Amazon Affiliate: Read This Before Joining the Affiliate Club

The affiliation was probably not created by Amazon, but in any case, it was popularized by the Seattle firm. And we can say that Jeff Bezos had a hollow nose using affiliation because that’s one of the reasons for Amazon’s success!

Today, thousands of bloggers make a living from their blogs thanks to the Amazon Affiliate Program. And in this article, we will see together if it is a good idea to join this partner program.

What is the Amazon Associates Club?

The Amazon Partner Club, also called Amazon Partners in the English version of the site, is Amazon’s affiliate program. People who sign up become affiliates. They will promote products sold on Amazon in exchange for a commission.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

The first step to becoming an Amazon affiliate is to register here. You will have to answer a few questions for Amazon to validate your application or not. Your site will only be verified when you have made three sales. So maybe you will earn 3 sales, and finally your site will be refused, it happens very often!

How does this affiliate program work?

As with most affiliate programs, the affiliate will have an affiliate link for each product. When a person goes through this affiliate link, a cookie (small file) will be placed on the visitor’s device. This cookie will allow the Amazon affiliate program to know that it is such an affiliate who brought the visitor. My login (username) is “arrange-21” on the link below.

What are the commission rates?

On Amazon, affiliates can earn commissions between 0% on specific categories and 12% on the “Amazon fashion” category. It’s the best commission rate on the site, and it’s not impressive. As you can see, commission rates are generally below 6%. Not enough to jump to the ceiling, but we’ll see that it’s better than nothing!

How long do cookies last?

Text / 24 hours:

To earn money with affiliation, you must look at 4 main things:

· Commission rates

· Product prices

· Conversion rates

· The duration of cookies

We will talk about that more in my training on blogging “Living from blogging in 7 hours a week “.

But I would still like to talk to you about cookies. In many affiliate programs, cookies have a lifespan of 30 days. That is, they expire after 30 days. On the Amazon Affiliate Program, it’s 24 hours! So if someone goes through your hyperlink on a Monday and buys on Wednesday, you won’t get a commission!

What is the deadline for payment of Amazon Partner commissions?

The payment period for commissions is 60 days. This may seem long, but for physical products it is generally between 30 and 60 days. Of course this time frame is much shorter on other affiliate platforms, when it comes to services or digital products. But a long payment period does not mean that the affiliate program is of poor quality.

What is the threshold for paying commissions on Amazon?

A slightly more important thing is the commission payout threshold. On Amazon, it is 25€. When we know that most commissions will be a few cents, it will sometimes be necessary to wait several weeks or several months before receiving a commission. The Amazon affiliate platform is therefore more of a complement than a main program.

My opinion on the Amazon Affiliate Program?

If you just want to monetize your blog, the Amazon affiliate program will be enough to earn you some money every month. Commissions depend a lot on your theme, your traffic and the products you are promoting.

If you want to make a living from your website and affiliate marketing, Amazon won’t be enough. It’s good for extra income, but not for living off it. The only affiliate partners who make a living from their blogs are those who create multiple niche sites and can generate traffic in large numbers.

Membership is a great way to earn passive income. So even if the Amazon program is far from perfect and in my opinion it should be combined with other affiliate platforms, it’s better than nothing! Especially if you want to promote physical products.

What are the alternatives to the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon isn’t the only site with an affiliate program. E-commerce has more and more affiliate programs and that’s a very good thing! For physical products, we can cite well-known programs such as Rakuten or Fnac.

But be aware that you can also find affiliate programs for online services ( for example) or for training ( ). Today, there are more and more opportunities in affiliation, so I wish you a lot of success!

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