Add a Favicon in WordPress

favicon is an icon that we can see on many Web pages to identify the Web and create a visual association for the user.

That image will also be associated with web browser bookmarks and browsing histories.

It is a small detail that does not cost much to implement, and that significantly helps your blog to have a more professional appearance since you will not see any vital website that does not use the famous favicon .

If you want a favicon on your website, you can do it easily and straightforwardly using the Favicon XT-Manager plugin.

Favicon XT-Manager Plugin

The Favicon XT-manager plugin is straightforward to use. It does not have a multitude of options like other favicon plugins that, although complete, the simple task of adding a favicon to your WordPress blog can be somewhat confusing.

XT-Favicon is very simple and perfectly fulfills what it says to add to your blog.

You first have to search for the plugin, install it, and activate it. We will see that we already have the options available to control the plugin when installing it.

Before going to the options, we need to generate our favicon, and one of the easiest ways to do it is from here.

It will take us to a Web where we only have to add the image of our Web to create the favicon.

Keep in mind that the favicon is very small, so if you have a very large logo, it will not be a good idea to add it in its entirety.

A good option is to add the first letter of the name of your page. For example add-in the favicon is the “H” of the logo.

On the page, we only have to add the image from which we want to add the favicon by importing the image and selecting it from our hard drive by clicking Browse and then uploading it from Upload.

Once uploaded, we will see how the image is in the editing box in case we want to modify something. It is a basic edition, but it can help to delete an element or add some color if we see that something is missing. Usually you don’t need to touch anything.

In the Preview you can see a simulation of how it can look. Once you are clear, you only have to download your favicon from Download Favicon and save it somewhere located on your computer. As you will see the extension of the favicon is .ico , that is the correct one, so it is not necessary to change it.

Once we have our favicon ready, we just have to go to the XT-Favicon plugin configuration .

Where it gives us the options to activate the favicon, select it (we have two options in case we want to use more than one favicon), the selection of the favicon we wish to use, and the option to save the changes.

As we mentioned before, the XT-Favicon plugin is straightforward to use. We have no more options than those necessary to activate our favicon, so we only have to select our favicon and save the changes. Simple, pretty and elegant.

You must not forget that favicon you want to appear. Even if you only upload one, you must select Favicon Image 1 to appear.

And that’s it; your WordPress blog will have its favicon ready for everyone to see.

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