Facebook Algorithm 2021: What’s changing and how to make it work best for you!

Facebook Algorithm 2021: What’s changing and how to make it work best for you!

Want to know how to get the most for you or your business with Facebook Algorithm 2021? Unfortunately, it’s not a walk in the park. But with these tips and tricks, you’ll succeed and outpace your competition.

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Facebook Algorithm 2021 – Important facts at a glance
Sure, Facebook is rapidly losing popularity among Austrian teenagers, because in 2021, according to the Youth Internet Monitor 2021 by Safer Internet, only 31% of young people still use Facebook. Nevertheless, the social network is still the most popular in Austria. After all, Facebook has 3.9 million users in this country – more than every third person is logged on to Facebook!

To ensure that all users on Facebook see exactly what they want to see, the Facebook algorithm has its fingers in the pie. Behind the scenes, it arranges the amounts according to certain parameters and thus creates the perfect individual News Feed. This results in a problem for content creators like you: even if your target group likes your page and maybe even subscribes to it, that doesn’t mean they’ll see your posts at all. As a rule of thumb, each new post is initially only played out to around 10% of your followers.

Find out now how you can best use the Facebook algorithm 2021 to gain more reach for your page!

Interaction is everything – it just has to be fast!
The first hour after publishing your post will make the difference between success and failure. If you manage to get as much interaction as possible in the form of likes, reactions, and especially comments in this initial phase, the algorithm will play it out to a larger number of people. Reactions like “heart, laughter, sadness, and anger” count more than pure likes. Comments have the biggest impact on your reach. This is logical when you consider that people are often notified when friends of theirs have commented on a post. Through this snowball system, you help your post to get more reach.

To achieve this, you should pay attention to two things:

Write short but activating texts to your posts that invite people to join in the conversation.
Reply quickly to all comments
To encourage interaction, it always makes sense to end your posts with a question, for example, to encourage your followers to comment. But be careful not to fall into heavy-handed engagement-baiting. This is because posts with so-called engagement-baiting are not looked upon favorably by Facebook’s algorithm. This includes posts in which users are asked to interact with the post, i.e. to like, comment, or share it. In addition, posts that excessively advertise things are spread less in order to reduce spam in the News Feed. Instead, Facebook’s algorithm pushes trustworthy and true content that elicits authentic reactions.

Now, in the second step, if you also respond quickly to your authentic comments, you can keep the interaction alive for as long as possible. Respond to the comments and write in such a way that the conversation is not immediately closed after your comment. Ask more questions, leave something open, so that a conversation can develop.

In the fight against fake news
Since Trump, everyone knows what fake news is and what devastating consequences can result from false reports. Facebook wants to do something about it. The Facebook algorithm will therefore continue to fight the spread of fake news in 2021. As is already the case with Instagram, Fake News will be curbed in its spread and provided with warnings. In addition, pages that share false information will no longer be allowed to run ads.

TIP: Stick to the truth! Check content for accuracy before spreading it.

Topical content has priority in Facebook’s 2021 algorithm.
Facebook’s algorithm knows what we want: to always be up-to-date and know the latest news first. For you, this means that you should pick up current topics, with significant and authentic content. Then your posts will be ranked higher in the News Feed and you will reach more people. Videos and live streaming via Facebook Live are particularly effective here, as this is especially popular with the Facebook algorithm. Check out our blog post on Facebook Live to get valuable tips for your next live stream.

Once a post has found a certain resonance and appeals with users, it is pushed even more by the Facebook algorithm. Frequently shared content is promoted and spread. However, content that is posted repeatedly has a harder time – it is held back by the Facebook algorithm.

TIP: Stay current and original! Don’t repeat yourself too often and adapt your content to the current circumstances. Try something new like Facebook Live.

Stay away from #HashtagsOnFacebook.
Hashtags have been around on Facebook since 2013 and – hand on heart – nobody uses them. On other platforms like Instagram or Twitter, they are definitely part of the standard posting repertoire, but not so on Facebook. One of the most important rules for Facebook posts is: keep it short and crisp, and hashtags simply have no place there. They do nothing to strengthen your reach. So feel free to leave them out.

TIP: Use very few #hashtags or simply none at all if you can avoid it!

Limit for placed ads.
This change has been in the works for over 2 years and as of February 16, 2021, the time has come: per-page ad limits will be introduced. So what does that mean for you?

As of February 2021, you are no longer allowed to place as many ads as you want online on your Facebook page. How many ads you are allowed to place depends on the size of your Facebook Page and your advertising budget in the last year. The bigger your page, the more ads you can run at the same time. This measure is intended to increase the performance of your ads and save you money. If too many ads are placed at the same time, not all of them will complete the learning phase of the performance optimization. As a result, the Facebook algorithm does not get to optimize all ads. With the limits, this should change. Here you can find all the further information.

TIP: Go for quality instead of quantity! Use the Facebook algorithm to your advantage and focus on making fewer ads more successful than running too many ads that can’t reach their goal.

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