eBay training: how to refresh your store

I’d like to talk to you about a technique to refresh your eBay store.

This is not only good for yourself, because you will make some sales, but also you will get more popularity, which will attract Cassini (eBay’s algorithm)

When you sell on eBay, especially when pushing, visibility is the primary factor affecting your sales.

Today, I’ll give you a gold tube to raise your popularity. You will surpass your competitor, Cassini, who is used to being capricious and will put you first in the results.

You may not have thought of it, but what I’m going to tell you today is the auction.

executive summary

eBay Auction

Make full use of the eBay Auction.

Free and paid auction

Impact of the auction on SEO


Examples of Chinese people

How do I auction items on eBay?

Risk of auction

Benefits of auction

eBay Auction

Auction items on eBay

Auction is the foundation of eBay, which is how the platform starts.

But today, they are underestimated, and few shoppers use them.

In fact, by placing orders on eBay, people are looking for direct and rapid sales.

Therefore, the “buy now” option is preferred and does not include auctions.

Even I tend to choose this option occasionally. But I realized that I would get excellent results when I bid.

In addition, if you are posting on eBay for the first time, this is an excellent way to promote your store.

Leverage eBay auctions

eBay opening price

Here’s how to make the most of the power of an auction.

You list an advertisement at a meager price at the auction. The price is about 0.99 euros.

You can also provide free delivery. I prefer it. As I said in how to sell quickly on eBay, this is a powerful lever to drive purchases.

After that, you don’t have to, but I suggest you do.

Do not set an alternative price because this option is paid. Cheapness.

You will find that this will cause a great sensation!

Free and paid bidding

eBay Auction fee

Why is the auction on eBay so successful? Because it creates a sense of urgency, there is nothing better than this.
You can choose multiple durations for your auction:

Three days

Five days

Seven days

Ten days

If you have a primary store, you have 20 free auctions, seven days a month.

So you can use them because they are free. However, auctions for three days or longer are paid, and you will charge an insertion fee.

So please check your settings carefully before listing advertisements.

If you choose to pay for three days, eBay may send you a message informing you that if the item is not for sale, they will auction it for free within seven days.

You will get more details about the item discount terms on eBay.

eBay express training

Impact of bidding on references

Ranked first in the auction

By bidding, you will be first in the search results.

As I said, auctions create a sense of urgency. eBay will see a low price and an ad coming to an end.

Therefore, they will put you first because they are here to make money, so they will prioritize those who are most likely to sell.

You can test and search for any product yourself.

Type a keyword in eBay’s search bar without selecting any filtering options, and you’ll find that the first organic result is the auction item.

It covers all categories, whether pillowcases, mobile phones, or cameras. The first advertisement in the result will be the auction.

Auction sale

Increase eBay’s visibility

With your bid, you will find that you will have more views and tracks.

By creating an emergency at a lower price, people will consider it worthwhile to bid at a lower price.

Every auction is a purchase commitment. Once someone makes an offer, he promises to buy something.

Now, it’s about the purchase commitment and eBay’s Commission, so our friend Cassini will take you further.

Think about business from the standpoint of eBay. Ask yourself, “what makes eBay profitable”?  ”。

If it makes money for eBay, it will make you stronger if it serves their interests.

In this way, you can establish your account, quickly sell, and get views and traffic.

If customers bid for your ads, they may come to see your store and other ads you list.
Thus, even advertisements without auctions will indirectly get more views. Therefore, this may be an additional sales opportunity.

Examples of Chinese people

eBay China sellers

We won’t lie. When we talk about business, the Chinese are one of the game’s owners.

Look at the most prominent Chinese seller on eBay. You will find that their products are usually purchased in the traditional instant, but at the same time, they also have the same products at the auction.

Therefore, they try to make a sensation in their products and thus in their stores.

They made an instant purchase advertisement and another auction advertisement for the same product. The effect is perfect!

How do I place items on eBay?

Auction items on eBay

When you have an option called “online advertising format,.” You can switch this option from fixed price to auction.

After that, you can choose the duration of the auction. It’s up to you, but you have 20 free auctions for seven days in a store.

Bidding risk

eBay bidding risk

Of course, in addition to buzzing and better SEO, the auction also has a wrong side.

You may find that the product you sell is cheaper than you originally wanted.

However, you may also find that you want to sell a product for 10 euros and then see it auctioned for 25 euros.

But the purpose of the auction is not to make money (at least make a lot of money) from the sale of the product itself.

With experience, you will soon learn to estimate the sales volume of your products.

The auction is mainly to stimulate, and the funds will come from cross-promotion.

Benefits of bidding

eBay bid advantage

The auction will boost your account because eBay will highlight you in search results.

Therefore, it will strengthen your store by attracting customers who can’t see you if you don’t auction your products.

Customers who see your bid will say they can do business with you, and they will visit your store.

They may be interested in other products listed by you, or they may buy them immediately if you have an auction product that can be purchased directly at an attractive price.

In short, auctions have several benefits for you:

Improve your SEO

Improve your store

More traffic

I hope I have convinced you that the auction is suitable for your account and your sales. If you have tested it, please leave a message at the bottom of the article. I want to know your feedback.

If you have any questions, you can join my Facebook group, and I’m always there to help you.

If you want to start or get better, I’ve been trained to download 54 videos on eBay, in which I tell you all my strategies by shooting my screen.

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