Best Marketing YouTube Channel

Best Marketing YouTube Channel

Today, thanks to the power of the Internet, it is possible to market through social networks, web pages, and especially YouTube channels; we are talking about digital marketing here. Choosing a YouTube channel is a natural strategic choice; because YouTube is a great platform, and it is at the heart of the web traffic. In this sense, it is accessed by millions of Internet users every day, a fact that cannot be ignored.

This impressive number clearly shows that many people spend more time on YouTube. For example, for setting up business campaigns with quite exciting information. Therefore, implementing digital marketing strategies on the YouTube platform will be very effective.
This article will discuss the different points related to the youtube marketing channel.

Best Marketing YouTube Channel
Best Marketing YouTube Channel

What is digital marketing?

Most companies have a website; it is vital to ensure good visibility while meeting customer expectations.

Digital marketing is a business strategy that specifies all techniques of using digital channels as media. It is more or less applicable to all levels of daily life; it connects to almost all digital tools with Internet access, such as laptops and computers.

Moreover, with the advent of the Internet and the active development of new technologies, digital marketing is occupying more and more space. Through the youtube channel, companies have an effective way to make money.

The main areas and techniques of digital marketing

To impact Internet users or build relationships with customers, marketing uses the following technologies.

Web analytics.
Web and YouTube advertising.
Email marketing.
Lead conversion.
Social and viral marketing.
Mobile marketing.
All these digital technologies enable them to expand widely and conquer the market. We are talking about the digitalization of marketing.

In addition, we may be converging on the distinction between digital marketing and traditional what is often called offline marketing. It is not easy to separate them, but these types of marketing differ on several levels.

On the level of time.
The administration.
In terms of the technology used.
Marketing automation capabilities.
Benefits of digital marketing
Digital marketing offers a variety of solutions for companies. It is a strategy that allows companies to increase their visibility through a well-applied B2B strategy. In fact, with the help of regularly published content, you can expand your audience.

Moreover, it ensures perfect communication between the company and its customers. Every comment, share, or like that an Internet user leaves on a company page is a precious piece of data. Therefore, the company page is an ideal communication channel.

In addition, digital marketing deepens the understanding of the customer. It allows him to gather detailed information about the company or its activities.

Finally, it creates an atmosphere of trust and credibility between the company and the customer. The company’s presence on social networks or YouTube shows that it has certain credibility among its customers.

Best Marketing YouTube Channel
Best Marketing YouTube Channel

YouTube channels and digital marketing

YouTube is a viral distribution channel through which we can observe a natural attraction for Internet users. It is an almost unlimited source with several exciting contents. It is becoming more and more critical for marketers and companies. In addition, more than 50% of companies add YouTube to their marketing strategy; this is not a number to be ignored. These numbers clearly show that most businesses are getting to know their audience on YouTube. 33% of online activity boils down to watching YouTube videos.

In addition, the YouTube platform has over 1 billion users worldwide and offers transcripts in over 76 languages. This is a huge advancement that can reach nearly 95% of the world’s population. On average, it affects people between the ages of 18-49. This corresponds to more or less young people.

In addition, as the second-largest search engine after Google, YouTube is no longer just about music videos and offers a vast opportunity to grow a business there.

YouTube is an excellent channel for communication, lead generation, or recruitment for entrepreneurs.

However, what are the real opportunities that YouTube offers in digital marketing?

YouTube channels: a major force in digital marketing

The YouTube platform is a force to be reckoned with in digital marketing. It is a platform that provides entrepreneurs with more opportunities to take action. In addition, it has a vast amount of foot traffic, hence its importance in the business world.

The platform offers exciting solutions for entrepreneurs, both video and communication.

Best Marketing YouTube Channel
Best Marketing YouTube Channel

The current form of marketing: YouTube video

Video in the world of digital marketing is an impressive technology. It offers many opportunities in terms of communication; the most important is undoubtedly its ability to engage internet users.

With the staggering number of videos uploaded on the Internet every day, it is becoming increasingly challenging to stand out from the crowd and therefore become effective. YouTube manages to solve this problem through a new way of disseminating information, allowing your videos to be presented in the public eye.

In addition, in a world dominated by images and videos, YouTube offers viewing videos from its platform. A platform that everyone can access through their digital devices. More interestingly, your videos are easily reposted and have a high potential to go viral.

Videos are easy to remember because men respond more positively to images than text. This allows you to hit more targets. This facilitates the emergence of multiple hosting platforms and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. However, not all of these have reached the level of YouTube traffic.

YouTube: a digital platform between Google and Facebook

The YouTube platform is somewhere between Google and Facebook. YouTube is not exactly a social network, nor is it part of a search engine such as Google. However, it offers the role of both a search engine and a social network.

In this sense, it is possible to search from YouTube. It ranks videos based on relevant keywords. The set keyword system allows you to cite your videos easily.

In addition, with its social networking features, YouTube offers the possibility of having subscribers, likes, and comments such as Facebook and Instagram.

These features let you know if there is good interaction between you and your community. So you can measure your successes and difficulties. With YouTube, it’s clear that you can prospect if you are a company seeking notoriety.

Best Marketing YouTube Channel
Best Marketing YouTube Channel

The best YouTube channels in digital marketing

As an entrepreneur, there are multiple YouTube channels you can follow. These YouTube channels are very professional and can provide adequate training for your campaigns.
Various specialized YouTube channels offer content on different topics to allow you to improve your knowledge.

For example, if you want to start a business project and don’t have the required experience, you can find some quality and free entrepreneurial training courses on YouTube.

We will show you a list of the best YouTube channels in marketing.

Marketing Mania

This youtube channel is dedicated to marketing and sales. She offers several training courses to help entrepreneurs sell smartly. Its creator is Stanislas Leloup, who helps entrepreneurs gain talent in persuasion and different sales techniques. Mania’s marketing channel stands out from the rest because it addresses entrepreneurial topics through interviews with celebrities. The channel’s creators deal with issues related to online business development. It also offers strategies for realizing online platforms.

The advice offered by Marketing Mania is accompanied by in-depth analysis and reflections on the daily problems of entrepreneurs. The channel has nearly 4 million video views and over 300,000 subscribers. The track covers entertainment and marketing topics.

Business Dynamite

A Youtube channel dedicated to direct marketing and e-commerce online business. You will learn how to create an online store, import products, and sell them on the Internet on this marketing channel. Frank Hombre will provide you with many tutorials to succeed in e-commerce.

The videos are varied, from presentations to strategies or just searching for award-winning products. Likewise, there are elements of Facebook strategies for making money, placing ads, or natural references.

You will find hundreds of videos to help you understand marketing transparently. Click here to follow the Youtube channel.

Home Business Food

This is a youtube channel created in 2013 and developed by The Family. It is a private company dedicated to supporting relevant startups. It is for entrepreneurs and also offers advice for the development of businesses. She produces training videos in English but also in French. You can find workshops with entrepreneurial experts in short and interactive videos on the Startupfood channel. These informative videos boost the self-confidence of entrepreneurs.

For the benefit of entrepreneurs, her videos have received more than 4 million views. Startup food covers several finance, design, business management, and marketing. Many subscribers find the training methods and strategies available to them very useful.
Marketing Strategist
If you are new to marketing and want to get into it, this video offers exciting training. It provides a fundamental foundation of marketing training that will set you apart from the competition. Unlike others, it highlights its activity through animations and video montages. Here you will hardly meet the experts who provide real-time training on specific topics but provide fun and interactive videos.

They aim to highlight all the marketing techniques. This is a way to make internet users professionals—marketing strategists with creative videos with entertaining and creative content. There is a nice colorful animation that can happily accompany your learning.

Best Marketing YouTube Channel
Best Marketing YouTube Channel

TEDx Talks

Almost everyone is familiar with TED talks. They are held in France and many cities around the world. It deals with topics related to entrepreneurship and global warming. These companies come from different backgrounds and different industries. However, they are not well known to the public.

The TEDx Talk Channel offers videos of conferences that do not necessarily provide technology and learning but are open to implementing new practices. These videos are available in formats of up to 15 minutes. They are concise and led by an expert in a particular field.

Take it alone

This youtube channel brings together several videos in the same format. These videos are only about interviews with entrepreneurs. These videos help people to get information related to entrepreneurship and develop around the limitations. This youtube channel shows internet users “How to start a business with no money?”, “How to be visible?” or “How does luxury grow?”.

It interacts not only with people from the French territory but also with people from almost all continents. The channel covers a large and varied range of topics. You can also get advice from entrepreneurs on overcoming difficulties and avoiding fatal mistakes. Undertake alone has almost 3,000 subscribers and 100,000 views on YouTube.


Hobbyist-created YouTube channels allow you to achieve your goals and go the distance. But before you start, you should first create a marketing action plan.

These YouTube channels help you by promoting your business. They offer ideas and tips to help you get started.

Therefore, YouTube is still the channel to achieve digital marketing. It can reach more goals and increase the visibility of your new company in the market. YouTube is a crucial platform for developing digital marketing.

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