Everything you need to know to sell on eBay

Everything you need to know to sell on eBay

Applications specialized in buying and selling all kinds of products are a trend, but there is one that has been with us for years and is one of the great classics, the most popular Marketplace: eBay. We can buy and sell all kinds of products on eBay, from lawnmowers to themed T-shirts. If you do not want to purchase but sell on eBay, we explain all the steps you must follow.

Everything you need to know to sell on eBay

When we choose a product on eBay, we can see the seller’s information. We can see the total votes in the description, communication, shipping time, and shipping costs. We will also see the positive and negative votes received in recent months, or we can see the valuations made by all users who have bought something. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a good reputation and be reliable and careful.

What to consider?
Do I have to pay to sell?
No. If you are going to sell occasionally or if you are going to sell things you don’t use anymore, like clothes you don’t want, you can create up to 50 free listings on eBay. These 50 listings are free, and all the listings you create after reaching the monthly limit will cost you 0.35 euros. Although it is free to display your products, the website does have a commission, and you will have to pay them 10%.

Everything you need to know to sell on eBay

Rules for sellers

Before knowing how to sell on eBay, we must understand what we can sell and what we cannot see on this platform. The policy of allowed and forbidden items is extensive, and we can not summarize it in a few words but go to the eBay conditions page in customer service to know what is allowed and what is not. It will depend on the type of content you want to sell that you have to abide by some conditions or others. Still, you will see the different links on the policies related to items on sexuality, alcoholic beverages, used clothing, drugs, electronics, antiques, food, hazardous materials, mailing lists … click on the appropriate one and find out about your specific case.


Although they are excessively extensive, eBay has some general rules for anyone who wants to use their platform to sell… For example, they remind you that you must specify the handling and shipping costs and specify in case there are additional costs for delivery confirmation or acknowledgment of receipt. You must also state when an item will be shipped, and you cannot say that you are not responsible for delivery. For example, these “I am not responsible for…” statements are not allowed about product shipping.

The rules for sellers also explain that in the terms and conditions of the sale, in the ads, you must include:

Payment methods you accept
Return policies
A restocking fee, if any
Handling and shipping method, prices
Taxes and duties imposed
You must indicate the terms of the transaction
You must guarantee delivery within the time frame

Everything you need to know to sell on eBay

Types of sellers

It will depend on what you want to sell and how much you wish to register as a private or professional seller. The latter is the most appropriate if you’re going to sell on eBay frequently, as the former is designed for sporadic sales. For example, if you want to make a handicraft project available to clients every two months, etc. In the second case, professionals will be able to have their store. Here we will focus on how to sell on eBay in a particular way.

Starting to sell on eBay

If you want to sell something just once, once a year… In that case, you can register on eBay by following the usual steps: you fill in your name and surname, email, and password. Once you are inside “My eBay,” you will see in the left menu then the “Sell” section, where you will see all the options if you are a sporadic seller.

Select “Sell.”
Type in the box what you want to sell
Choose the category among all the ones that will appear
Category sell on eBay
Search for items similar to yours
Choose “Sell one like this.”
eBay Ad
If there are no similar items, you can create a new ad.

Create a new ad

First of all, you choose the quality or condition, which will depend on the type of product it is. In our case, being shoes, we will have to fill in:

The new but original package is missing or has been opened
Repaired by the manufacturer
Revised by the seller (i.e., by you or a third party)
New with tags or new with box (especially clothing and shoes)
New without tags (unworn but has no title)
Scrapped or non-functioning
Features and photos
Once you have chosen the condition, it is time to fill in all the item characteristics with as many details as possible for the buyer…

Everything you need to know to sell on eBay

Product details

In addition, you will have to add a picture. Depending on the product, you will have to add some images or others, but it will be enough to drag them or upload them to this website. It depends on what you are going to sell on eBay that asks you for some images or others, but, in this case, what it asks us is the primary photo, from above, below, front, back, right, left, details…


Finally, we will have to add a description with all the possible details. We have a text box where to inform about any feature. For example, if you want to put the season, the type of sole, how comfortable it is, the defects it has, why you sell them.


How do we set the price? There are several options. You can put it in an auction format, and the buyers will have to bid for it. There is a starting price that is usually low, and for a specific number of days, they can bid for it. In addition, you can add a minimum price, the lowest price you have decided you are willing to accept. This way, you will avoid almost giving it away.

You also have the option to set the price traditionally. You assign the cost to the item, which is what it is worth. Although there is the possibility of allowing potential buyers to make you other offers. You can listen to them and decide if you will accept that possible offer or if you directly reject it and wait.


There are several types of shipments depending on whether they are letters or packages… You will have to choose the type of shipment you want to add to your sale.

You choose the type of shipping, and you choose who pays, you or the buyer. You decide if you pay and the buyer receives free shipping or if he pays and what are the fixed shipping costs.

At the bottom, you can also check “local pickup” if there is someone near you who can pick up the item at your home or another place of your choice.

Everything you need to know to sell on eBay


Once you have made the sale, how do you receive the money? You must have linked your PayPal account, and you will receive the money corresponding to the sold item here. Of course, eBay takes a commission. According to the terms and conditions: “When your item is sold, you will pay 10% of the final sale price, excluding shipping and handling. This is what we call a commission per sale made. Commissions per sale are capped, so you will never pay more than 200 EUR per item, regardless of the final sale price. Different commissions apply to ads created in the category Cars and Motorcycles”.

What if it doesn’t sell, but you “meet” someone? “If you ask a buyer for their contact information in a purchase or sale made outside of eBay, we will charge a commission per sale made for introducing you to the buyer.”

Selling Dashboard

From My eBay, you can view all your sales. You can see all the items you have right now advertised and active; you can see the sold and unsold items and what you have made in that time. You will also see the different promotions you have (in this case, 50 free ads per month) or if you have left any product in drafts.

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