Buy Shopify Store - Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?

Buy Shopify Store – Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?

If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can buy a ready-made online store. But why should I buy an already completed Shopify store? Generally speaking, there are some advantages to having a ready-made online store. Some pages sell already created stores. In addition, there are many Shopify stores through which you can quickly start an Internet business.

Buying a finished Shopify store – what are the advantages?

Of course, if you want to decide and create everything yourself from the very beginning, you have to open a store yourself. For now well-known provider Shopify, this is no problem at all. Starting your online store is now even a piece of cake. All you need is an email address, a domain, and a few hours to create an online store. Shopify already offers ready-made templates or themes for this purpose, some of which are free for you to use. But how much does Shopify cost per month? The essential cost is $29 per month, except if you want to create your own Shopify store, you don’t have to think much about the price. Nevertheless, buying a ready-made Shopify store has some advantages


If you want to buy an online store, you won’t do it just because of a lack of programming knowledge because it doesn’t need it. On its face, ready-made stores are purchased on the Internet because there is already a customer base. At least for successful Shopify stores. If you start from scratch, you have to get the first customers yourself and, of course, expand the reach. The price of such a finished online store is also based on the number of customers or sales. You can build and develop the store yourself.

Buy Shopify Store - Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?
Buy Shopify Store – Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?

Google Indexing

Ideally, well-managed stores are already indexed on Google. Indexing means that Google has checked the store’s content and sorted it using an algorithm. Usually, pages are indexed automatically by Google or online in the Google Register. This means that the page can be found using Google search. There are exceptions to this, and not all pages are in the Google index, which may be a problem for you. If you want to check if the store you want to buy is indexed on Google, enter “About:” and then the URL of the page you want to study. This is important for your SEO in the end.

Buying Behavior

It is also beneficial to have a database of buying behavior. A well-managed online store can provide this data, and Shopify also provides this information for evaluation. Thus, you can accurately check your future sales and the scalability of your buying behavior. This is a considerable advantage because you don’t have to try your products yourself to see if they resonate with your target audience. You already know that this or that product “works.” Of course, you should also have a small ambition for the products in your Shopify store. There’s no point in buying a fashion online store or clothing store if you’re not interested in the world of fashion.

Sell from the beginning.

Of course, buying a finished Shopify store means that you have to pay a certain amount of money for it. The better the store was run in the past, the more expensive it will be for you. Of course, you must recover this amount in the store as soon as possible. Your advantage is that you can rely on sales from the very beginning. Therefore, you can calculate for yourself when your investment will pay off. Of course, your goal should be to increase the sales in your store. Only then will your purchase be worthwhile.

What to look for when buying a Shopify store?

Let’s assume you found a store you want to buy. However, before deciding to do so, you should pay attention to a few things. After all, buying an online store doesn’t mean success simultaneously. But it is still interesting because more and more people like to purchase products online. There is an online store for almost everything, and many companies rely on this program.

Tip: If you are looking for a store to buy from, you can take a look around on the platform. You can check out some Shopify examples and stores there. But please note that some stores operate exclusively through direct sales. Learn more about Shopify Dropshipping, a special kind of online store.

Buy Shopify Store - Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?
Buy Shopify Store – Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?


For example, you need to know if there have been warning issues in the past. This can happen if you have an incorrect imprint or have infringed on copyrights and trademarks. There may also be violations of competition law in the form of unfair competition, for example, if the seller does not tell you. In these cases, it makes no sense to continue opening a store if you have to change the entire scope to continue in a legally correct manner.

Also, pay attention to sales figures and customer development over the last few years. Here, it depends on the story, not whether sales are generated or not. Certain products often work for a while but stop working as time goes on. Then you may be buying a store whose best days are long gone. What is important is that sales can steadily increase.

As mentioned earlier, it is also essential to have an index on Google. Make sure the store is in all the listings. You should also check the store’s findability by using some important keywords. How easy is it for customers to find the store? What keywords are listed accordingly? Regular keyword research will help you keep updated with how your customers’ search behavior is evolving.

When buying, also pay attention to the store software and current status. Without the right online store software, the online store will not function properly. The software must meet current requirements. It is most important to compare the features you will need later and explore the technical possibilities offered to you. Check this also from the customer’s point of view – after all, you want a good user experience to be sure. Look at the menu navigation and ask yourself if the store is easy to use or if the features in the store work.
Most importantly, you should double-check the essential features of Google’s search engine. Is there an app for that? What about support? Over the years, the interface of social networks has also become increasingly important. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the customer’s technical components and usability.

Buy Shopify Store - Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?
Buy Shopify Store – Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?

Purchase conditions

The former store operator sells you his store software and the associated business relationships. Those of the supplier, for example. Not only should they continue to be serious about working with you, but they should also make sense for your business in terms of purchasing conditions. The store operator may have bought his product at too high a price that is not economical for you. Before you strike here, you should check what you have left to spare.

Tip: You can tell a reputable seller, and they can provide you with detailed answers on all the aspects mentioned. Let us show you the figures for the last few months to estimate the value of the page. Also, ask the operator of the online store directly why exactly he is selling his store. After all, there is always a reason that you should know.


Once you have decided to buy a Shopify store, you should make sure that your business is running well and that your merchandise management system as a whole is working. It’s helpful to use software for inventory management here, so you always have a complete view of your store’s inventory.

Calculate the value of your Shopify store

Before you buy a Shopify store, you should be able to calculate the value of the pages. Of course, this also applies to all other websites or blogs that you want to pay X for. This also applies if you’re going to sell the site yourself. To avoid overpaying and underselling, you need to find out the site’s value. You can do this in several ways.

Buy Shopify Store - Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?
Buy Shopify Store – Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?

The right price for the store – does it exist?

No, the finished Shopify store doesn’t have the right price. The reason for this is simple: it can be found in values that are very difficult to define. Therefore, every page will have different results, especially because you can and should make transactions on the Internet. Consequently, it is clear from the beginning exactly what you want and how much you want to spend as much as possible. Everything else is negotiable anyway.

Base it on page revenue

If a site or store has been generating revenue for a few months, you can make good calculations. This applies to online stores where customers can buy products and to affiliate blogs, etc. For example, to get a value here, you can multiply the last month’s revenue by 12. Others determine the payment for the previous six months and use that as a basis.

So, if the store earned 10,000 Dollar in the last 12 months after all expenses, you can use this amount as a basis. Of course, there is no rule, but a good store will never go below the annual revenue value. So, if a store should spend 8,000Dollar but be able to generate 1,500Dollar in the past year, you may be paying too much.

Always ask the seller for a bank statement or a statement of the affiliate program he uses. Please pay particular attention to blogs because they are, of course, dependent on them, so it is impossible to calculate whether the income will remain at that level.

When calculating the value of your store, keep the following points in mind.
How many has sales potential there been in the past? How much money was spent on advertising? (paid links, Google AdWords)
Are our revenue and expenses balanced? If you want to generate a sum X, check how much work the store has cost you.
What has been the revenue development over the last 2-3 years? A continuous positive development is promising.

Buy Shopify Store - Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?
Buy Shopify Store – Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?

Potential revenue as a basis for store value

Instead of using current revenue, you can use the future income of your Shopify store for your calculations. Of course, you should not use this method alone because, in reality, it is only an estimate. For this, you need to have a little industry experience. However, perhaps you have determined that you can increase revenue by these measures for various reasons. Previous store operators may not have taken full advantage of the site’s potential. You can then also use these figures as the basis for your calculations.

Number of visitors as a basis for store value

You can also calculate the value of a page based on the number of visitors. However, this method is more beneficial for affiliate sites than online stores whose revenue comes primarily from product sales. High visitor numbers come into play if payment is based solely on it. But these numbers are undoubtedly crucial for online stores as well. But more in the sense that the number of visitors can be compared to sales. Ask yourself if you can increase the number of visitors. Also, check whether all sources of traffic have been explored. Pay attention also to the degree of development of the number of visitors. In this way, future growth can also be better assessed.

For example, XOVI Domainvalue can be used as a free tool to get some fundamental data (ranking values) about the website.

Buy Shopify Store - Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?
Buy Shopify Store – Is it worth buying a Shopify Store?

Rating when buying Shopify online store

In general, you should include all the factors mentioned when calculating the price. Past revenue from products is a reliable way to calculate the value of your store. And, of course, there is the measure of your future success. But the residual potential for increasing revenue is also attractive, as is the number of visitors and backlinks.
Tip: Look specifically for stores that represent a niche or could become one in the future. Maybe you can turn a general fashion online store into an online sneaker store limited to that category. Or, you could take over a second-hand online store where your customers can buy used clothing online. So if you are more interested in buying cheap online stores, you will have to think about how to get the store up and to run.

Calculating the value of an online store

There are currently programmers who go to great lengths to create online tools for website reviews. You can also use it effectively to find out the store’s value.
In addition to all these tests, you should also pay attention to supply and demand. Of course, these two factors have a significant impact on the price.


If you still want to buy a Shopify store, you should learn more about pricing. This is the only way you can determine if the prices offered for the store are reasonable. Don’t be afraid to ask for evidence to back up the numbers given. It would help if you also considered how profitable and scalable the store would be in the future. Many pages are sold because sales figures are declining or the store will not record good statistics in the future. So, if you are thinking of buying an online store, check your options for the future. It can be just as profitable to create your online store and start from scratch for others.

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