Five Keys To Successful Facebook Retargeting Campaigns

Five Keys To Successful Facebook Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting on Facebook is about retargeting past visitors to your website or mobile application.

If you use Facebook, it’s not uncommon to see an ad related to your recent internet searches.

Of course, very few people complete their purchases after their first visit to a site. That’s why the conversion rate rarely exceeds 5%.

Retargeting, therefore, allows you to reach those same people who have shown an interest in your company and your products or services.

This is why retargeting is one of the most effective ways to engage people in your sales funnel a second time.

Five Keys To Successful Facebook Retargeting Campaigns

But you still need to know how to do it… Which audiences to target? Which strategies to use? What content to offer in your ads?

To answer these key questions, we propose five effective retargeting strategies on Facebook.
Before we go any further, let’s look at some statistics:

According to eMarketer, 30% of visitors have positive reactions to retargeting ads. 11% of visitors have negative opinions about retargeting campaigns. Retargeting is therefore not perceived as intrusive.
Visitors following retargeting have a 70% higher chance of being converted.
Despite these statistics, 46% of search engine marketers believe that retargeting is the least used marketing technique.

To be effective, you need to know your target audience and your sales funnel correctly. You need to know how to target correctly.

1. Retarget All Visitors

The vast majority of companies that use retargeting on Facebook target all visitors who have visited their website at least once.

This is relevant if you are just starting your business. On the other hand, if your website has several thousand visitors per day, it is in your best interest to target your audience.

Let’s take an example:

This is an awareness campaign made by Mindtitan. This ad reminds people of the company’s value proposition and invites interested profiles to contact the brand.

The objective is to create what the Anglo-Saxons call “brand awareness.”
Retargeting all the visitors of the website can be interesting for :

Perform A/B tests to analyze the offer that generates the most clicks.
Drive traffic to blog posts via promotional Facebook ads.
Create engagement from your target audience. Visitors to your website. People who have only visited your website once may not be ready to buy yet. Your goal is to create brand loyalty.
Here, you want to retarget a specific audience: the readers or visitors of one or more of your blog posts.

Five Keys To Successful Facebook Retargeting Campaigns

2. Retargeting Blog Readers

Here, you want to retarget a specific audience: the readers or visitors of one or more of your blog posts.

If your content is of high quality and regular, it is very likely that you can reach thousands of monthly readers.

Your challenge is to succeed in retargeting these visitors according to your budget to convert them into customers.

What should you do?
Target people who have read several articles on your blog.
Target people who have read at least one article and visited a landing page.
And target people who have read at least one article on your blog and visited the pricing page.
In order to optimize your ROI from your Facebook ad campaigns, you need to remove the less engaged visitors from your targeting.

The right question to ask yourself is: what ad should you create for this target?

My advice: create one or more ads that will promote your best content.

Let’s take HubSpot as an example:

They encourage mobile readers of their blog to sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest articles directly on Facebook Messenger.

Some practical tips:

Here are some tips if you choose to retarget your blog readers :

Segment your high-converting readers based on the landing pages they have visited.
Avoid offering to buy products right away.
Make sure your ads are relevant.
Boost your posts to reach the maximum number of people.

Five Keys To Successful Facebook Retargeting Campaigns

3. Retargeting the Engaged Audience

On Facebook, you have the ability to retarget people based on how they interacted with your company, i.e., their engagement with your ads, videos, Facebook posts, etc.

To do this, you need to create a custom audience on your Facebook Ads account.

For example, if you watch or click on this ad promoting Facebook’s Workplace service, you can be targeted later via Facebook Ads.
Some suggestions for retargeting people who have a certain level of engagement with your content on Facebook:

People who clicked on form ads but did not convert by offering them the same offer but under a different value proposition.
Retarget people who watched your entire Facebook video ad because they are potentially interested.
Retarget people who regularly like and comment on your Facebook posts.

4. Retarget People Who Have Downloaded the Mobile Application

Retargeting people who have installed your app has several benefits:

Build engagement and drive usage of your app.
Help users to better use the application’s tools
Provide leverage to develop your in-app sales.
For example, Shopify offers people who have downloaded their app an attractive rate for the premium version, so Shopify introduces its users to the benefits of the paid version.

Some tips for retargeting people who have downloaded the app:

Make sure your offers and links are mobile-friendly.
Try to keep people who have downloaded your app interacting with useful content and tips.
Use Facebook advertising to target people who no longer use your app and entice them to reinstall the app.
Track multiple in-app events to segment your app users.

Five Keys To Successful Facebook Retargeting Campaigns

5. Retargeting Landings Page Visitors

Many companies choose to invest large sums of money in their pay-per-click campaigns to get their visitors to the landings pages of their websites.

However, according to an article by Kissmetrics, most visitors leave the site after 8 seconds.

You can make sure that you do retarget on Facebook to retarget these people and make them come back to your landing pages. You can also offer the same ads from a different angle to make the offer more enticing.

To re-engage visitors, share relevant content such as blog posts on topics related to the landing page they visited.

One way to re-engage your landing page visitors is to share relevant content, i.e., blog posts on topics related to the visited landing page.

You can also take a more purchase-oriented approach and offer your landing page visitors a completely free trial period.

Some tips on Facebook retargeting of your landing page visitors:

Target your landing page visitors who have shown strong purchase intent.
Make specific offers for each landing page.
Make it clear to your prospects what you want them to do by adding a clear call to action.
Of course, there are many other keys to successful retargeting on Facebook.

In this article, we’ve gone from the simple to the complex while keeping performance and efficiency in mind.

Retargeting on Facebook is a very effective lever to move your prospects through your sales funnel. By applying these tips correctly, you will be able to get convincing results quickly.

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