Earning with Upwork

As I told you in the last article ( 5 ways to make money online ), UpWork is one of the best solutions to start making money online .

But today I would like to go into more detail and explain how you can make money with UpWork , and some tricks of the trade to increase your earning chances.

What is UpWork

UpWork ( https://upwork.com ) is a job marketplace , which connects freelancers and companies looking for a professional figure. On UpWork you can find job offers for an infinite number of professions : figures ranging from programmer to copywriter, from graphic designer to translator, but also people for data entry or virtual assistants are sought .

As you may have guessed, anyone can start freelancing on Upwork.

One of the most interesting aspects of UpWork is the certainty of getting paid. If you complete the assignment that is assigned to you by the client, you will surely receive what has been agreed. In fact, the customer is asked to pay Upwork the agreed amount for the service when he decides to assign you the task.

With UpWork you can be sure of getting paid for your work

Therefore, even if the customer refuses to pay you, you can request the intervention of the UpWork team, who will pay you the customer’s capital. And this for us Italians, used to being paid ( perhaps ) after 90 days, is something extraordinary!

In return, UpWork takes a commission for the service , which starts at 20% for the first € 500 and goes down to 5% when you exceed € 10,000.

How UpWork works

The UpWork mechanism is simple: all you have to do is register on the platform and look for the offers that best suit your skills .

As you complete your profile, the offers will be increasingly tailored to the activities you perform .

To apply, all you have to do is send a cover letter , explaining what makes you the most suitable person for that type of offer.

And now that you have a little understanding of the mechanism, let’s see 5 tricks that can help you make a difference !

The “Secrets” to Earnings on UpWork

Every workplace is subject to competition, and UpWork is no exception.

A truly incredible and ever-increasing offer corresponds to an even greater demand.

This should not discourage you, but warn you: you can really have great results on UpWork , but it takes time, and above all, you need to understand a little how the platform works.

Here are some secrets I learned from working with UpWork :

· Optimize your Profile

· Start from the bottom

· Select the Offers carefully

· Study the Competition

· Write Cover Letters at your best

1.Optimize your ProfileOptimizing your profile is undoubtedly one of the things that makes the most difference. The first thing to do is define a job title , in order to best summarize your skills. Usually the title should consist of 3-4 skill words of 1-2 words each, as in the example below.

This is essential to give an idea of what your skills are from the first impact.

your prospect’s attention is the first step, but it’s probably not enough. He will surely want to know more about you, and will decide to visit your profile.

And this is where you will go to work. A complete profile, in addition to making you better in the “eyes” of the UpWork algorithm , allows you to give the client the most complete idea of what your skills are.

The next step will be to define the tags , a list of 10-20 words that describe your skills. Choose the tags carefully, because they are also very important for the UpWork search engine.

Now is the time to write your description . The ideal description is short and concise , professional but not overly formal, and above all not too self-celebrating . It is important that all your main skills are present in the initial part. Remember that those looking for a professional figure often have no time to waste, and in 90% of cases they will not read your entire description.

Finally, you will need to add your portfolio, where you can show all the principal works you have done. Try to deliver results that are coherent and that, at a glance they can represent what you do clearly. Suppose someone looking for a web developer and looking at your portfolio sees a website, a video montage, and a t-shirt design. In that case, they will likely be confused and leave your profile searching for a better candidate. This is why it is essential that you can describe yourself as the top expert in the profession you have applied for.

2.Start from the bottom.

This advice is straightforward to implement. We all would like to start with an hourly wage of $ 500, but sadly that’s not possible (in UpWork as in real life).

Before reaching the top, you have to do the apprenticeship (I swear the rhyme was not wanted)!

But beyond the guidelines that also apply in real life, on UpWork, this aspect is even more accentuated. If you have not earned anything on the platform, you will be less trusted by those who select you. But not only! It will be the same algorithm i UpWork to exclude you from some searches or in any case to put you in the background.

To get started, do small jobs for under $ 50

My advice is to do 5-10 jobs for $ 50 or less to collect some reviews and demonstrate your skills to future customers. At that point, you will be able to gradually increase your hourly wages or, in any case, aim for more substantial projects.

3.Select the Offers carefully.

In the accessible version of UpWork, you only have 60 credits available per month, and for each application, you will have to “spend” 1. The reason is simple: UpWork wants to discourage you from spamming, applying to every possible and imaginable offer.

The approach you have to take should be more focused on quality. Do not shoot into the fray; only select the offers where you believe you can genuinely give real added value to the customer.

Do not shoot in the melee.

Spend some time looking for the offers that best suit your characteristics and try to make your customer understand why you might be able to make a difference (I’ll tell you more about this in point 5 ).

4.Study the Competition

Competitors relate to customers, which in this case are the freelancers operating in your sector.

The best way to do this is to post jobs dedicated to freelancers in your industry and carefully analyze how they approach the client.

Studied their cover letters in detail, carefully analyzed their profiles and portfolios, and tried to get the best out of them.

5.Write the Cover Letters at your best

I have decided to leave this point for last because it is the most important. Writing Cover Letters in a certain way can make a real difference!

When writing a cover letter, you need to convey your enthusiasm to your prospect and make them feel unique. It is essential that he thinks that the cover letter you are writing to him is not the usual copy-and-paste that many freelancers who focus on quantity do, but something tailored to his needs.

So try to be proactive, to put ourselves in yours, as if you were already part of the project. The client will undoubtedly appreciate your resourcefulness and the fact that you come up with ideas even before starting because this sets you apart from the crowd.

The secret to winning on UpWork is to offer quality

The real secret to winning at UpWork is not the price war because however low you can stay, there will always be an Indian or a Ukrainian willing to work for less than yours. The secret to winning is offering quality, standing out from the crowd, giving value.

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As you may have noticed, UpWork offers a world of possibilities to freelancers who know how to seize them, because it allows you to work in markets that are much more liquid than the Italian one.

For example, a programmer in Italy cannot hope for a wage much higher than € 15 per hour, while in the United States it is possible to work for even $ 100 / hour. Not taking advantage of such an opportunity would be a real shame.

And you? Ever tried UpWork ? Let me know your experience in the comments!

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