eBay account is suspended. Why did you do that? How to solve this problem?

In this article on the market, you will find:

Are you afraid to find your eBay account suspended? Why is that? What should you do?

Why is your eBay account suspended?

Potential reasons for suspending your eBay account

  1. Delayed delivery of orders
  2. 2.Subsequent verification No. 2
  1. High transaction failure rate
  2. High customer problem-solving rate

Does eBay sometimes suspend salespeople with good performance?

Did eBay notify salespeople before suspending their accounts?

Next week, visit the blog to answer more questions about suspending your eBay account. You will learn tips on how to recover your account after such problems occur.

Are you afraid to find your eBay account suspended? Why is that? What should you do?

eBay account suspension is increasing. In this article and next week’s article, learn why eBay is suspending seller accounts, how the process works, and how to prevent this from happening again!

Why is your eBay account suspended?

If you violate eBay’s policy, the seller’s account may be suspended. The suspension on eBay means that your business is interrupted, and there are usually a series of problems that seriously impact sellers.

Why does eBay suspend seller accounts? If your eBay account is suspended, it is mainly because the market wants to protect the community from “bad” sellers. It wants to ensure that no one is hurt in the sales process.

Potential reasons for suspending your eBay account

This article will first explain why eBay accounts may be suspended.

eBay suspends seller accounts for many reasons. Here are some examples of common problems that may arise. Most of these problems stem from the poor performance:

Order late shipment (including through unloading)

Subsequent number verification delay

The high transaction failure rate

High unresolved rate of customer problems

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The following are the main reasons for suspending eBay seller accounts.

1.Delayed delivery of orders

Delayed shipment is a major problem.

Before placing an order, customers define their expectations for product delivery. Many people do not choose specific products because the delivery is too expensive or too long. Therefore, failure to deliver the expected products within the specified time will cause strong dissatisfaction in the buyer.

If your product description shows delivery within three days, it is best to deliver within three days. But eBay’s policy goes far beyond that. If the seller needs more than one day to ship the goods (leave the site), it shall be deemed a delayed shipment.

Please note that late email can make customers quite nervous. If the products purchased do not meet their expectations, they are more likely to complain or leave negative comments.

Once the customer pays, the shipment should not exceed two hours.

2.Subsequent verification No. 2

Online buyers always want to know their order status. Or at least they want to know that they can quickly know the status of orders at any time. Therefore, it is very important to share tracking numbers in time.

EBay must verify the tracking number and send it to the buyer. The failure to provide follow-up information promptly is a real problem.

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This indicates that the seller’s logistics condition is poor, or the follow-up service does not deliver goods.

Both cases are unacceptable and undermine the confidence of the buyer.

3.High transaction failure rate

The seller must deal with the buyer’s communication and complaints quickly and fully. Always propose solutions.

First, it is essential to avoid “perception errors.” If your product is second-hand or “refurbished by the supplier,” please highlight the defect. Don’t promise too high quality.

You can describe yourself well in all your media (eBay store, Facebook page, website, etc.). Explain your commitment to the buyer. Show that you are a trustworthy and considerate salesperson. Ensure your customers have enough confidence in you and trust your cooperation when problems arise.

4.High customer problem-solving rate

You have to face the customer’s problems. You have to work with your customers, even if they are unreasonable or demanding.

No matter who the seller is, eBay customers want the experience to be consistent. They are also increasingly reluctant to take the time to read your business terms.

If the customer is wrong because they did not read your terms and conditions, please try to find a solution. If you can’t find a way to solve your customers’ problems, you will have trouble in the market. The bank may suspend your account due to unresolved customer disputes.

Does eBay sometimes suspend salespeople with good performance?

Your sales and performance statistics on eBay provide an overview. Sellers can strive to improve their performance and have good indicators, but eBay will still suspend them. Why did you do that?

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Just because eBay sees all the communication and interaction with buyers and can take some action. Therefore, if you have good marketing indicators but ignore customer communication, eBay may “punish” you.

In addition, the salesperson performs well in some cases, and the market will impose sanctions. For example, the frequent violation is that the salesperson deliberately tries to manipulate his indicators. This can range from “simply” chasing buyers fairly intensely to changing negative comments to calling eBay and pretending to be a buyer.

Other examples of market rule violations include:

No eBay fees

Selling inferior or counterfeit products.

Selling the same product through another eBay account.

These conditions have damaged eBay’s reputation and its poor performance. That’s why the market decided to punish this practice.

Did eBay notify salespeople before suspending their accounts?

The actions listed above may cause the eBay account to be suspended. The marketplace monitors bad behavior and warns of (almost) all problems.

However, sellers often don’t realize that the information sent by eBay is serious. Until it’s too late… The account is suspended.

eBay will take every warning it has given you in the past very seriously, whether you think it is important or not. Be careful; they have no excuses. It is incorrect to mix eBay’s information with customers’ information.

Next week, visit the blog to answer more questions about suspending your eBay account. You will find tips on how to restore your account in this case.

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