Facebook Groups, are they sound in the Digital Marketing strategy?

Suppose you wonder whether Facebook groups are suitable for launching your marketing strategy. In that case, the answer is found in the millions of followers worldwide who enter this social network daily. Managing a group can be a big task, especially if you intend to build loyalty among many customers. Let’s see what we can achieve by opening one and the possible drawbacks that we can find. But Facebook groups are not the only way to create a group.

Are Facebook groups helpful in the Digital Marketing strategy?

You have opened several groups on Facebook, but are they useful in your marketing strategy?

Before we start, a brief introduction of what it can represent to include Facebook in your strategy.

Facebook is a social network that hosts more than two million seven hundred thousand people worldwide; according to its official page, oriented to business, Facebook for Business allows you to interact with an active audience, which can translate into future customers of your business.

When we open a profile on this social network, the possibilities that we find are immense, especially when we have big goals concerning our company. We often wonder where to start since we have the option of opening a page with our brand and even promoting ourselves within a group of third parties.

The Internet represents a sales medium that is growing, starting with an ever-increasing number of followers. As a large-scale online store, marketing is present on any pages we browse. Facebook even offers the possibility of advertising to reach a wider audience.

Facebook Groups, are they sound in the Digital Marketing strategy

You may not be interested in paying to promote your brand in the first place. If you are starting your business and looking for your first virtual audience, you need to make yourself known. Here you ask yourself the question about Facebook groups: are they useful in your marketing strategy?

The best way to answer the above question is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of running a group. Although you can add it to your digital marketing strategy, one of your concerns may be the time you need to invest until you achieve the first genuinely profitable results. But first of all, let’s take a look at these platforms.

1.1 What are Facebook groups?

A Facebook group is a space for the shared interests of a virtual community. In it, they exchange their ideas, debate, express their feelings, etc. Through the information shared by the administrator(s), the people in the group interact. Any person can create a group on a specific topic, cause, or interest from their profile.

The groups are classified according to their subject matter in different types: buying and selling, video games, neighbors, friends, travel, family, educational centers …. or personalized if you are unsure of the subject matter.

Any user can join a group; the only condition is not to be part of more than 6,000 groups, which is quite tricky.

Another essential detail to take into account is the privacy of the group. If we talk about digital marketing and want to bring a brand to a broader audience, we want it to be public. This means that anyone outside the social network can read what is published within it just by finding a particular entry in search engines.

Then there are the closed groups, which allow you to be found in searches carried out within the social network, although you will not be able to read their content unless the administrators accept you after requesting to join them.

Finally, secret groups do not appear in any search engine, becoming exclusive, and only allow entry upon invitation of some of the members. For obvious reasons, a marketing strategy becomes more difficult in this group, although a tighter control of the group can also be maintained.

Facebook Groups, are they sound in the Digital Marketing strategy

1.2 Roles of users within a Facebook group

Administrator. The user who leads the group
Moderator. It has the same functions as an administrator within a group but cannot modify group settings nor add or remove an administrator.
Member. A person who, through his profile, participates in a group.

1.3 Advantages of adding a Facebook group to your marketing strategy

Some points to value about the Facebook social network:
It has more than 2.7 billion users.
It gives you the possibility to make your brand or company known.
It allows you to interact with different people who share familiar tastes.
You get it to appear in search engines across the Internet by making a group public.

1.3.1 A community around your products

If we assume that you are skilled enough to attract many people to your new Facebook group, you will find the first advantage in the community created around the products you offer.

This involves different users describing their experience with your company, which can lead to other people’s motivation. You will undoubtedly benefit from your good business management by seeing more customers become loyal to the reasonable expectations generated by others.

When the group interacts and communicates with each other, despite having many users, it gives you less work. At the same time, you get free promotion of your brand.

1.3.2 Increased credibility for your company

Given the positive attention you have given to your customers and their reinforcement of the benefits of purchasing your products, your brand gains credibility with those potential customers who are still confused or have not yet approached you.

Compared to the possible competition, a positive experience and its constant declaration will make other people begin to see your company with bright eyes.

One of the attractions that users find attractive is the number of followers a Facebook group has. This acts as a magnet for a new audience, who will not hesitate to want to belong to those spaces with a vast majority.

Facebook Groups, are they sound in the Digital Marketing strategy

1.3.3 Gain in proximity

In marketing, it is known that results with the buyer become more satisfied when they feel that a particular brand takes them into account and, therefore, makes them feel important. This is possible with closeness, that is, with the proximity you show them as the person who owns the brand.

In this way, the subjective feeling of the brand is broken down to become more objective in the treatment they receive from one of its creators or participants. Do not hesitate to approach the most loyal customers from time to time; they will see it as a way of rewarding their loyalty to the brand.

1.3.4 You learn to know what your customers want

The Facebook group is ideal for finding out what your customers expect regarding future products. Luckily, the platform allows you to create surveys where you can test the performance of upcoming projects.

You can also answer some of their questions and ask them what they think about various products. This will help you improve your customers’ expectations and offer them what they expect, thus gaining the loyalty of new buyers.

1.4 Disadvantages of using a Facebook group for your digital marketing strategy

Possibly, and from what we have described, you can’t think of disadvantages when opening a group in this social network to carry out your marketing strategy. Unfortunately, there are these disadvantages that, on many occasions, can give you a headache. In these cases, everything can be as easy as closing the group, although it could also be counterproductive if you consider the loyal customers you have achieved so far.

1.4.1 You don’t have complete control of the group

As Facebook is the platform owner, it can surprise you and change the terms of use and even delete your group for reasons that may seem inconceivable to you.

Suppose you have invested a lot of money and time in sustaining it. In that case, you will be frustrated by the possible hypothetical actions on the group by Facebook that we have presented above.

Facebook Groups, are they sound in the Digital Marketing strategy

1.4.2 Complicated handling by the administrator

It is possible that the misjudgment or mismanagement of the group, either due to lack of time or strategy, may cause it to get out of control, causing the discomfort of many customers. Of course, this ends up hurting your brand.

To avoid the above, we recommend that you do not make the support in the publications you make because, although it may be easy to respond to twenty customers, everything changes when thousands interact.

On the other hand, some comments are expected to be not read due to the high number of participants, which will discomfort many users waiting for your response.

1.4.3 You must become enslaved to the group

The user’s expectation who has just joined a group is to see continuous activity in the group. This means making several daily posts, of course, of high quality. In addition, you are expected to respond regularly to questions raised.

The administration of a busy group alone can take all day. It is best, in this case, to hire someone to manage it. Keeping up with expectations is not always easy because sometimes ideas can be lacking.1.5

1.5 Keys to carrying out a strategy on Facebook

We have already observed that Facebook groups are an excellent strategy to make yourself known and generate notoriety. However, it is essential to consider the following points to stay visible and not lose users.

1.5.1 Share and create valuable content

Create valuable content for your fans that invites them to share it. It is essential to have a well-defined content strategy for blogs and social networks.

1.5.2 Participate in groups

Participate in fan pages and groups, giving your opinion to show that you are strong in certain areas.

1.5.3 Take advantage of Segmentation

Just go to the “Edit Segmentation” section at the top of your admin panel and click on “Edit settings,” and once in that panel, you have to select and activate “Privacy of publications.” This way, you already have Segmentation started, and when you write content, you can set different audience criteria by clicking on Segmentation.

Facebook Groups, are they sound in the Digital Marketing strategy

1.5.4 Encourage participation

You want your followers to participate. You can ask questions and carry out sweepstakes… Ask, play, encourage, participate, inform, talk, answer… In short, create content that is close and fun.

1.5.5 Images and Videos

Users like to see images and videos more than text. Their viral load is much higher, so take advantage of this to insert a logo.

1.5.6 Facebook ads

Facebook could be the best platform for segmented marketing campaigns.

At this point, we recommend you to read our post Advantages of social networks for B2B marketing.

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