Earn money as a freelancer with Upwork

Thanks to the internet, many professions can be practiced from home. This has a number of advantages; working from home saves a lot of time and offers employees more freedom. A number of companies have filled the gap in the market by acting as intermediaries. Upwork is a marketplace of work, where freelancers and employers come together. This online freelance platform helps millions of people every year with an extra or even full-time income. But how does Upwork work and is it a reliable option?

What is Upwork?

In 2019, Upwork is the largest online freelance platform in the world, with more than 12 million registered freelancers and more than 5 million registered customers in more than 180 different countries. The company was founded in 2015 under the name Elance-oDesk (a merger of the companies Elance and oDesk), but continued later that year under the name Upwork. The platform offers more than 3 million paid assignments annually, which are carried out by the registered freelancers. In fact, anyone can register with Upwork as a freelancer, provided you have the right qualities. Upwork has also been listed on the NASDAQ since October 2018.

What kind of work can you do through Upwork?

Thanks to the internet, a large number of professions can be practiced all over the world. Almost every job where it is possible to work independently from home can be found on Upwork. Some examples are:

· Software development

· Database management

· Animation

· Write

· Translate

· Customer service

· Date entry

· Online Marketing

How does Upwork work

If you want to work as a freelancer, you can register with Upwork. However, it would help if you first were admitted to the platform. You create a profile and fill it in as completely as possible with your experiences, education, etc. An Upwork employee then assesses whether you meet the requirements and is admitted to the marketplace. Once you’re accepted, you’ll be able to respond to jobs posted by clients, and potential clients will be able to visit your profile and contact you. Possible earnings differ per assignment, but the possibilities for negotiation are great in general. You agree on the details of the project with the customer, after which you can start. Several necessary data is kept on your profile by Upwork. For example, customers can see how many assignments you have (un) completed, how much you are paid on average, and how quickly you respond to private messages. In addition to filling in their profile entirely, Freelancers can also show their customers that they have a certain level of knowledge by means of the free ‘skill tests’ of Upwork. Upwork has made hundreds of tests available, covering several different topics. You can then make the score you get for a test public, after which they are visible on your profile. In most cases, clients consider all this information before hiring a freelancer for an assignment.

Tips for freelancers on Upwork

In order to build a good reputation as a freelancer at Upwork, it is not only vital that you do a good job, but you also have to keep a few other points in mind. Some tips to become a successful freelancer at Upwork:

· Choose a professional yet friendly profile picture.

· Pay close attention to writing your profile and make sure you fill it out completely.

· Make as many relevant ‘skill tests’ as possible.

· Only take on work that you are sure you can perform successfully.

· Only accept work from customers in good standing.

Upwork reviews

Glassdoor, one of the best-known websites for reliable information and reviews about companies, gives Upwork an average score of 3.8 out of 5 in 2019. This figure is based on about 25 reviews from freelancers. Freedom is seen as the most significant advantage: setting your hours and only taking on the work you really want to do; that’s what Upwork is all about. Setting your rates is of course, also an important advantage. However, some people are not satisfied with the platform. This often has to do with customers or freelancers who do not respond promptly or do not meet expectations. However, there is only a small group of negative reviews on Glassdoor. 

Indeed, one of the giant job boards globally also gave Upwork a positive rating in 2019, namely 4 out of 5. The advantages mentioned here include determining your working hours and hourly rates and the wide range of work available. According to the reviews on Indeed, the unreliability of some freelancers and clients can also cause annoying problems in some cases. In general, however, most experiences are very positive.

Where else can you work as a freelancer?

Of course, there are several other freelance platforms besides Upwork. Some of these, like Upwork, are aimed at many different professions; others are limited to one or a few fields, such as translation work or data entry. Some examples are:

· Fiverr

· Freelancer

· Guru

· PeoplePerHour

· click worker

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