Affiliate: How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Site.

Affiliation: or how to make blogging a source of income.

Whether it’s to earn extra income or make a lot of money, there aren’t ten ways to monetize your website.

Create a Google AdSense account and display advertising and banner ads on your pages:

Your site must have enough traffic to generate sufficient clicks for this first option. Be careful with roadblocks; 50% of your traffic will not be counted!

Selling video training:

Selling video training is a good source of income. However, you need to have specific skills to attract visitors to your site and collect sales. It’s a full-time job!

Copywriting and writing for others:

Copywriting is like writing sales pages for clients on the internet. This niche activity is highly sought after on the internet. It requires skills in psychology as well as in marketing. A profession close to that of a copywriter could be that of a content writer for the web.

After reading the book “10% entrepreneur”, I discovered affiliation and the strategy of earning a little or even a lot of money while keeping my full-time job. If you do not know this book read it, it will change your vision of the company.

2020 edition of this article: Why do you need to acquire writing skills for the web?

This article was written in 2018, and if you read this article, however, you will realize that the performance of an Amazon affiliate lies in its ability to write quality content. Ability to write valuable articles on nested queries.

This is why for two years now we have developed a training program called “Become a web editor”.

This training program is now available on our on-demand platform with support to accompany you for 7 days.

Training “Become a web editor” by Digital-Bootcamp

Why Amazon Affiliate Partners makes it easy to earn money?

Creating an Amazon affiliate website is one of the easiest ways to generate passive income while enjoying the success of this marketplace.

Amazon is the leader in e-commerce, generating more than $135 billion in revenue in 2016. They continue to dominate the market by multiplying partnerships in many countries. By creating an Amazon affiliate site, you can send your visitors a catalog of many products.

How does Amazon Affiliate work?

Affiliate marketing is the least stressful and easiest way to make money selling products online.

Inventory, shipping, payments, customer service, and returns are handled by the site you send the customer to.

Your sole responsibility is to educate customers and help them learn about the products your partner sells. By clicking on the affiliate link, your visitor is thus redirected to the partner site, and in the event of a sale, you will receive a commission.

You are therefore paid to generate traffic to partner sites, nothing more, nothing less.

If you combine affiliate marketing with your line of products, then you can generate passive income.

Amazon Affiliate Store Examples

Your job as an Amazon Affiliate is to help online shoppers, through your expertise, discover the most suitable products to solve their problems.

If you are not well informed on the subject, you will not be able to guide them towards the adequate solution.

What does an Amazon affiliate site look like?

Some look like e-commerce sites with traditional shopping buttons, while others look like blogs.

Let’s find out a list of successful Amazon affiliate sites:

This site generates traffic of 2.4 million visitors per month for a published income of approximately $20,000 per month.

As you can see from the examples above, affiliate websites come in all shapes and sizes.

What does it take to create an affiliate website?

Here is a list of what you need to build your affiliate site.

1. Find a niche in which you have the expertise and a passion.

2. A WordPress theme with an eCommerce plugin.

3. A reliable hosting service for your website.

4. An Amazon affiliate account will allow you to list products from the Amazon online store on your site.

5. An Amazon product import plugin, allowing you to mass import your products such as Warzone.

6. An affiliate marketing program that matches your passion and niche market.

7. Your line of products in “private labeling.”

8. Professional quality photos of your products for your product pages.

Join the Amazon Affiliate program. In order to receive commissions on the sales of Amazon products; you must open an affiliate account. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and most applicants are approved within 24 hours.

First, go to the Amazon Associates page and review the Amazon Affiliate Program Terms (Amazon Associates Operating Agreement).

You will learn about the different tools that Amazon provides to its partners and the different types of income you can generate.

Generally, any order placed by a customer within 24 hours of reaching Amazon through one of your links will count towards your commission. And, if they add something to their cart during this time, as long as they checkout within 89 days of their first click, you’ll receive credit for the completed transaction.

Indeed the commissions of Amazon UK are not the same as those of Amazon France.

After completing the Amazon Affiliate Program registration, you will receive an email confirming your approval for the Amazon Associate Program. You will also have access to a dashboard allowing you to follow your statistics. And most importantly, you will find the unique codes you will need to inject into your site.

Select the products you want to offer to your visitors.

After choosing a niche according to your tastes and expertise, you need to select a list of products that you will offer on your website.

Do not hesitate to propose products around a theme, for example, “green tea” and “Bento boxes,” for an affiliate site around Japan.

Keep in mind that you will earn a percentage of the total cost for the products you promote. Helping an online shopper find a $1 pair of socks is far less rewarding than assisting them to buy a $900 soundbar or flat screen.

To find the right products, pay attention to the reviews of each product. You can also use tools like jungle scout to find the most popular products on Amazon and thus find the trending products.

Keep in mind, that the cost of an item is not the only determining factor in choosing which items to promote.

3. Find a catchy domain name.

Once you’ve decided on a niche market for your affiliate site, it’s time to develop an eye-catching domain name to get your concept across to future visitors.

Your domain name is the address that online shoppers will type into their web browser’s address bar in order to access your website.

If you’re out of ideas, you can use these brand generators:





Install WordPress and select a theme

Managing your website should be quick and easy, so it’s best to choose a CMS like WordPress.

Many hosting companies specialize in hosting WordPress sites.

For quality hosting, we advise you to visit the website of the WPEngine host .

Choose a WordPress theme.

Whatever your niche, quality WordPress themes allow a large number of configurations.

Here is a list of quality themes:

· Avada

· Jupiter

· Enfold

Most themes offer email support for 6 to 12 months, helping you if you have a configuration problem with your website.

Remember, your most important factor in selecting a theme is finding one that will help you convert visitors into customers. As long as your article is easy to navigate and allows you to format your ContentContent in an informative and engaging way, you will have a solid foundation to build your affiliate site.

Install an Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

Once your site is set up with WordPress, and you’ve selected the niche market you’re going to address, it’s time to take advantage of the many plugins that WordPress offers. Just like the themes, some are free, and others are paid.

Warzone is a plugin for importing WordPress products from Amazon to your website via the eCommerce extension for WordPress Woocommerce.

Warzone provides a chrome extension to import products very easily. This plugin also offers a content spinning module, allowing the presentation texts of each product to be rewritten from synonyms, thus avoiding duplicate ContentContent and not distorting the meaning of the text.

Write your first articles and import your first products.

Now is the time to add powerful ContentContent to your site that helps readers make an informed buying decision. Think about the questions your future customers will need to answer to be sure to add an item to their cart.

Go to Google and type in words related to your product category. List them, then note the volume of traffic associated with each request.

For this you can use software like SEMRUSH , which certainly has a cost, but which will allow you to avoid wasting your time by writing ContentContent for queries that no one is looking for.

For example, I typed “best summer clothes for” and let Google suggest the ending. This tells me that people who search for clothes are looking to find clothing fashions and styles.

Since my goal is to help Amazon sell clothes, I would start by writing a lot of ContentContent about matching current clothing styles. Then I would link that ContentContent to different products that Amazon sells.

Based on how your site visitors interact with this ContentContent, you can infer a trend of what is working and what is not.

Set up your social media accounts to amplify your ContentContent

Social media is one of the most effective ways to promote your expertise. And, it will be much easier for people who “like” your website to follow new products and ContentContent posted on your blog.

The types of products you’re going to promote will help determine which social media channels you invest the most energy in. For example, Pinterest is much more popular with women than men and more geared towards the creative arts.

Some tips for building an audience on social media:

· Use the same logo and colors across all channels to help visitors recognize your brand, you need to be identifiable!

· Share new ContentContent with your followers every time you post it to your site. It is also possible to do this automatically with WordPress plugins.

· If you have the opportunity to save money, let your subscribers know by providing them with your affiliate link or discount coupon. However, remain transparent about your intentions with your audience!

· Encourage your most motivated readers to send you questions. Respond quickly to private messages by highlighting your response time in order to encourage exchanges.

· Find opportunities to cross-promote ContentContent with influencers with the same product niche.

· Social media isn’t the best place to sell, it’s a place to educate and engage visitors to your affiliate website.

To publish on social networks, a tool like Buffer allows you to manage all of your publications from the same tool.

Use a content calendar to add ContentContent to your site at the right time.

92% of marketers say up-to-date ContentContent is an effective way to drive online traffic. Why? Because Google’s main goal is to answer its users’ questions efficiently and accurately. And, sites that have up-to-date and comprehensive ContentContent drive organic search traffic.

Google is especially important for e-commerce sites because 81% of customers use Google to research information before making a purchase decision. If your affiliate site is part of customer research, right before you make a big purchase, your tracking cookie will make sure you get a percentage of the sale.

To ensure that your site is up to date with new ContentContent that is useful to your audience, a content calendar is essential. Spend a few hours at the beginning of the month planning the topics you will cover each week. Writing a new blog every few days and strategically placing links to other relevant pages on your site is a great way to help site visitors engage with every part of your site.

A strong content calendar:

· ContentContent for current events/trends to cover.

· Contains headings that build on previous articles – allowing a natural link between the pages of the site.

· Helps writers stay alert to upcoming topics — helping them pay attention to useful information they come in contact with throughout the week.

· Include a mix of how-to guides, lists, publications, and product reviews.

Check Amazon Affiliate Rules to Avoid Affiliate Loss

After you’ve built your Amazon affiliate site and installed a few plugins to automate things, it’s time to take a break from designing and writing. Understanding Amazon’s policies surrounding affiliate sites is important – if you violate their rules, you may lose the ability to earn money from their platform.

Key Rules for Running an Amazon Affiliate Site:

· Your site may not contain sexually explicit or obscene material.

· Your site cannot promote violence.

· Claims made on your site must be factual.

· You may not use the intellectual property of others without permission.

· If your special links are formatted incorrectly, you risk losing commissions.

· If you’re talking about limited-time promotions, references to promotions should be removed from your site before their end date.

· Product prices and availability can only be displayed on your site if you use the automated tools provided by Amazon to keep availability and pricing information current. You cannot manually enter product pricing or availability information on your site.

· You must clearly state that your site has an affiliate relationship with Amazon in your site’s legal notice.

Improve your conversion rate with the Amazon Associates Club.

The Amazon partner club allows you through an interface to track your performance. Through this interface, you will be able to follow the number of clicks, the number of orders generated thanks to your affiliate link and even the number of returns.

You should know that the Amazon cookie has a lifespan of 48 hours. This means that during these 48 hours all the sales made (each time the visitor will buy the products) by your visitor on the amazon sites will be counted.

You will therefore earn money on each sale.

Each product that amazon offers on its site is therefore a possibility of rounding up your end of the month.

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