Bestseller Rank: How does Amazon’s Sales Rank work?

The Amazon Bestseller Rank can help you attract more attention to your offered goods. However, the ranking obeys its rules, which simple tricks cannot influence. You can determine which criteria are essential for a suitable placement and what advantages you gain from this.

What is Amazon’s Sales Rank?

As the name already suggests, your sales success can be recognized by the Amazon customer rank. In addition, retailers can see how well other products in the same category are selling on Amazon. This makes it easy to compare and can be the basis for future sales strategies.

What factors influence Amazon’s bestseller rank?

Amazon has not yet published an official formula for calculating this category ranking. However, everything indicates that sales figures, in particular, strongly influence the placements. Factors such as reviews, costs, or star ratings do not play a role. The prices and revenues generated are also irrelevant to the order.

Therefore, the product that sells best within a specific category takes the 1 in this category. The second most successful product lands on 2nd—space and so on.

However, the same product can receive different rankings in different subcategories. This means that, for example, a smartphone occupies a better or worse position in the electronics sector than in the mobile phones and accessories category.

Although longer-offered products have more sales, newer products also get a chance to rank higher. More extended past sales have a weaker weighting than newer ones.

For example, if your competitor has sold as many products in the past week as in the current week, you will get a higher ranking on the leaderboard. If a retailer has not been able to make sales for a long time, his product continues to fall behind.

The first 10,000 positions receive an hourly update. The following places, up to 100,000, are updated only daily. Amazon only adjusts all underlying posts once a month.

Each country shop carries out its ranking independently of other countries. If you sell your goods via Amazon internationally, the same product can occupy a different rank in the German Amazon shop than in the US branch.

Why is the bestseller rank important at Amazon?

Although many people like to believe that they make their purchasing decisions completely autonomously, several factors play a role. In addition to their impulses, emotions, experiences, opinions, advertising, and promotion, customers can also be influenced by sales figures or rankings.

A bestseller list is a simple tool that gives customers a sense of security. A successful product shows that there are many other buyers. Consumers who have better informed themselves about the respective product or have had positive experiences with the retailer.

In addition, there is often the underlying idea that many customers cannot be mistaken. Disappointed customers often leave negative reviews that deter other buyers, so high sales figures do not occur.

On the other hand, sellers can conduct rough market research before investing in a new product: Using Amazon’s bestseller sales figures, you can determine whether similar products have already been successful or failed.

How can Amazon’s bestseller sales figures be positively influenced?

To influence sales, general and Amazon-specific marketing measures help:

You have to complete your doctorate. Optimize advertising campaigns across multiple channels and possibly use Amazon Ads.

Like a search engine, Amazon customers search for products using keywords. Doing research and using the most searched keywords can draw more attention to your goods.

Keep an eye on your competitors and study how prices develop or what special discount promotions they introduce. Try adjusting your pricing strategy accordingly.

Choose a smaller “niche” subcategory with fewer competitors in which you can rank higher. You can also cover several subcategories to improve your chances, which should always match the goods on offer.

So there are several ways to influence your sales. Ultimately, your product should convince buyers of quality.

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