Earn 30,000 euros per month with YouTube

Earn 30,000 Euros per Month with YouTube

Don’t feel like working for a living? Start your own YouTube channel. With 50,000 subscribers, you can already make a living.
This phenomenon is already well known in the Netherlands: many ordinary citizens earn a lot of money by posting videos on YouTube about cars, their daily life, their favorite video games, their dance school, etc. The Belgians are lagging behind, a shortcoming for the economy of our country.

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, the most popular YouTuber, earned over 7.6 million euros in 2014 from his YouTube channel.

Earn 30,000 euros per month with YouTube

How can you make money from YouTube?

A YouTuber earns on average one euro per thousand views. The basic salary for these ‘directors’ is the amount that Youtube pays monthly in exchange for inserting advertisements or banners at the beginning and end of published videos.
“In addition, they deal with brands for the insertion of products in their YouTube videos and proceed through media agencies. Finally, YouTubers can supplement their income through merchandising that is sold on their websites,” says Geoffrey Reemer of the company Tube total during an interview for the magazine Intermediair.’

Geoffrey Reemer has been publishing videos on YouTube since 2007. In addition to his job as an entrepreneur, he advises people starting out on this channel to try to reach the heights of fame.

YouTubers are very interesting in advertising contracts because they have a huge fan base that allows them to increase their turnover. The most popular directors are very influential because they can easily reach an audience of 13 to 19-year-olds, which is more difficult for an advertising agency to do.

Geoffrey Reemer uses the example of the Doritos potato chip brand, which has introduced a new trend where YouTubers from all over the world hold up a packet of Doritos in their videos. Young Internet users then act exactly like the

He explains that depending on the number of views, a video can earn more than 10,000 euros. He estimates that advertisers pay about 5 cents per view for the placement of one of their products. A recent video by Dutchman Enzo Knol garnered more than 430,000 views and earned 21,500 euros. “The impact is huge. The game ‘Minecraft’ was basically a small game without a big budget. Its success is solely due to YouTube.”

Top 10 YouTube channels in Belgium

Earn 30,000 euros per month with YouTube

In Belgium, YouTube also has some big fish.
Waiting for promising Belgians
The difference between Belgium and the Netherlands is striking. While our country has mostly specialized companies, especially in the music sector, the average person can more easily try their luck in the Netherlands. Indeed, ‘ordinary’ citizens earn a lot of money by posting homemade YouTube videos about their everyday life or the video games they play.

One of the most famous YouTubers is Dutchman Enzo Knol, who has an average of 30 million views per month and earns a monthly salary of 30,000 euros.
Add to that the income from merchandising and contracts with advertising agencies, and you get half a million euros a year. These are the calculations of the magazine Intermediair.’ Indeed, many YouTubers collaborate with big brands (such as Digimove and Social1nfluencers) and earn 10 to 30 cents extra per thousand views. Knowing that Enzo Knol has a total of 490,705,890 views for all his videos, we leave it to you to calculate his income…

Jordy Van den Bussche, better known as ‘Kwebbelkop’ has now overtaken Jordi Knol in the ranking of the big Dutch winners. According to the online magazine ‘Quote,’ he earns around 65,000 euros per month.

Kwebbelkop and his girlfriend Jelle van Vucht (aka ‘Jelly’) play games like Grand Theft Auto, Angry Birds, and Minecraft. They post videos of their games and share anecdotes about their lives.

Earn 30,000 euros per month with YouTube

Once you have 50,000 subscribers, you can make a living on YouTube.

“For international YouTubers, the basic rule of a thousand euros per million views applies. The Dutch are a little below, the Americans a little above,” explains Jordi Van den Bussche in the Dutch magazine ‘Quote.’
Beware, being successful on YouTube is not only about videos of your daily life or your exploits in video games. The Dutch blog ‘Autoblog’, for example, generated 142,196,136 views and earned 142,000 euros. Eveline Maureel can count 141,765,371 views for her educational videos.

The dance school ‘Saskia’ has a total of 90 669 881 views. All this for a simple dance and Zumba school. Experts estimate that you can make a living from YouTube once you have 50,000 subscribers. This already applies to about 380 channels in the Netherlands and Belgium. In practice, only about ten YouTubers are constantly busy making and publishing their movies. Any advice for a teenager who wants to become a millionaire through YouTube? “You must necessarily follow the basic principles of marketing: know your target group perfectly and make sure you are connected to individuals who are fans of what you do.”

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