Eight tips for creating successful Facebook ads

Some time ago, we told you about the changes in Facebook’s algorithm, which now prioritizes content from friends over content from companies in your news feed. This means that publications from brands, companies, and organizations that are not paid will appear less frequently. It is undeniable that Facebook is still a great tool to promote and sell products. Therefore, paying to upgrade posts has become an increasingly necessary alternative for businesses.

Knowing more about Facebook Ads
In our E-commerce University, there is an article for you to understand the different types of ads available in this tool, the purpose of each one, and even how to manage your campaigns. Knowing that and the kind of campaign you want to do, it is time to discover how to make a successful ad on Facebook.

Eight tips for creating successful Facebook ads

Ads are generally made up of images and text. Both elements have to be complementary, but they also have to be able to express the message individually. The image alone must be able to convey even the main idea of what you are going to advertise. On the other hand, the text must be more specific, saying precisely what you are promoting, whether it is a product, a special offer, a sale, etc. Let’s talk about each of these things separately.

1 Use the images to captivate

As we said before, the image must be able to communicate the main idea by itself, but it must also transmit the personality of your brand. For example, if you sell ice cream, this must be clear in the photo you choose. Your image should indeed have attractive ice cream. But, in addition to placing a picture of the product, you can be even more creative and have people interact with the product. In the example below, the girl eating the ice cream expresses a very different mood than an image of ice cream alone.

2 Avoid too much information

Use simple images without too much information because they have to attract attention even when someone looks at them in a small size or on a cell phone. Therefore, it is preferable to use neutral backgrounds without many details and let the product in question be the center of attention.

3 Use bright colors

Depending on the campaign, you have to think about whether it is preferable to use a black and white photo or one with pastel tones. But there is no doubt that an image with bright and contrasting colors jumps out more quickly. Keep in mind the color palette of Facebook itself, blue and white, and avoid using images with the same tones.

4 Do not use images with too much text

The text should be entered in the indicated space. Facebook has a rule that only allows ads with images that include up to 20% of the total area, so add only the essential text. To know if your idea is within these parameters, Facebook has a tool that measures the percentage of text included in a photo, dividing it into parts.

As you can see, in the second image, the amount of text exceeds the 20% required by Facebook. In such a case, the ad is rejected.

Eight tips for creating successful Facebook ads

5 Be specific

The text is your chance to make your audience act on the ad. Therefore, if you want them to know about a sale of your products, that information must be clear, using keywords such as “sale,” “offer,” “clearance sale,” etc.

6 Incentivize your audience to take some action

If the ad wants to take people to a shopping site, to subscribe to a list, or download an application, for example, use words that invite them to do so, such as “buy now,” “sign up,” or “download the application.” Asking questions also arouses people’s curiosity.

7 Be brief

The text of your ad should not exceed 90 characters since a very long text, besides running the risk of being cut off on the screens of smaller devices, can make people lose interest amid so much information.

8 Run tests

With these tips in mind, now it’s time for you to test. The truth is that there aren’t too many rules; things work differently for each brand, so don’t hesitate to try. Launch campaigns for the same product with different photos and texts, analyze the Ads Manager and Facebook Stats results and see which ones brought the best results. This way, you will start to understand the best way to attract people’s attention.

Eight tips for creating successful Facebook ads


I hope these tips will help you create more effective and targeted campaigns for your brand.

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