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We naturally think of setting up advertising space to make a website profitable. The Google AdSense system has largely democratized this device. 

However, affiliation may be much more profitable in some cases. And since Amazon offers to remunerate its business introducers on a percentage basis, some webmasters have even made it an end: create a site from scratch and make it grow solely to send customers to Amazon. What if an MFA site was an excellent plan to utilize your web marketing know-how?

What is a Made For Amazon site?

The principle of an MFA is straightforward: it involves building a website on which products sold on the famous e-commerce platform will be highlighted, and when a visitor then validates his order through an affiliate link , the owner of the site in question will receive a commission. This commission is a percentage of the product price. 

Of course, nothing prevents managing several of these “niche sites” at the same time, to multiply the chances of an activation of an affiliate link, and, therefore the amount of remuneration at the end of the month. . Thus, any order on Amazon from a customer who has clicked on a link on your website will allow you to obtain income, provided that the object in question has been acquired within the next 24 days, or at least placed in the basket then purchased within 89 days. 

. In addition, becoming an affiliate is child’s play by simply clicking on the button to register on the following page: https://partenaires.amazon.fr/. Then, Amazon will use its data processing algorithms to verify the validity of this partnership request. It usually only takes one to two working days to get a response from the American giant. 

Then, it is up to you to “bring your site to life” by bringing real added value to the Internet user so that he decides to click on one of your links. But the means to be mobilized to achieve this are by no means insurmountable. It is, above all, a question of answering questions upstream and around the targeted product. 

Note that this type of income through affiliate marketing is much less stressful for many people than running an online store. Indeed, here, there is no need to worry about shipments, the proper follow-up of payments, inventory, or even possible returns, and the performance of customer service, because all these elements are managed … by Amazon! 

You will only need a manageable site like WordPress, a hosting service, of course, an Amazon affiliate account, and possibly a plug-in to bulk upload products from the platform in line. However, let’s not forget that you will also need to mobilize a lot of time, at least for the launch of a site of this type, but we will come back to this a little later.

If you’re wondering why Amazon does this, the answer is simple. Because it’s profitable!

Indeed, positioning yourself effectively and sustainably in Google on key expressions that lead to sales, of millions of products, in dozens of countries represents a colossal effort. It is generally easier to leave it to the specialists, and to pay them on a percentage basis. 

At this point, you may be wondering “why choose Amazon?”», and in fact, there are similar affiliate programs with other platforms. However, from our point of view, it is better to start with the leader in its sector, and all the more so since with several hundreds of millions of different articles, it is not an exaggeration to say that we find everything you want on Amazon! This therefore multiplies the “niches” in which you could position your MFA sites, and whether through its customer support (unanimously recognized as very effective), its particularly advantageous Prime program, or even frequent promotions, Amazon attracts Internet customers like a powerful magnet.

An MFA can be profitable, provided you take care of it

Within the Amazon Affiliate Program, not all product categories earn the same payout rate. So, while major household appliances will only “return” 3%, for example, fashion items can reach 11 or 12%. The themes “leisure”, “do-it-yourself”, “home & garden” or even “car & motorcycle” fluctuate between 6 and 8%. 

Let’s now take an example to illustrate our point, through a table saw for tiling, which falls into the “home and garden” category and which is displayed at 399€ on Amazon. If you are the proud owner of a website specializing in tools and an Internet user has placed an order for the saw mentioned above after clicking on the link on your site, you will therefore receive €27.93 (i.e. 7% of €399). 

So, of course, you may not carry out an operation of this order on a daily basis, but if you have several sites operating in the same way – and on the themes that earn the most – it is possible that this activity will quickly become very profitable. . Some affiliate sites are actually generating several thousand dollars a month… and this is what is leading a growing number of people on the Internet to believe that this is the “miracle recipe” for passive income. . 

Be careful, however, not to idealize this source of income, because if it is undeniable that it can pay off big, it also happens very frequently that affiliate sites wander indefinitely in the shallows of search engines, with zero visitors, and therefore zero clicks on a link back to Amazon. In fact, for the results to meet your expectations, you must work in two complementary directions: the visibility of the site on Google, and the attractiveness of the content that you will offer to the Internet user 

Your notions of SEO and inbound marketing will therefore be extremely valuable to you here. 

You also need to be patient and active . This is why it seems inconsistent to us to consider income related to affiliate programs as “passive”; to succeed, you will need to invest a lot of time and energy. In fact, the profitability will depend on the traffic from the main search engines, including of course Google. And this SEO work cannot bear fruit in a day, or even in a few weeks – it is often several months that will be needed to get a site “off the ground”. 

During this time, you will need to continue to enrich your site, making sure to maximize popularity at large. The writing of content is of paramount importance since it must also find the right tone and the right approach to sufficiently arouse the interest of visitors. Tests, videos, expert opinions will be effective. That’s why it’s better to choose products and areas that we like and that we know.

An ideal solution to combine work and pleasure?

When you are passionate about web marketing, the Amazon affiliate program is simply obvious and self-evident. Indeed, it will allow you to put your abilities into practice and test all sorts of things, all in self-financing… admit that it’s tempting! 

The first step will be to find the niche you want to write about . At this stage, several elements must be taken into account: the rate of remuneration provided by Amazon, of course, but also the level of competition online, and finally your personal tastes, it being understood that it is easier to write content on topics that interest us. It may be tuning, fly fishing, robots for cleaning swimming pools, hiking shoes, etc. 

Then, within this theme, it will be necessary to identify the products to be highlighted, thanks in particular to tools that target the most fashionable products on Amazon – such as Junglescout, for example – and taking into account their prices. respective units. In fact, for two products with the same audience on Amazon, with an identical remuneration rate, you can choose to direct the Internet user to the most expensive, in order to maximize your commission. 

The presentation of your website , and the domain name, are also not to be neglected, since they play an important role in the way visitors will feel motivated – or not – by the action of clicking on a link. affiliation. Yes, it always comes back to the famous “conversion rate “, and you will have to deploy all your knowledge to increase it. 

Don’t forget to add the power of social networks to “boost” the visibility of your website. Indeed, again, it will take you time, but it is the price to pay to increase your audience. It is necessary to target buyer personas likely to place an order on Amazon.

It is estimated overall that it is necessary to devote at least 1 hour per day to each affiliate site, at least before it “takes off” on its own.

Be aware that if you start to generate nice income from MFA sites, you remain somehow dependent on Amazon, and it is therefore crucial to understand its affiliate policies. All you have to do is violate one of the platform’s rules (by referring to promotions that no longer exist, for example, due to a lack of updating of your content), and you will immediately lose your membership. in question. It would be really unfortunate after all the efforts made so far.

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