China online: how to do business on eBay

eBay is a must-have for doing business. However, we do not always know how to do this. Emily Albertini’s China online tips on eBay.

eBay is a vast 2.0 browser. There are all kinds of things here (clothes, furniture, decorations, high-tech equipment), and the prices are often very competitive. Why did you do that? Because everyone can sell anything (new or used) on eBay through the auction system. Suppose you know how to do this.

Eight tips for doing business on eBay

1 – for an excellent Chinese search on eBay, please don’t be too precise

Surprisingly, when you search for China on eBay, you ignore good deals or what you dream of. Some sellers do not quote their articles well. Therefore, if you search for a specific product on eBay, it’s best not to give an exact reference. Providing only brand or type information is quite vague. Then you have to check the results page by page, hoping to find the right deal.

2 – don’t bid on eBay immediately

To make a good deal, it’s best not to bid too high, so you must take the right strategy: don’t bid too fast, but be careful. Because the auction on eBay is also psychological: you dare not bid too high for an item with a bid of 0. To help you, you can fill out the “my business to-dos” tab, which is a favorite. You can view the auction progress of all products we are interested in and carefully put them aside.

3 – well, Chiner also lets eBay manage our auctions

The site offers an excellent feature for those who don’t have time to spend the night on eBay. We can put its highest bid on a product and let the website manager for us. Once we reach the ceiling, eBay will automatically prevent us from participating in the auction. He was the best bidder and finally left with something. In short, eBay makes shopping easier.

4 – contact the seller through eBay’s online information

To avoid fraud on eBay, we have started to check netizens’ comments on sellers. This has provided some guidance for the seller’s integrity. Be careful. A seller with no idea is not necessarily dishonest: he may be just a novice on eBay. But we can contact him through eBay insider information. He was asked many questions about what he wanted and was even asked to send additional photos (such as the soles and heels of a pair of shoes). All this is for testing: we don’t necessarily trust a person who doesn’t answer or refuses to provide more information.

5 – show common sense on eBay

We can do some good deals on eBay but within a reasonable range. However, you must have a pair of common sense in the back of the rock, Louboutin or Chanel.

6 – priority PayPal payment on eBay

The transfer system between PayPal accounts is eBay’s safest payment method. Using it, you can get a purchase invoice (convenient if you want to resell the purchased items one day) and guarantee that you can get a refund in case of problems (if the purchased items do not meet the departure notice). What’s safer is that you prefer clean hands when you buy something on eBay. The buyer and the seller agree that the transaction will be carried out on the smartphone through PayPal if the trading partner is suitable.

7 – focus on eBay weekend or tomorrow of significant events

Usually, the best deal is on Monday (many sellers advertise on weekends), after significant events such as Christmas and auctions, or after a great fashion designer releases a capsule collection.

8 – always consider shipping on eBay

Items purchased on eBay can be delivered directly to you or mailed. When we choose the second option, we ensure that the price agreed by the buyer and the seller includes freight. In most cases, these costs are borne by the buyer. Therefore, the tariff on the goods is negotiated with this detail in mind.

Amelie Albertini is a former stylist on Cristina Cordura’s new look for new life. She has worked with eBay to create some style paintings in which she adds her charm. Kind of like Pinterest.

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