Delete negative comments on eBay

For eBay sellers, nothing is more frustrating than getting negative reviews. Although it is almost impossible to delete it completely, minimizing negative comments on eBay has a crucial impact on your sales.

If you’ve just received a negative comment on eBay, please read on: maybe we can help you delete it!

Why is it essential to delete negative comments on eBay?

In e-commerce marketing, it is essential to build a positive reputation by collecting as many five-star opinions as possible.

A consumer survey conducted in 2019 showed that ordinary consumers spend 13 minutes and 45 seconds checking notifications before buying. In addition, only 53% of people buy products from companies below four stars.

eBay still enjoys the reputation of auction sites, so consumers pay more attention to the importance of sellers. The website enables customers to quickly determine the best seller through eBay’s star rating system.

The positive reputation on eBay will significantly impact your sales, so please be sure to delete negative comments as much as possible!

Impact of negative comments on eBay search positioning

Another reason is the location in the eBay search.

EBay’s best match algorithm selects the sellers that appear at the top of the search results. The exact formula is confidential, but we know that positive evaluation plays an important role.

You can’t permanently successfully delete negative comments on eBay, but it’s worth a try. Even if you delete only a few negative comments, you will improve the popularity of your products, build the confidence of potential customers and increase sales.

eBay delete negative comments.

EBay’s sales optimization is to minimize positive and negative feedback.

Delete negative comments on eBay

There are two ways to delete negative comments on eBay. First, you can ask the buyer to modify or delete their evaluation. Otherwise, you can report the evaluation results directly to eBay and request deletion. However, this only works in some cases. Let’s review these two processes.

1.Ask customers to delete negative comments on eBay

You can ask buyers to modify or delete their negative comments, but there is one problem: each of the 1000 comments you receive each year can only be modified five times.

eBay said it would limit the number of modification requests so that sellers can provide excellent e-commerce customer service immediately after the sale is completed to prevent them from fixing mistakes in the future.

Therefore, you should only use these requests for negative evaluation, not neutral suggestions. We recommend that you send it to customers ready to change their assessment, so please contact them before making a change request.

Contact the customer if:

You think the evaluation is accidental, for example, when the review is negative, and the comment is positive. In this case, the customer can even send you a change request.

You have solved the customer problem. For example, if you replace a defective product.

Continuously monitor the assessments you receive and promptly contact customers, as you have 30 days to modify the evaluation after it is released.

If the customer agrees to change their assessment, you can send a change request to the customer by going to the request change assessment page. You can access it through eBay’s evaluation forum or your account’s evaluation profile. Select the affected assessment and add a note detailing the reason for the request. Then click send.

The application is valid for 10 days. Any changes made by the customer will replace the previous evaluation. If he does not answer, the original notification will not be deleted, and the transaction will no longer be the subject of such requests.

Tip: you can also visit the requested change assessment page to view the number of requests you have left in the current year. This information is displayed in the upper right corner of the page.

2.Report the assessment to eBay

In some cases, you can report the assessment and ask the moderator to delete the negative review on eBay.

eBay sellers can use the seller center to report problems to customers, including assessments. The report must be completed within 90 days after the initial transaction.

Using hub reports:

The buyer’s negative assessment of the unpaid amount;

An assessment that violates eBay rules, for example, if the evaluation is threatening, offensive, vulgar, or contains the seller’s personal information;

They are trying to blackmail buyers through evaluation.

eBay will quickly analyze alerts and remove assessments that violate its rules. However, in some cases, comments were withdrawn rather than negative comments.

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What do you do when you can’t delete negative comments on eBay?

When you don’t have more change requests or your customers don’t want to change their assessments, there’s no other way to delete negative reviews on eBay. However, you can take measures to improve the situation.

  1. Answer negative comments

When negative comments on eBay cannot be deleted or changed, please always pay attention to the answer.

Show professionalism and politeness in answering questions. If the buyer makes a mistake, please explain it clearly. If the problem is caused by yourself, please apologize and explain the measures you will take to ensure that it does not happen again.

Among consumers who read reviews, 97% also read the company’s reply. This is an opportunity to address the concerns of potential customers.

  1. Systematically contact dissatisfied customers

Even if you can no longer ask for changes to the assessment on eBay, it’s worth contacting customers to share their experiences.

You cannot send them a change request, but allow them to leave a comment after the assessment. If it is positive, it can convince skeptical potential customers.

  1. Increase the number of positive reviews you get from other customers

The more positive reviews you get, the fewer negative reviews will impact your reputation.

You can quickly increase the number of assessments on eBay with automatic assessment software to target satisfied customers. Therefore, you can send the evaluation request to those who received the order in time but did not apply for a support ticket.

You can fully customize your message when you send a request using the desk’s feedback tool. This is an excellent way to integrate your brand voice and persuade customers to leave the evaluation. Look at these incredible customer evaluation models.

  1. Address issues that lead to negative evaluations

All sellers on eBay are afraid of negative reviews, but they can help you improve your business and enhance customer experience, brand loyalty, and long-term sales.

Resolve complaints and optimize eBay ads to describe delivery times and products correctly. Even if there are problems, if you show transparency to customers, they are unlikely to leave negative comments.

  1. Provide high-quality customer service

When buyers encounter problems in the purchase process, eBay encourages them to contact the seller before leaving negative comments.

If you respond promptly and relevant to your complaints, you are less likely to receive negative comments.

Inform customers of complaints through e-commerce technical support software.

All the information your customer support agent needs to parse queries is centralized with a desk. By combining it with SLA timers and AI-generated click responses, your customer support metrics will improve, and the number of negative assessments you receive will be reduced.

  1. Use packaging to create a sense of surprise and happiness

This technology is a powerful means to gain positive criticism and improve customer loyalty. It enables online salespeople to use packaging for e-commerce and achieve good results creatively.

Try sliding gifts into your packages, such as stickers or small things. Alternatively, use a reusable aesthetic box.

In addition to the number of positive comments, leaving surprises in the packaging can avoid receiving negative feedback when problems arise.

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