Few Reproductions on Youtube, Why Here are the reasons

Few Reproductions on Youtube, Why? Here are the reasons

When you have a few plays on Youtube, your video piece is not relevant to that platform’s audience.

Youtube is “the new television,” and more and more of us come to consume audiovisual content that, above all, entertains and contributes. There are reasons why you should take this platform seriously to get visibility in your first artistic phase. Few people will open their doors to you, so you will have no other way but to build by your means a large community of fans who will “fall in love” with your product.

Some facts you should know before we get into the subject:

65% of users surfing the web are on YouTube. It is the second most popular platform after Facebook.

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” video has more than 2.5 billion views.
Every day, more than 5.5 million hours of video are watched.
Every minute, users upload more than 300 hours.
Every day about 1,000,000 videos are uploaded.
Overall, we spend more than 3 billion hours a month on YouTube.
Youtube is already the second most crucial search engine after Google.
More and more artists are projecting themselves to the world thanks to Youtube. Justin Bieber is one of them.
With this data, you will surely think, ” how will they see my videos with the brutal competition?

Now I know that too much information is worse than too little.

Now let’s focus on your videos and your channel. Few views? If so, read carefully because I’m sure the causes are here:

Few Reproductions on Youtube, Why Here are the reasons

The content is not brilliant.

It is vital. The Youtube consumer is a person who knows he has the power at his fingertips, so if you don’t seduce him from the first seconds, he will abandon you for someone else; I recommend you to think about recording videos where both content and content are unique.

If you recorded a music video on the moon today, you would sweep Youtube.

Another grave mistake is trying to get visibility with your music videos. If your name is Adele, I’ll buy it, but it’s useless since it’s not the case.

It will help if you are looking for the fan instead of waiting for them to find you. To do this, I recommend that you make a content plan aligned to your personality and philosophy as an artist but do not leave all the weight of the channel to the few music videos you produce; it will be insufficient.

The quality is lousy.

Youtube viewers like naturalness, but they are not stupid. Make sure that your video in image and sound quality are optimal. Nowadays, it is elementary to achieve this, even with your smartphone.
I record most of my videos with the iPhone 6 Plus and the Shure Motiv microphone with a condenser included to record spoken or sung videos, total quality.

In this sense, always avoid external noise and clarify that the best light that exists sunlight.

The structure of the video is not the right one.

Let’s see, understanding that we are talking about complementary pieces to your music videos as it could be, for example, a video of you singing on top of a crane 100 meters high (this sells, doesn’t it?). You must study well the structure you will give to the video. Here are some tips:

As I said in one of my Mastercard videos, think of a roller coaster that goes up and down.
Try to make an impact and surprise in the first seconds, so they don’t abandon you in the blink of an eye.
If I told you that you should start at the top, you should also leave the end at the top.
In the middle of the video, integrate improvised and unforeseeable elements.

Few Reproductions on Youtube, Why Here are the reasons

The landscape counts so much.

As I said before, if you were the first to record a video on the moon, I guarantee that no matter how harmful the content is, the continent is so relevant that the footage would travel around the world several times.

The human eye is no longer surprised by any visual content because we absorb so many videos daily. I remembered a few years ago; I loved watching videos of surfers dealing with giant waves. Today that’s not relevant to me; I’ve seen so many… it’s part of my typical ecosystem, so it doesn’t spark enough interest to click.

Try to look for “unburned” places to shoot. If you shoot at home, the content will have to be very premium for the video to pull, but if you want the landscape to add up. You will have to study well to do it.

The Spanish group Dvicio offers us, from time to time, content along the same lines as this video recorded inside a vehicle.

Few Reproductions on Youtube, Why Here are the reasons

How does Youtube know that you exist to take you into account?

What a big mistake it is to upload a video without spending a few minutes on SEO: do you analyze beforehand which keywords are relevant, do you fill in the video description integrating the selected keywords in the first paragraph, what about the tags, and the thumbnail photo?

Several parameters would help you better position the video when someone searches for something aligned to your content, which translates into many plays on Youtube.

You must have basic knowledge of SEO for a better life on Youtube.

What strategy do you use to launch the video?

For Youtube, the first few hours of a video’s life are vital. If they have reproductions, the platform itself will be responsible for raising it to consider that it is relevant to the viewer.

To do this, you need to design a strategy where influential people within your reach share it. I count on you to upload it to all your networks.

Anything you can think of to get early visibility is welcome.

Are you regular with publishing?

Can you imagine if Game of Thrones was shown on TV without regularity in time? Frequency counts above all for subscribers, and I recommend that you always publish on the same day (Mondays and Wednesdays are good).

Use the cover photo to integrate a message with the day of publication.

Asking is an art

Few Reproductions on Youtube, Why Here are the reasons

Before finishing each video, ask your followers to like, leave a comment and share it because all these parameters count for Youtube.

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