Comparison of the best e-commerce affiliate programs

Who does not yet know, in 2020, affiliation on the internet? The principle of collaboration is based on a system of remuneration, which takes the form of commissions redistributed to affiliates.

Anyone can practice affiliation in a simple way; all you need to do is have a website and apply. This is how, for example, Amazon offers to remunerate these many partners, which allows the American giant to continue to grow again and again.

Smaller brands and shops also benefit from the principle of affiliation, which allows them to dispense with traditional advertising. Therefore, here again, the affiliate network supports the development of their notoriety and no longer the costly advertising campaigns.

The Amazon Partners program, the benchmark in the affiliate business

When we talk about affiliation on the internet, we immediately think of Amazon. Amazon is not only the international leader in online sales. It is also, and this is what interests us here, the complete affiliate program that exists to date and the ablest to work in collaboration with niche sites.

Amazon is finally the oldest of the programs, which, there is no doubt, is, and will be, still there in ten or twenty years. With this group being part of the GAFA, you, therefore, have the assurance that your partnership will be solid.

Promote any product through Amazon

Want to promote a specific product? A sporting item or a fashionable high-tech object? Furniture or home accessories? Health, wellness, or beauty products? Look no further; Amazon offers an essential affiliate program and thus meets your expectations.

With the Amazon Partners program, you will be able to promote any product on your website and earn commissions on your sales, ranging from 3 to 12%.

The program works wonderfully, the conversion rate is at the top, and the seriousness is well established. You are paid every month once you have reached the minimum payment, which is, by the way, very easy to achieve.

It’s all good, so why on earth should we look elsewhere if the grass is greener when the Amazon Affiliate Program meets all affiliate needs? There are several reasons for this that we will immediately review together.

Diversify sources of income in affiliation

There is no shortage of e-commerce affiliate programs, so it would be a mistake not to diversify your affiliate income sources.

Imagine if, overnight, you were removed from their program following non-compliance (voluntary or not) on your part with their terms and conditions; what would you do? You would only have your eyes to cry if you did not anticipate.

If Amazon pays Rubis sur ongle each month, provided, however, as said before, that we have reached the payment threshold, this does not exempt us from anticipating a hiccup and starting to see what the competition is offering… you can never be too careful!

Offer potential customers different points of sale.

Let it be said; that Amazon is ultra-competitive in the market. Many have broken their teeth trying to compete with the American giant, with low prices in many universes and themes.

However, it is not uncommon, even quite common, to find that an item is sold for less in another online e-commerce store.

As a site editor and affiliate marketer, it would be a mistake not to offer your visitors the possibility of buying the product they are looking for at the best price.

This is how it may seem reasonable to include a price comparison tool such as Winamaz for example, on your site. But, you still have to be registered on other affiliate platforms as an affiliate in order to set up your various affiliate links. So what are these other affiliate platforms?

Alternatives to the Amazon Affiliate Program

Here are other attractive alternatives for any good self-respecting affiliate. There are many of them, but we will only mention the best known here.

· Kwanko , formerly Net affiliation, is a very serious platform that offers to associate you with prestigious affiliation programs such as Ikea, Fnac…

· Awin , formerly Zanox, is also essential since this platform offers unique partnerships that are not necessarily found elsewhere.

· Affiliation also seems essential. Boulanger, Rakuten or even Carrefour are accessible from this platform.

· TradeDoubler is one of a kind, both in the tools they offer and in the partnerships themselves.

· TimeOne, formerly Publicidées and Affilae are equally interesting to own.

By subscribing to one or more of these affiliation platforms, you will be able to apply for the programs of major brands such as Fnac, Darty, Cdiscount, Rakuten, eBay, ManoMano, Ikea, Boulanger, Carrefour, Auchan, Leroymerlin, Castorama , Botanic, Decathlon… These are only a tiny part of the affiliations that will be accessible to you… the list is long!

Be careful, however, to keep in mind that you will not be automatically accepted for each of the affiliate programs mentioned, as some advertisers are more demanding than others in accepting applications.

An important point to respect will be to register for affiliate programs that mainly deal with the theme of your own website, otherwise it would make little sense for the advertiser to accept such a partnership and otherwise it would be immediately refused.

It is up to you to make the right choices according to your aspirations and your own needs. No need, for example, to register on a particular platform if, a priori, no proposed partnership attracts you, the idea being to target your partnerships as much as possible according to your niche.

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