Amazon Affiliate (Review): Profitable or Dead Business Model?

Are you looking for an online business that is not too complicated to put into practice? Heard of the Amazon Affiliate Model and want to know more? You have come to the right place!

Today, generating income through our blog or social networks is possible, and it would be wrong not to deprive ourselves of it. Affiliating with Amazon is very simple to do and costs practically nothing. More and more people are choosing this method to monetize their sites. Let’s take a closer look.

Affiliate with Amazon; what does it mean?

Understanding Affiliate

Affiliating with an online sales platform is like associating with a merchant. He sells products on the internet, and you promote them.

Membership is a win-win system. Sellers profit from advertising, and affiliates earn a percentage of items sold. The companion puts an article forward and sends interested parties to its seller.

Membership is speedy and easy to set up. Also, and above all, this online business model is done at a meager cost. By joining several products, some people accumulate excellent income.

Trust Amazon

Joining a product sales platform can quickly become a very profitable business. And it is, without a doubt, Amazon that will more easily ensure this success.

First, this e-commerce giant represents nearly 5 million visits per day in France. It is not difficult to understand that you will have a much better chance of selling your items there than in another market.

It should also be noted that Amazon, this world-renowned giant, is so appreciated thanks to its seriousness, its reliability, and its extensive range of products.

Whatever item you want to promote on your network, chances are there.

How do I set up my Amazon affiliate business?

Register on the site

If you are an existing Amazon customer, you can use this account to make sales. Registration is free, and the affiliate program can start right away. Unlike other platforms, you won’t have to wait for your account to be validated.

You will then be able to generate income quickly. Amazon is a market that wants to be highly transparent about its products, its sellers and orders in general. You will receive a link to access a global and detailed view of all your transactions.

Tracking is extremely easy to do. In order to officially become a seller and therefore a partner of the site, the platform will ask you a few questions. For example, you will need to indicate how you would like to receive commissions and your monetization method .

Choose your monetization method

Upon finishing your seller account, Amazon will ask you to choose your monetization method. So how and where you will put the articles forward. You will only be able to select one option, make sure to choose the one that will earn you the most:

· coupon codes ;

· the blog ;

· the price comparison ;

· the brand site, distributor;

· the non-profit site ;

· website directory;

· the “other” option.

Once you indicate where you will promote the product, you will receive a link to place in your home.

Find the right items

When you arrive on your affiliate interface, Amazon will offer you tools for a clear follow-up of your sales. On this space, you will also be offered articles to promote on your network . You can either work through this search engine or navigate directly through the site.

When you have spotted one or more products that you like, now that you are considered an Amazon partner, you will see a header at the top of the item page. This is what allows you to retrieve the link to place on your site.

To successfully sell your product, it will of course need to be placed in a consistent place . We must see an obvious relationship with the site and the network through which you are promoting it. Choose something that speaks to you and that you know how to talk about.

Promote products

Through your site, you will promote items sold on Amazon. It is therefore a question of explaining to your visitors how this product will be useful to them. You have to encourage them to buy it on the marketplace in question , by clicking on your link.

You have the possibility to decline it in several forms. Either you opt for the HTML link , or for the image , or for the image and a text . It’s up to you to choose the option that will encourage the visitor to click through to the product’s sales page. The link he clicks contains a tracker.

This tracker notifies Amazon that the item was purchased through it. This is how you will receive your commissions.

Good news : if the buyer adds other products to his basket, the commission will be made on all purchases!

Affiliate with Amazon: what to expect exactly?

The amount of commissions

The amount of your commission depends on the product you sell. This can therefore be another element to consider when choosing the articles to promote.

· Items such as clothing jewelry watches bags 10%.

· Books, DVDs, Kindle e-books, everything related to the garden, hobbies and home: 7%.

· Games software alcoholic beverages , kitchen, DIY, health products, everything related to the office, babies or pets: 5% .

· Other: 3%.

You will quickly understand: a 10% commission on a piece of jewelry at 200 euros and a 5% commission on a kitchen utensil at 15 euros, it is not at all the same thing.

Also note that in addition to commissions on the items you promote, Amazon often makes offers to its affiliates. You will find them here: .

The payment of winnings

Amazon offers to pay you either by check, or by gift certificate, or by bank transfer. To collect a check, you must have won 50 euros .

To receive a gift voucher or your transfer, you must have received the sum of 25 euros of commission. It should be noted however that the payment is not carried out immediately. You will have to wait 2 months after the first sale .

Amazon Affiliate: What to do to make it really work?

Think about keywords!

Keywords are the basis of SEO , and being well referenced in Google promises you more visitors . If you already have a site or a blog, SEO may no longer hold any secrets for you. If you’re not very savvy, don’t worry!

By finding the keywords that don’t have a lot of competition, you will get there. You need to target the searches of potential buyers . What do they ask Google when they are looking for the product you offer?

For example, imagine you are promoting a wooden office table, target keywords such as “cheap chic wooden office table”. Put yourself in the shoes of those looking for a wooden desk.

Be real!

As we have already mentioned above, do not promote an article that you do not know or that you do not particularly like. Those who were interested in your product will notice it very quickly.

So, don’t hesitate to explain why you like this particular item , how it has changed your life, what made you buy it. Potential buyers need to identify with you. They must find the answers to the questions they ask themselves by listening to you.

Word of advice: tell them it’s an affiliate product . There’s nothing wrong with that! The more truthful you are with them, the more they will trust you.

Get started!

This last point of the article is the most important. It is the base of everything. Get started! We can never say it enough, for something to work, you have to dare to try !

Nothing falls from the sky. The affiliate business is low cost and low risk. So don’t think too much and go for it. You have everything to gain.

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