Three ways How to Prospect for Clients on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn was founded in 2003 to do the work of connecting contractors with contractors.Just as there are social networks focused on establishing love relationships between people or increasing the network of friends. Professionals use LinkedIn to expose their qualities concerning the job market. The newspaper classifieds page quickly became a thing, as the social network …

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6 secrets to enhance customer retail rate

Improving customer retention is a significant challenge in developing a product, and failure to retain customers threatens the product’s survival. The author of this article gives us a detailed summary of six tips to improve customer retention and summarizes the methodology that the best way to retain customers is to improve the overall service cancellation process experience while having customers who may be affected. We hope that reading this article will inspire you

Is it possible to earn money with Linkedin?

Linkedin is a top-rated labor social network these days, most of the people who compose it are professionals over 25 years old, and because of this, it has an excellent boom for business currently, there is a platform that offers a free account and a premium account that has more advanced features. With the free version, you can fill in all the profile fields, and you can follow and accept people to join our network. Still, with the premium account, the personal profile can stand out among the others and expand a private business in the Linkedin community; everything will depend on the plan you select.