Five benefits of using Pinterest for your business

Last Saturday, I was checking out an interior design account on Pinterest.

And I thought to myself, “here, I should talk about this network on #audreytips.”

I mentioned it to Laurent, who more or less told me this:

You’re wrong if you think that Facebook and Twitter are the panaceas for social media marketing. Pinterest is the best social platform to promote your business with breathtaking statistics for some activities.

Plus, since Facebook bought Instagram, Pinterest is a platform to consider.

Nevertheless, it seems that this social network is still quite specific. So I need to tell you more about it.

Pinterest, what exactly is it?

Presentation of Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network created in 2010. Therefore, it is relatively recent compared to Facebook (2004) or LinkedIn (2003). A little kid among the big ones!

The slogan of the social platform is simple: “When it’s a great idea, you know it when you see it.”

This is entirely consistent with its functionality, which consists of saving images.

In English, Pinterest is a combination of 2 words: Pin and Interest.

To pin is a verb that means “to pin,”

Interest means interest (or center of interest).

It is a place where you can create an account and pin images around a center of interest. The success is phenomenal since more than 100 billion pins (source Digimind).

For those interested in capital ties among the web majors, Pinterest is valued at about $10 billion.

It has been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the acronym “PINS” since April 2019.

Thus, it is not owned by another web major, unlike LinkedIn, which software giant Microsoft now owns.

Note: Some people say it’s not a social platform. Pinterest is a cross between a social network and a search engine. After all, users search and pin content shared by others around their interests. However, they rarely interact with the person who originated the pin.

Think of Pinterest as a giant wish book where users collect images of what they want to buy or make “someday.

On the same topic: Pinterest: make this social network part of your strategy

Some figures on Pinterest

Some figures on Pinterest

Pinterest has more than 400 million monthly active users worldwide and nearly 16 million in France (source Médiamétrie).

Pinterest counts about 77% of women among its members (source Statista), even the proportion of men is growing strongly (+48% per year) (source BDM).

The number of monthly searches is 2 billion. 97% of them are on non-branded terms, which means that Pinterest users have a “discovery” intention (source HootSuite).

Finally, the average lifespan of a pin is one week.

Indeed, social networks are disposable media. A publication is quickly drowned in the continuous flow of information.

If you practice a little Twitter, you know that the life span is a few minutes. Then it disappears in the news feed.

A Facebook post has a slightly longer lifespan. A successful post can last for a few hours or even a few days. But eventually, the buzz will fade quickly.

On Pinterest, it’s different.

The lifespan of a pin can reach several months.

This is because you store your pins on boards.

A user who likes a pin will come to visit the board to explore your pin collection.

Every time a pin is re-pinned, it reappears as if it were new, and the cycle starts again.

And since a pin is 100 times more shared than a tweet, you may want to consider investing in high-quality design and photos for your posts on Pinterest.

My advice: Pinterest is the perfect place to get your brand known or remembered by women.

What types of activities can you find on Pinterest?

What types of activity can you find on this social network?

On Pinterest, you find a whole host of different people.

Here’s a little “homemade” classification of different types of accounts I’ve spotted there:

Blogger accounts

On Pinterest, bloggers find an excellent outlet for their blogs.

These can be blogs on all kinds of topics, from vegan recipes to gardening, extreme sports, luxury travel, interior design…

You can also check Laurent’s Pinterest, where you can find primarily pictures about architecture and Jennifer Aniston!

The accounts of big brands

In short, most fashion brands, cosmetics, beauty products, and everything that explicitly concern us, women, use Pinterest actively.

Small business accounts

These businesses take advantage of a very involved and present community to promote their offerings.

There are many diverse and varied activities such as organic products, DIY products, interior decorators, gardening, sports and fitness, and travel agencies.

The DIY movement

The “Do It Yourself” (or “do things by yourself” in English) is very present on Pinterest. It’s all about DIY, resourcefulness, home decorating… You’ll find, for example, ideas to optimize your home by creating extra storage space.

The five benefits of Pinterest for your business communication

1. Pinterest relies on images, so it’s a great medium to show your products

On Pinterest, people pin images.

If your goal is to show off your products or services, it’s a social network tailor-made for you!

Here are some examples of professional activities that could use Pinterest to show off their offerings:

A florist who shows a new floral arrangement every week,

A hairdresser who posts photos of clients (with their consent, of course) before and after having their hair done in her home,

An interior decorator who pins pictures of the rooms he has just decorated for a client,

Or sports and outdoor adventure blogger who posts photos of her latest travels and adventures.

You get it; Pinterest effectively shows users what you offer. Please take advantage of this main benefit that makes Pinterest a social platform!

2. Pinterest has a reasonably female audience

Pinterest has a well female audience

I’ve found different numbers that vary a bit around the web. What is certain is that Pinterest has a primarily female user base.

So if your company’s customer base is predominantly female, Pinterest is a great place to be.

Note: this is changing very quickly. According to the Moderator’s Blog, the growth of the male audience grew by +48% in 2020.

3. a powerful retention time

Unlike search engines, making users stay as long as possible is the “Grail” for a social network.


Because the social network then enters people’s lives and can present them with advertisements and product offers.

In addition, the social effect increases the longer the time spent on the site.

It’s pretty logical to imagine that I spend hours every week on Pinterest; I’ll inevitably invite my friends over or talk to them about it in person.

Pinterest has done very well in this area.

For some very well-known brands, like Sephora cosmetics, Pinterest and Facebook, for example, are a massive differential.

The LSA Conso article “Sephora: “Our fans on Pinterest spend 15 times more than on Facebook” is very instructive.

I particularly remembered this excerpt: “Sephora only gets a little more than two times more revenue from its 4.7 million Facebook fans than its “only” 144,000 Pinterest fans.”

You read that correctly. A “very” small community of 144,000 members on Pinterest generates half the revenue of the nearly 5 million Facebook fans.

The reason is simple.

Facebook is very generalist, while Pinterest is, by contrast, particular and Pinterest-oriented.

People who surf Pinterest are very, very interested in their passion. They will not hesitate to spend time, and energy and, consequently, spend money on your website since each pin has a link.

4. Using Pinterest means SEO and traffic

Pinterest is SEO and traffic

Pinterest is an asset for generating links pointing to your website.

Indeed, the more your Pinterest account is followed and visited, the more followers you will have pointing to it. This positively affects your company’s website traffic and a little on its SEO, even if these links have a “NoFollow” attribute.

Therefore, depending on your industry, it is not impossible that you can generate significant traffic via your Pinterest account to your business site.

One pin on Pinterest generates two visits to your website and produces 6 page views (Source Search Engine Watch).

5. Finally, Pinterest offers you a business account

Some of the networks that haven’t developed their Business offer yet.

This is not the case for Pinterest, which has offered a Business account for several years.

Consider signing up via this link to show Pinterest that you are a business.

Lots of great things are waiting for you behind this registration, including:

A set of Analytics to track your key metrics,

Rich Pins with additional attributes. Plus, if anything changes on your website, your Rich Pins will update accordingly.

A battery of specific tools for businesses such as Promoted Pins, a widget…

Support to learn how to optimize the effectiveness of your presence on Pinterest and even a newsletter to stay up to date with features.

My advice: join the 500,000 Pinterest for Business accounts soon and get additional marketing features to promote your brand on one of the fastest-growing and most popular social platforms.

So how do you open your business account on Pinterest?

Okay, now that you know roughly what Pinterest is and its benefits for your product offering, you need to know how to use it. And, more importantly, how to use it in a relevant way to boost your company’s sales.

The first tip is:

First, check the relevance of Pinterest to your business.

There are many benefits to using Pinterest for your business. Nevertheless, Pinterest can also be a waste of time.

Here are the two questions to ask yourself:

Will Pinterest serve me?

Like finding new customers with Pinterest?

Note: these two questions are relevant regardless of the medium of communication on the internet, and the tool to help you with this is the Persona.

If you have a very visual business and target the female gender, as we saw above, Pinterest is probably a medium to test.

If you’re an accountant or an electronics engineer, why not? But it’s probably less attractive!

Pinterest isn’t for every business. But if you’re in retail, with an e-commerce site with a target audience of young educated women, it’s for you!

With that in mind, if you decide to use Pinterest, here’s how to list your business on Pinterest for Business.

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