Design affiliate marketing efficiently with Amazon

Affiliate programs are great for making money, especially Affiliate Marketing with Amazon. Unfortunately, there is no patent solution for the efficient use of the Amazon affiliate program. You will read many reviews calling it the magic bullet for regular income. On the other hand, there are websites where the Amazon partner network does not work. In this article, I want to show you the advantages you can have with the largest online retailer on the Internet. I would also like to help you use the Amazon * affiliate program as effectively as possible to increase your sales.

What is affiliate marketing?

This article is intended to give you tips specifically for affiliate marketing with Amazon. I have already explained the general term and what is behind it in an earlier article about affiliate marketing.

For this reason, I would like to leave out the part with the explanation of terms and refer you to the previously linked content. In addition to the word itself, I wrote more about the technical process and the advertising material there.

A perfect start to understanding the principle of the partner programs. I also published an article about choosing the right affiliate program and an article about affiliate links and banners. In the following, I want to present you with some additions to the Amazon affiliate program, which should help you get the most out of your website. In terms of making money, of course.

The diversity of affiliate marketing with Amazon

In my opinion, the diversity of the partner network is one of the most important arguments for affiliate marketing with Amazon. This is what makes the Amazon affiliate program so incredibly flexible.

Any website, blog or not, can generate income with Amazon AffiliateNet because you can buy almost anything on Amazon. There is no topic on which you cannot display at least suitable books.

Amazon PartnerNet * – Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

This is exactly what makes the partner program so flexible. Especially since almost everyone has an Amazon account . At least when I look around at my circle of friends. It seems inconceivable to me that life without Amazon should ever arise.

Not only because of certain situations (like in 2020 Corona) many people tend to order on the Internet. This also makes the PartnerNet very lucrative. I use it myself on some of my niche sites, for example my blog Clay Tennis .

How can you use the Amazon Affiliate Program?

At this point, I recommend that you carefully examine the legal conditions for affiliate advertising. Because of the General Data Protection Regulation, not only advertising links must be marked , but also the PRIOR consent of the visitor must be obtained for some partner programs. I wrote something about this in my WordPress tutorial in the data protection chapter .

Affiliate Marketing with Amazon Widgets

With its own widgets, Amazon has given the website operator many options that optimize the display of products on a page. You probably already know the term widgets if you use WordPress. But not only WordPress offers widgets, the explanation of which you can find on Wikipedia .

If I had to explain the term myself, I would say that widgets are a sub-area where additional information is loaded in the background. This can be text, your own content, but also third-party content.

What I think is great about the Amazon widgets: You can put them together based on your needs. Whether it’s product recommendations, lists or a moving carousel. The problem with the widgets has become the General Data Protection Regulation . Not much happens without the consent of the visitor, especially because you are implementing external content.

The Amazon affiliate program widgets

In the graphic above you can see some examples of a widget. From left to right, there would be a search widget, a favorites widget, and a wishlist widget. But you can still give the whole thing a very individual character, which I think makes the Amazon affiliate program so popular.

The PartnerNet with picture links

Therefore, the alternatives are static images and affiliate links. With this you can still earn good money in affiliate marketing with Amazon. Although in this case it is all the more important to select the right products.

If you combine images with affiliate links, your chances of being noticed by the visitor increase enormously. Because the larger an advertising space, the greater the attention. In affiliate advertising, graphics with a size of 300×250 and 250×250 pixels have become particularly popular.

These are noticed much more than classic banners, but are not as intrusive as skyscrapers or even larger variants. At a certain point, the actual content is no longer taken seriously. A website can then quickly be viewed as the exclusive means of advertising. You want and should definitely avoid this!

Use product categories and events

In addition, the Amazon affiliate program offers the opportunity to advertise certain events. For this purpose, Amazon uses advertising material that is automatically updated. It’s mostly about actions. Such as the purchase on account advertised at the end of 2020.

You can also create targeted advertising links to product categories. This is interesting in that there are multiple products listed. So you don’t have to advertise and maintain every single product.

This in turn has its advantages and disadvantages. The advertising material may be too general for the reader to be interested in it. On the other hand, it makes maintenance easier. Because targeted products can sometimes fly out of the range. Then you have to find and integrate a replacement product.


All in all, affiliate marketing with Amazon is a fine thing. The range at the shipping giant is incredibly diverse. So you can find and advertise the right product for every website.

From my point of view, the repeatedly reduced amount of the commission is disadvantageous . Affiliate advertising has generally proven to be lucrative due to the high remuneration. That is still the case though. Due to the falling commission, however, the income is somewhat lower than before.

I think you should look at affiliate marketing with Amazon more as a small piece of the puzzle in the big picture. If you want to be successful in the long term, you shouldn’t focus on one source of income. Diversification also plays a role in content marketing, not just when investing money.

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