Everything you need to know to make money with Amazon Associates in 2021

The Amazon Associates program is the most used affiliate marketing platform to start earning money online.

Just by creating a web page or a blog, you can sell any type of product that is available in the king of eCommerce.

For its part, Amazon will pay you different % of commissions depending on the category in which the product sold is found.

Without having to do much research, you can find hundreds of articles and even videos that confirm Amazon Affiliates is one of the best ways to start monetizing your digital projects.

What is the Amazon affiliate program

The Amazon affiliate program , Amazon Affiliates, is an affiliate marketing program that allows you to sell your products through your own website in exchange for a small commission for each sale made.

All you have to do is create personalized affiliate links, so that Amazon can identify all the sales that correspond to you during the next 24 hours.

How much does Amazon Affiliate pay in commissions?

In this link you can see the different commissions paid by the Amazon affiliate program depending on the category of the product sold.

The summary table of percentages per sale would be something like this:

Product Category


Product Category




Hobbies and Engine




Amazon Devices




Electronics and Computers




Video game


digital and media




Although these commissions are constantly changing and we cannot take them literally, they help to get a rough idea of where the shots are going.

In addition, they can go up if you exceed a certain billing amount, or even go down if the product purchased is not exactly the same as the one linked to your site.

Let’s take the case that you want to earn €300 per month with your website through Amazon Affiliates selling products from the Home category .

Taking into account that the commissions of this category are 7%, the total amount that you should invoice is €4,286 .

As demotivating and unattainable as the figure sounds, right now there are people earning thousands of euros per month just selling products with Amazon Affiliates.

Are you going to earn more than €1,000 in commissions with your first website?

Realistically, the odds are very low.

For a few years the competition in the search engines is fierce, so the largest and most lucrative categories are positioned at the top of Google by professional SEOs with whom you probably cannot compete.

The key to start selling with Amazon Associates

The best option to start selling products with the Amazon affiliate program in 2021 is to create a hyper-specialized website.

If you simply decide to sell children’s toys, Google will determine that you are just another website like Toys Rus Imaginarium or even Amazon itself , so your website will never appear in searches as it will not be able to compete with these giants of online commerce.

As I explained in the article where I tell how I position my websites , the Google algorithm likes specialized websites , so if instead of selling toys, you choose to sell only remote-controlled toys, when someone searches for the term remote-controlled plane , you will have more possibilities of be one of those chosen to appear in the first positions of the search engine.

So if your goal is to earn €300 per month , it may be easier for you to achieve it with 10 websites with less sought-after but very specific themes that generate €30/month, instead of a website with a larger but also more competitive theme. with which it will be almost impossible to position yourself in Google and generate sales.

Requirements to be part of the Amazon affiliate program

To be part of Amazon affiliates, all you need is to have a website or mobile application, sign up and start generating traffic.

Although they usually accept almost all membership applications, you must meet certain requirements to benefit from their program:

Have an Affiliate account

Essential. In order to be part of the program, you must create an account and register.

Be of age

You cannot buy on Amazon unless you are of legal age, so obviously, you will not be able to sell products to benefit from the advantages of its affiliate program.

Comply with content policies

Having a 100% optimized website to start generating sales does not mean that they will accept you in the Amazon affiliate program.

The company is very strict with the topics that it considers inappropriate, so the use of any of these prohibited topics will mean an immediate rejection or expulsion from the program.

The contents prohibited by Amazon are the usual ones:

· pornographic

· violent

· That violate intellectual rights

· illegal activities

· discriminatory

Do not buy with your own affiliate links

Although it may seem tempting, buying products through your own affiliate links to benefit from the corresponding commission, can cause an account closure by Amazon.

Comply with Operating Agreement

The Operating Agreement is nothing more than a series of rules that you must comply with to be registered as an affiliate in Amazon Affiliates.

Steps to start earning money with Amazon Affiliates

Once here, it’s time to see how you can sign up as an Amazon affiliate to start with the important thing: earn money with your commissions 

Choose the theme

The first and most important thing is to choose the theme on which your website is going to deal.

To do so, I usually go to Amazon to see which are the products that are selling the most and get ideas of possible themes that at first glance would not occur to me.

Once the preselection is done, I analyze the theme in my SEO tool to see the feasibility of the project and find possible keywords to attack.

And don’t worry if your products don’t have thousands of monthly searches.

As we have seen before, hyper-specialization is one of the factors that will determine the success of your website when it comes to generating income with Amazon Affiliates.

Sometimes less is more .

Sign up for the Amazon affiliate program

If you already know what your website is going to be about, this part is already a piece of cake.

1. Go to the Amazon Affiliates website and click on the registration button to join the platform

2. Enter the email and password of your Amazon account. If you don’t have one (unlikely) you’ll have to create one.

3. In this step you must indicate the name of the person to whom the payments will be made (that is, ) and tell whether or not you are a resident of the United States for tax purposes.

4. In this step is when you must indicate the web page or pages from which you will promote your affiliate links

5. In this section, you must give some information about the products you are going to promote and the means you are going to use to do so. It’s essential, but you don’t have to think too hard to find the best answers and waste time unnecessarily.

· Affiliate ID: This is the identifier that will allow Amazon to identify the sales that belong to you to pay you later the commissions.

· List of websites: It is the same List that you have already indicated in the previous step

· Theme: Without killing yourself too much, write more or less about what your web page will be about.

· Category: In the dropdown menu, choose the option that best suits you.

· Type of product you will sell: Also, choose the most appropriate option.

6. Accept the conditions and… Welcome to the Amazon Affiliate Program!

Create value content

A few years ago, the competition in this type of business was meager, if not almost zero. By creating a website and uploading some links with some text, you could easily position a theme with thousands and thousands of visits.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case today.

Choosing a good theme is worth nothing without creating contentSuppose you want to create a profitable website with the Amazon Associates program. In that case, you should not only focus on constantly creating content, but you should also make it of the highest quality possible to stand out from the infinite competition that currently exists.

You have to make sure you generate credibility with your readers and provide added value so that they feel safe when trusting your recommendations.

Sometimes it is essential to ask yourself: Would the recommendations on my website be helpful to me to buy the products that I am promoting?

You can take your website to the next level by creating quality and valuable content for readers.

Add products with Amazon affiliate links.

Once we have reached this point, we only have to add the Amazon products that we will add to our website.

One of the ways to do it is through a plugin that does it automatically.

The best tool for adding products is AAWP. The only drawback of this plugin is that it is paid, so if you suddenly don’t want or can’t invest, there are other free methods to do it.

Through Amazon itself, you can get affiliate links to add in the exact text or a box with an image of the product plus the text. To do so you have to follow these steps:

1. Go to Amazon.com and locate the product

2. Once there, now that you are an affiliate, a top bar will appear where you will see the Get link along with the Text and Text+image options.

A. Text: Click on the dropdown and once you have selected the corresponding affiliate ID, click on the Get link and copy the affiliate link that will have been generated.

B. Text+image: The procedure is the same as with the previous option, but in this case, instead of obtaining an affiliate URL, we will obtain an HTML code with the image of the product and its embedded link.

3. All that remains is to add the link on the web and that’s it. In the case of having chosen the text option, you will have to make sure that the link opens in a new tab so that nobody leaves your website and that it is a nofollow , as indicated by Google itself if you have chosen the Text+image option. You will need to add how HTML block, which will look like this:

Examples of online stores with Amazon affiliates

Something that I usually do whenever I try to learn something new looks for examples to be able to see graphically what they are trying to explain to me. These websites that I leave below are perfect examples of how to create a niche website to start earning money with Amazon Affiliates.

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