invest in LinkedIn and generate the best results for your business.

Five reasons to include LinkedIn in your digital marketing strategy

1.Authority Building

  • LinkedIn’s more professional character makes users see the network as a space for institutional matters and more reliable information about the market and companies. Taking advantage of the social network’s credibility is fundamental for your brand to increase its digital presence and build authority on the Internet.

News about your business and blog posts are some of the relevant content that can be published on your company’s page. In addition, keeping your team’s professional profiles updated also contributes to increasing your brand’s exposure.

LinkedIn in your digital marketing strategy

2.Specialized audience

  • The proper segmentation of the social network audience is one of the main concerns of those seeking to increase a company’s digital presence. For this reason, the fact that LinkedIn has a more specialized audience gains so much relevance within Digital Marketing strategies. After all, it is an appropriate space to reach the people who matter to your business

LinkedIn makes it possible to connect with professionals in the same area as your company, such as partners, customers, and suppliers. This is essential for B2C businesses, especially for the B2-B market. For this, it is critical not only to share content but also to participate in groups relevant to your industry and fellow professionals and influencers in the market.

LinkedIn in your digital marketing strategy


  • LinkedIn also contributes to the ranking of your company in search engines. Having a page and employees listed on the social network are factors that Google takes into account to detect if a brand exists and determine its positioning in searches and avoid fake sites.

Your page must have a personalized and friendly URL to ensure a good ranking. It is also essential to describe your business in detail, taking advantage of LinkedIn’s information fields, such as company size, location, and specializations. Setting up your page correctly and organizing the information demonstrates the professionalism of your business.

4.News and industry trends

  • LinkedIn also has an essential tool for sharing content: LinkedIn Pulse, which concentrates on the most popular social network articles and works almost like a blog linked to your profile.

Besides concentrating on influencers and channels related to your company’s area of activity, the space is also ideal for you to publish your articles, contributing to your business’s brand building on the social network.

You can, for example, produce insights on LinkedIn Pulse and call for complementary content on your blog, attracting more visitors. The texts you publish on LinkedIn Pulse become part of your professional profile and are shared with your LinkedIn network of contacts.

LinkedIn in your digital marketing strategy


  • As we have already mentioned, audience qualification is one of LinkedIn’s great differentiators. And when it comes to creating ads on the network, this is even more important for your business.

While on networks such as Facebook and Twitter, users only need to provide more general information such as age, gender, and city where they live; on LinkedIn, it is necessary to enter professional data when registering on the social network. This is a factor that makes a lot of difference when it comes time to create ads. Corporate information offers a much more effective possibility of segmenting the public to generate qualified leads for your company.

Moreover, as people are on LinkedIn for professional reasons, the rejection of ads related to their professional area tends to be lower since it relates to the user’s goals in the social network.

LinkedIn in your digital marketing strategy


Being a corporate-featured network and having a qualified audience does not automatically make LinkedIn the best channel for your company. The social network is undoubtedly best suited for B2-B companies and B2C businesses that offer products with high added value. But this does not mean that only a specific type of business is suitable to have a LinkedIn page.

It is essential to evaluate the market in which your brand is inserted, especially if your target audience is on the social network. If the person of interest for your business is, for example, the professional who makes decisions within a company, LinkedIn tends to be the most appropriate channel. If the ideal client is the final consumer, other social networks may be more advantageous.
In any case, it is essential to consider LinkedIn when building your digital marketing strategies, to know and explore its potential, and integrate the actions on the social network with those of other digital channels

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