Boost your business! Take your business to TikTok with these recommendations

Boost your business! Take your business to TikTok with these recommendations

TikTok is an essential tool for businesses.
Should your business be on TikTok? What kind of content should you create on this platform? Join us! We will solve your doubts about this social network, which is becoming more and more popular day after day.

Therefore, we welcome Angelina Araujo Cabarcas, Head of Digital Content for four brands of the Bolivar Group. This social communicator, an expert in digital marketing and with more than 192 thousand followers on TikTok, will reveal the essential tips to venture into this platform. Let’s start!

Why is TikTok an essential tool for companies?

For three main reasons, first, TikTok is the platform growing almost exponentially in the digital world, shaking Instagram and others. And the fact is that there are already many people using this network and that it was for little kids is a huge taboo; the algorithm works so well that it knows what you want to consume, and not everyone is shown dances and jokes.

For example, if you are a consumer of certain content like tips for traveling, cleaning the house or pet stuff or how to pack, the algorithm will still show you that. TikTok is not childish content. So, to stay ahead of the curve, I think companies should also test this network.

Second, the algorithm is made so that without investing in advertising, consumers are the ones who decide what they want to see and what they don’t want to see. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, which are made for brands to advertise, although TikTok already has advertising, anyone can make helpful content for their audience. If it meets specific parameters, the algorithm helps it have a greater organic reach (which does not happen in other networks).

Boost your business! Take your business to TikTok with these recommendations

Third, TikTok’s formats allow the content to be less elaborate, making video production more natural and economical. You don’t have to invest large amounts of money, time, resources, etc., to make excellent and successful content.

-The app has been downloaded more than 2 billion times.
-It is the 7th most used social platform in the world.
-In January 2021, it had 689 million active users worldwide.
-It is available in more than 200 countries.

Do all companies need to be on Tik Tok?

No, I don’t believe that all social networks are for businesses. I think that if any company wants to set up a strategy to be on TikTok, they can do it, giving it the twist it needs and making sure that their content is interesting for people.

But, that depends on the strategy. I faithfully believe that TikTok has an extensive organic reach. However, the conversion capacity of this organic strategy has yet to be explored. It would be interesting to review success stories in which viral videos have generated an immediate conversion and not only reach or top of mind (the first brand that comes to mind) in people.

In conclusion, the decision depends on the strategy of each company. I don’t think everyone should be on all social networks, but I believe someone starting with low resources and wants to have a greater reach could take advantage of TikTok since it is a practically free tool.

How is the digitalization of Colombian companies progressing?

At this point, we make a parenthesis in the interview to cite two businesses that have increased their sales as a direct result of campaigns on TikTok. The portal Walk the chat presents these examples of success using Douyin, the original name of this Chinese social network.

Haidilao Asian restaurant. It challenged its followers to prepare its recipes at home by watching the instructions in videos posted by the business itself. Result: the campaign converted the numerous online interactions into actual customers.
Answer Tea launched a “fortune cookie” type campaign with special packaging. Sales boom aside, the drive on TikTok has led Answer Tea to sign 250 franchise partners.
Now let’s pick up the conversation with Angelina…

Boost your business! Take your business to TikTok with these recommendations

What is growth hacking?

What type of content on TikTok works best for a business?
As I mentioned, all types of content are handled. In general, many quick tips are consumed; the video with a slow introduction and then an eternal outcome doesn’t work… No, it’s about capturing the user’s attention in the first few seconds.

The algorithm favors you when people watch your video in its entirety. If you have a video that lasts a minute, but the important part is at the beginning, or people get bored and stop watching it, the algorithm stops showing it to more people. In this sense, any topic can do well, as long as it is worked in a way that captures people’s attention.

My recommendation is to develop several axes of content: educational, entertainment, pleasures (plasticine spitting, ASMR), Did you know what about fast things or How it’s done (for example, a hamburger). Moreover, the dances may not only be dances but involve data: while people or celebrities dance, some information is presented.

In short, the algorithm is made for any type of content that brands or businesses want to do.

Business campaign with tiktokers: yes or no?

Yes, yes, of course, yes! Yes, because TikTok’s algorithm is made to show content that people usually consume. For example, this social network already identified that people consume the face of a TikTok who has a million followers; when a business account publishes a video with the beginning of that person, the algorithm will show it to that million followers that the influencer has.

The reach is so extensive that it involves the organic performance of the video itself and the one with the TikTok that is putting the face on that content.

Additionally, because of their knowledge, some influencers can help brands have more content diversity. In such a way that not only does the business create its topics but also leverages the expertise of others. Undoubtedly, this type of collaboration brings diversity and dynamism to the brand.

Boost your business! Take your business to TikTok with these recommendations

What advice would you give to a brand that wants to venture into TikTok?
The first thing is to eliminate the taboo that it is difficult, that minors only consume it, and “it’s not my priority; I’m going to start with Instagram.”

The easiest thing to handle is the TikTok tool; it’s just to use. Sometimes we have many paradigms when we say, “I don’t have a production company, I don’t have an agency” In reality, it’s enough to have a cell phone and create a common thread. It’s not even putting a face; it can be done if people want to post just stock photos that they find on the internet, with voiceover or subtitles, because they don’t like your voice.

So my advice is to take the plunge and give it a try. The worst that can happen is that one video doesn’t go viral, the second one does, and the third one doesn’t. The tool is there and all the possibilities to grow and give the business recognition.

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