Five keys to marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social network created specifically for professional networking, oriented to business and employment.

Today it is an established platform, essential for businesses and professionals, and the objective is to generate conversation between these types of profiles.

LinkedIn has changed the way of selling products and services. It allows you to sell to everyone and generate new contacts and prospects every day.

Therefore, developing marketing strategies on LinkedIn has become crucial. It is about creating relationships based on trust that generates sales naturally.

Why use LinkedIn?
If LinkedIn is a new social network for you, I have to tell you that it is a specific professional social network. It is created and developed to promote networking at a professional level, oriented to business use, business and employment.

Five keys to marketing on LinkedIn

Founded in 2002 and present in more than 200 countries and territories, it has evolved a lot, developing specific tools and resources for its objectives and, little by little, differentiating itself from other platforms, such as Facebook.

In 2021 we were 756 million members present on LinkedIn, 13 in Spain. 86% of people who use the Internet in Spain use social networks, totaling 19 million users.

On LinkedIn, you can create personal profiles and also company pages. In 2019, these reached a figure of 197,822 companies with company pages on LinkedIn in Spain in Spain.

But LinkedIn also serves to search for or improve employment, the possibilities of attracting talent and selling, naturally.

87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to evaluate candidates.

As you can see, the data is conclusive: LinkedIn is the right social network for marketing, both for your brand and your business.

I’m going to explain step by step how to do it.

Five keys to marketing on LinkedIn

How to market on LinkedIn

As in any other marketing activity you want to develop, creating a strategy on LinkedIn is essential.

LinkedIn is a search engine, and therefore, marketing on LinkedIn is based on search.

On the one hand, we will look for exciting profiles and companies. Shapes with which to establish a relationship, generate conversation, and, little by little, derive from the sale.

On the other hand, the other aspect that marketing on LinkedIn offers is to be found; to be attractive to other people and companies, to attract prospects in a natural way who can become customers.

And I insist again: LinkedIn marketing is based on conversations, on interacting with other people and companies.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how you can approach that goal.

Five keys to marketing on LinkedIn


  • As I told you, LinkedIn is a search engine. And as such, the search is done by terms, by keyword

Therefore, those keywords must appear in your profile. Your value proposition, specialty, talent… those related terms must appear in different sections of your profile.

The strategy in this aspect is based on being found when other people and companies search for other people, to know who can help them in their own business with their services or products.

The key is relevance—a well-built profile and an activity conducive to generating conversation.

Through the conversation, you can add value every day with your content and demonstrate how you can help other people and companies generate the transformation they need in their businesses.

In short, create a powerful personal brand.


  • LinkedIn is constantly working to offer powerful tools and resources to help users achieve their goal

Algorithm changes and the growing catalog of applications will help you find the right people and help others see you.

LinkedIn apps are suitable for:
LinkedIn pages: to generate conversation.
Employment pages: to raise awareness of your employer brand and attract potential candidates by bringing corporate culture and job opportunities to the forefront.
their best.
Product pages: showcase your brands, business units, and initiatives. Product pages extend your LinkedIn page and are meant to showcase your brands, business units, and industries. Once created, they will appear in your LinkedIn homepage’s “Affiliate Pages” section.
Stories for LinkedIn pages: to promote your brand on LinkedIn with stories.
LinkedIn events: stay in touch with your community. Thanks to LinkedIn events, you can bring your professional community together securely and in real-time.
LinkedIn Live: broadcast live videos to increase interaction with your professional audience.
LinkedIn Ads: remember that LinkedIn is a professional tool so that you can reach your ideal clients directly through advertising.

Five keys to marketing on LinkedIn


  • LinkedIn events offer you a secure and reliable platform to organize events that help you connect with your community.

When you create an event on LinkedIn, the platform generates a landing page on LinkedIn with a unique URL, so you can promote your event in other spaces and through other resources.

LinkedIn events allow you to attract the right professional audience because the platform offers you different resources to achieve this:

On-page posting: all events appear on your LinkedIn page’s “Events” tab to maximize visibility.

Promotion to your followers: you can easily share new events with your page, and LinkedIn takes care of alerting a relevant subset of followers of the post.
Optimized to stand out: when shared in the feed, your event attracts attention with an attractive banner and a prominent CTA button.
LinkedIn Events include tools to interact with your audience at all stages of the event cycle. Before, through different types of content. During, with the resources for real-time interaction it offers you. And after, by publishing highlights of the broadcast on the “Video” tab of your page.
Broadcasting using LinkedIn Live: the platform offers you the possibility of live broadcasting.


  • LinkedIn groups are a virtual space provided by the network itself for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share relevant content, ask questions and find answers.

They have a high potential as online marketing tools. They become a space for debate where news and novelties are discussed in a sector or on a specific topic.

Members of LinkedIn groups interact with each other, generating dialogue and establishing links. In other words, they build relationships, creating a community.

Therefore, in LinkedIn groups, you can develop your strategy for visibility, and positioning and, in short, demonstrate daily how you can help your prospects.

To do this, the key is in the content you share and the interaction you generate. Remember, conversation; it’s about building relationships and consistently demonstrating that you can help.

Five keys to marketing on LinkedIn


  • People rely on other people’s recommendations, for better and worse, in all aspects of our lives. We are social animals for a reason.

It’s the same in business and commercial transactions.

According to a Nielsen report, 92% of consumers trust the recommendations of their friends and family much more than any form of advertising, advertisement, or communication from companies.

And LinkedIn also meets this need: you can recommend other people, and other profiles can advise you.

Recommendations on LinkedIn are the social proof that trusting you professionally can be a wise decision. Because it is not enough for you to say it, you must prove it every day with your actions. And the result of this will be the trust you have awakened in other people.

A recommendation from a satisfied customer, a positive mention, is much more potent in a prospect’s mind than an advertisement. It is the best promotional action you can develop.

But always keep in mind that before receiving, you have to give. It’s not about starting to ask left and right for recommendations on LinkedIn.

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