Everything you need to know about Facebook Ads

Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Ads

Online ads are used to gain visibility and generate new leads. During times of uncertainty, such as what we are currently experiencing with Covid-19, the acquisition of new leads can be slowed down. It’s true that many companies see their business change due to Covid-19, and that’s why your marketing strategy needs to be adapted as well. And it is true that Facebook ads can be a beneficial strategy to adopt at any time. We’ll share with you a little more about everything you need to know about Facebook Ads. Note that Falia holds Facebook Ads pieces of training in virtual and custom classes!

Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads 101: why and how?

Some tips on how to use Facebook Ads during Covid-19

1- Don’t expect an immediate return

Even if your Facebook ads are properly optimized, don’t expect a quick return from your target audience. Indeed, they may not be able to act immediately given the situation. They may not buy your products or services right away, but your ad will still have an effect when they see it.

2- Focus on the value of your business

Don’t expect every sales process to end in success. Instead, be focused on the value your business can bring to consumers in the long run and how you can help people during that time. However, don’t be too opportunistic in pushing sales at all costs either.

3- Be authentic

People understand the situation you are in because they are there themselves. Therefore, be transparent with your consumers. Whether you have to take a picture of your product with your phone for your Facebook ad or you have to give a video conference with a not-perfect background, it’s not a problem, and it makes you authentic.

4- Offer something new to learn

Take advantage of the free time people have to offer them pieces of training, webinars, and podcasts. Be responsive, and if it is possible for you, offer something that could help and interest people from home.

5- Offer online consultations

This is the same as the previous point, offer online training for people who want to learn. Also, stay in touch with your customers by offering them consultations. All this can be mentioned through a Facebook ad.

6- Try new things for your Facebook ads

As we told you before, optimizing your Facebook ads is largely about testing. The cost is not that high right now, so it’s the perfect time to try new ads that might work in the future.

Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Ads

Online ads, especially Facebook ads, are a way to stay in touch with your target audience indirectly and are a way to keep your operations running and profitable.

Lately, with the crisis that the world is going through, more and more people have been forced to stay at home. That’s why we see an increase in the use of social networks. On the other hand, we see a considerable decrease in spending on Facebook ads, which makes the online advertising sector much less competitive.

Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Ads

Here are some figures that have been recorded since the beginning of this crisis.

  • A 50% increase in Facebook messages via Messenger,
  • Video conferencing groups via Messenger have increased by 70%.

As a company, this is a good thing for you, especially since the competition is getting quieter right now. Why is that? Because with online ads, it’s easy to pause your advertising campaigns whenever you want (much more complicated to stop the ad posted on a great billboard in the middle of downtown, we agree). And this is what a lot of industries have been doing lately, especially tourism, clothing stores, etc. because they are more concerned about their advertising expenses in times of uncertainty. This leaves a lot of room for other businesses to take advantage of Facebook advertising opportunities.

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