Amazon Affiliate Program Guide

The Amazon affiliate program, called Amazon Affiliate Club Partners, has many advantages for bloggers wishing to professionalize their activity. It consists of presenting products or services marketed by Amazon in the content that you offer to your audience. In exchange for this sharing, you earn a commission on each sale.

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This is the ideal program for a first affiliation: registration is straightforward and attractive commission rates.

Why Choose Amazon Affiliate Program?

The most obvious reason to favor the Amazon Affiliate Program over others is that it guarantees you ease of access. Registration is done in minutes, you do not have to manage your sales, and the platform takes care of all the customer management. Amazon is also renowned for having an extremely efficient sales department.

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Second reason: Amazon is today the number 1 e-commerce in France. By choosing this affiliate program, you direct your audience to a reliable service that most of them are familiar with. It’s as good for their shopping experience for your online reputation.

Finally, the last reason to choose Amazon for your affiliation is the quality of the commission payment system. Choosing the Amazon Affiliate Program guarantees you won’t have to wait weeks to get paid. Payment is made automatically, directly to your account.

How much does Amazon Affiliate earn?

The earnings you can obtain by becoming an Amazon affiliate are of course proportional to the volume of products purchased by your audience on Amazon, but they also depend on the category to which the product in question belongs.

Categories are defined directly by Amazon. Each of them corresponds to a commission percentage. Thereby :

· The sale of a product belonging to the categories Computers, Electronic products, Video games, Photos and Camcorder, Smartphones & Cell phones, for example, earns you 3% of the price of the product.

· Products belonging to categories such as Kitchen, DIY, Pets, Software, Commerce bring 5% commission to program members.

· A third level of commission at 7% has been designed for products in the Home, Books, Kindle eBook, Sport & Leisure, DVD & Bluray, Garden, Music, Auto & Motorcycle categories.

· The products with the highest commission rate are those belonging to the Footwear, Clothing, Beauty, Watches, Luggage and Jewelry categories.

For example, if you decide to write an article on the different styles of trendy watches in 2020 and you include an affiliate link to send your readers to the product sheet of one of these watches, Amazon will count the number of watches sold from this link. The platform can even analyze the journey of the user who comes from your website or your blog, from a cookie.

Why does Amazon create a cookie? Quite simply, to know to whom to allocate the commission. The cookie is a micro-file that traces the user’s entire journey to the moment he clicked on your affiliate link. This cookie remains in the user’s browser for 24 hours. Everything he buys on Amazon during this time earns you a commission rate. If, on the other hand, the user clicks on the link of another affiliate, the cookie is erased to be replaced by a new one.

As you sell products that are part of the “Watches” category, you will earn 10% commission. How is it going ? First, the customer receives his product. Amazon is responsible for collecting any complaints. You don’t take care of customer management at all. The customer has 30 days to return a product. If he keeps it, you will receive your commission within 2 months of the date of purchase. You will have to wait to accumulate €25 to receive your winnings by bank transfer or Amazon gift voucher. From €50, you can receive your winnings by check.

How to become an affiliate?

First of all, it is important to know what products you are going to offer. Be careful not to choose them solely on the basis of the commission rate. It is much more interesting to offer a real content strategy to your readers, by providing them with the most objective opinion possible on the products that you recommend to them.

Write articles that offer a real perspective on the product, and that inform your audience. Work on your brand image, and bet on transparency. Why not explain to your readers the principle of affiliate links? The most loyal of them might want to help you by ordering a product via your link.

It’s time to register! Go to the Amazon Associates Club , log in to your usual account and follow the instructions on the platform.

Once registered, all you have to do is highlight your products on your blog. Amazon offers pre-designed themes for this. You just need to embed the corresponding HTML code inside your content. Link with image, simple text, clickable image, it’s up to you!

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