Etsy : The complete guide to create a profitable store

Etsy : The complete guide to create a profitable store

Etsy is the paradise of creators, artists, and sellers labeled “handmade” or “vintage”! Check out our tips for getting started on the platform and creating a profitable store.

Do you make your illustrations, textile pieces, jewelry, and other creations? Go ahead and create your own Etsy store! With 33 million buyers worldwide, its success is colossal. Buyers are looking for unique and handcrafted items, both local and international. For sellers, Etsy allows creators and artists to develop their sales on the internet without creating an online sales site.

To be profitable, there are some steps to follow. The first one: start by making sure your Etsy store is well informed! It is essential. Efficient and complete product descriptions allow your creations to appear in searches and be noticed by visitors and potential buyers.

Here are our best tips for an effective e-commerce store!

Etsy, the #1 platform for selling handmade and vintage items!

Etsy is an international platform for selling unique and creative handmade and vintage items. It defends creativity and small creators.

For the record, Etsy bought the French website A Little Market a few years ago before closing this platform and switching its users to Etsy. L’Usine Digitale had written an article on the subject in 2017: “In difficulties, the American Etsy forces the French sites A Little Market and A Little Mercerie to close.”

Freelancers, self-employed, artists of all kinds, this platform is perfect for artisans and small creators who do not have a marketing team at their disposal but want to do business online! Creating an online store is easy, and registration is free.

Etsy : The complete guide to create a profitable store
Etsy : The complete guide to create a profitable store

What products can be sold on Etsy?

The Etsy platform is primarily known for handmade products, vintage items, and creative supplies. The products are often new and unlikely to be found anywhere else.

You can find almost anything on Etsy:

– jewelry and accessories (phone shells, hats, glasses, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, body jewelry, etc.)- women’s, children’s and men’s clothing and shoes (dresses, skirts, tops, t-shirts, pants, swimwear, (dresses, skirts, tops, t-shirts, pants, swimwear, shoes, costumes, bags, etc.)- home and furnishings (frames, candle holders, cushions, rugs, furniture, lighting, makeup and cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, pet accessories, etc.)- weddings and parties (invitations and stationery, decorations, gifts, accessories, wedding apparel, and jewelry) accessories, wedding apparel and jewelry, etc.)- toys and entertainment (toys, books, stuffed animals, hi-tech accessories, electronics or computers, musical instruments, etc.)- art and collections (prints, photographs, paintings, sculptures, illustrations, collectibles, etc.)- creative supplies and tools (for home, crafts, jewelry making, knitting or sewing, visual arts, sculpting, etc.)- vintage (jewelry, apparel, art, home, and furniture)

Please note that the resale of products is forbidden!

How to create your Etsy store?

Name your store

Are you struggling to find a name? Why not simply use your first or last name, along with a name that characterizes your business!

You can always change the name of your store later.

Icon and cover photo

Taking care of your visual identity is essential to making your space attractive. The visual identity of your Etsy store can be summarized in 2 elements: an icon and a cover photo.

If you are not very comfortable with graphics and image size, Canva allows you to create the visuals of your Etsy store in 5 minutes!

About section

A potential buyer likes to know the seller, his world, his story. In the “about” section you should present your store and your work. You can talk about the beginning of your activity, exceptional detail circumstances, your evolutions. You are unique: show it!

Also, illustrate your section with a picture of your shop, of you, or your products.

Your city

Entering the city where you are located is essential for people searching for local items!

A nice icon and a nice cover photo, it's still better, isn't it?Etsy store BigStuffed is a great example!
A nice icon and a nice cover photo, it’s still better, isn’t it?Etsy store BigStuffed is a great example!

Links to your websites and social networks

Don’t forget to insert links to your website if you have one or to your social networks! The customer likes to discover the seller’s world. If he wants your world on your Instagram page, for example, he might buy your product rather than another one.

Fill in your Etsy product sheets: the key to your performance!

To fill out your Etsy product sheets, a title, a few photos, and a little text are enough. But, well defined, they allow you to stand out from the competition!

The quality of your photos: essential!

As on any sales or rental website, the photos attract buyers! They are also the ones who decide to place an order. Out of 100 pictures of wooden spoons, the customer will click on the store that has the most attractive photos!

Note that on Etsy, you can insert up to 10 photos.

Here are some practical tips for taking photos of your creation: – pictures with natural light rather than a flash – neutral, light or white background to highlight the product – photos from all angles – photos of details – pictures with a staging of the product – pictures of variations of your product – photos showing the scale

Title and keywords

The title of your listing should contain the right keywords, the terms that people who might like your product will type into the search bar. Think of each keyword as a sign that will direct the visitor to your creation.

To work efficiently, prepare your product information in advance and the corresponding keywords. To take the example of the wooden spoon, indicate:

– the type of product (spoon) – the material (olive wood) – the color (-) – the use (kitchen) – and info on the manufacturing (handmade)

We can’t recommend this article from the blogger Miss SEO Girl on keyword optimization for dummies. She’s talking more about a website or a blog, but keywords have the same function on Etsy.

Product sheet content: a detailed description with keywords

Filling out product sheets is perhaps the most prolonged and least exciting part for creatives and manuals like you… Yet, it is a fundamental element if you want to sell your item!

Opt for a unique, precise, clear, and easy-to-read description. Use short, simple sentences. Add details about the manufacture or use, for example. Add dimensions, weight, and any other specific information! The use of bullets makes it easier to read the technical knowledge.

Good to know: the first 160 characters of the product description will appear on Google. These first words are, therefore, essential for your referencing and your visibility.

Screenshot of searching for wooden spoons on Etsy
Screenshot of searching for wooden spoons on Etsy

The right price: how to position yourself?

Estimating the selling price of an item is sometimes tricky. To calculate the cost 7of your Etsy product, take into account:

– the cost of the materials used – the time spent on making it – the average price of similar products on Etsy has done a complete article on the subject to learn more about pricing!

Etsy : The complete guide to create a profitable store
Etsy : The complete guide to create a profitable store


This is the category that places your product in the sections of the Etsy site. Several classes will be automatically assigned to you. Please describe the nature of your product in a few words to give it to a category.


Tags are keywords that describe your product or its use. They are composed of isolated or grouped words. It is possible to insert 13 tags per product.

→ It is not mandatory to enter tags to finalize a product listing on Etsy, but it makes it easier for buyers to stumble upon your product. So, the more tags you have, the greater the chances of your creation appearing in searches!


Again, this information is optional, but it does help buyers find a specific product. Some people swear by wood, while others look for a particular material: a metal and wood coffee table, for example, or a plush toy made of wool.

→ Filling in the materials also gives you more visibility.


Etsy calls “variations” the buyer’s options when placing an order, such as different colors or sizes, for example.

Delivery details

Have you estimated the shipping costs for your products? Take a look at the Post Office and simulate a shipment to calculate the delivery costs. Don’t forget to include the time it takes to process the order.

Practical tip: La Poste offers an economic parcel relay formula with Boxtel or Mondial Relay. However, keep a quick delivery option. The shorter the delay, the more likely you will see an order appear in your Etsy interface!

Some practical tips for selling well and being profitable on Etsy

On Etsy, the registration is free, the uploading of a product costs 0.20 USD, and you only pay a commission on the sale. Considering that the break-even point is the point at which your revenues cover all your costs, you have nothing to lose by trying the adventure!

If you follow the tips above to have an attractive and professional store, you can generate sales. But to boost your Etsy store, here are some essential tips:

Put more than a dozen products online.

For your store to be eye-catching, it must have dozens of products. Also, try to add new products regularly.

Etsy : The complete guide to create a profitable store
Etsy : The complete guide to create a profitable store

Join Etsy teams

Being part of an Etsy team will allow you to promote exchanges, multiply collaborations, get advice, and increase your visibility. The website shares its experience on this subject. Take a look at the Etsy teams in France.

Offer the fastest delivery possible.

Offering fast order processing and delivery will undoubtedly increase your chances of making sales. What if your products are ready to be shipped, and you offer express shipping?

Subscribe to stores you like

Subscribing to stores you like and bookmarking other products will increase the number of visitors to your store, in addition to providing a reciprocal exchange between stores.

Insert inbound links to your Etsy store or your products

Inbound links are links that lead to your store or your products. To improve your SEO, it is better to have inbound links. They can be links from your website or blogs.

Etsy : The complete guide to create a profitable store
Etsy : The complete guide to create a profitable store

Advertising and promotion

Once your store is created and launched, you have to organize an effective promotion to boost your store with a contest or promo codes. The Etsy platform itself explains how to manage a promotional campaign.

How to contact you on Etsy?

Etsy is a platform that wants to be human. Dialogue is always possible, even if you don’t buy products, as long as you are registered on the forum.

The potential buyer can ask you all the questions he wants about the product or the order.

The seller can communicate with buyers and exchange with other Etsy members.

Tip: Answer questions promptly! Try to check your interface every day, even if only 5 minutes.

How does a buyer leave a review on Etsy?

Etsy’s rating system has five stars. Once the order is delivered, the buyer rates your product and the packaging and delivery.

The review will be displayed publicly on your profile and your product, as will your response if you wish to react to the study. An average of the ratings received over the last 12 months will also be displayed on your profile. Keep in mind that users consult reviews before buying!

Marine Mistake's earrings have received rave reviews
Marine Mistake’s earrings have received rave reviews


Selling on Etsy is to be included in a global strategy. You must continue to trade on local markets animate your website, blog, and social networks!

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