How does the Internet make profits through personal data?

Whether for personal or business reasons, it is almost impossible not to rely on social networks in some way. sites like LinkedIn continue to blur the lines, increasing the number of social features over time with features and services similar to less formal sites like facebook. Who can imagine not relying on Twitter for immediate access to breaking coronavirus news from around the world? The trade-off is your data, and how they profit from it

Digital currency brought the impact on the financial sector

Along with the rapid development of information technology and the widespread use of electronic payment, the global economy is developing in the direction of electronification, networking, and virtualization. Digital currency is a product of the new era based on the Internet, and the creation of digital currency has a profound impact on the development of …

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Six elements of coaching leaders

One is to create a safe, supportive but challenging environment.We all need our thinking to be challenged at times. However, challenges can be damaging without adequate support by reducing trust and eroding morale. Providing safety and support involves reassuring people that they are being heard and understanding their feelings and values. It builds trust, encourages …

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What is today's trending topic Five tools to find out

What is today’s trending topic? Five tools to find out

five tools to take advantage of the trending topics.
Trending topics are the topics of the moment on Twitter and tell us what is not only the news of interest but also brands, companies, users, and everything that makes enough noise for everyone to talk about it. Locating these topics of interest is an increasingly important monitoring task within companies, and communication teams are increasingly using monitoring tools to find out if they are talking about us, our brand, or our products, and also to find out which topics we can reach high. But how do we know what the trending topic of the day is?