8 Easy Upwork Jobs - Make Money Upwork for Beginners

8 Easy Upwork Jobs – Make Money Upwork for Beginners

Earlier this year, I created an Upwork account after quitting my office job to make more money as a freelancer.

Fast forward to the end of the year, Upwork has contributed over $9,000 to my income this year.

Of course, that’s just from two clients and one ongoing contract, but it shows you can start with Upwork as a beginner and make money.

Now I’m fortunate with Upwork because of the connections I’ve made through this online world.

However, I have other friends who have turned to Upwork to make money online this year, and they too are slowly but surely finding success.

So if you’re currently trying to figure out how to make money on Upwork, don’t despair!

Today, we will cover eight simple jobs on Upwork to start your freelancing journey.

Let’s get started!

A quick note about easy onboarding jobs

There’s only one thing before we get started.

Part of earning money with Upwork involves:

  • Posting comments on your profile.
  • Connecting with people.
  • Give meaningful descriptions of the services you offer and your skills.

Unfortunately, sometimes this means you have to work low-paying entry-level jobs to make things work.

This is true for freelance writing and almost any other type of freelancing.

But once you’ve done some easy work at Upwork and earned a few 5-star ratings, you’ll gradually be able to compete for higher-paying jobs, so don’t give up!

The best jobs for beginners

If you are new to Upwork and have a new account, here are some job categories you can consider to earn money. 1.

1. Heavy work

Okay, this is a pretty broad category, but it does include the types of easy-up jobs that are available.

The problem is that some clients on sites like Upwork and MTurk are willing to pay people to complete tasks they don’t have the time or patience to do.

Usually, these are low-paying, labor-intensive jobs …… Well …… kind of sucks.

However, for beginners, this may be what you are looking for.

Check out this sample assignment I found today at.

The GigGig is to find 60 small to medium-sized finance bloggers and present them to a spreadsheet …… very easy.

There are some suggestions for this, so it’s a competitive proposal, but if you’re fast and put out $10 to $15 (over budget), you’ll get the job.

Unfortunately, working your way up in this way is sometimes a race to the bottom, but that’s part of the growing pains.

8 Easy Upwork Jobs - Make Money Upwork for Beginners
8 Easy Upwork Jobs – Make Money Upwork for Beginners

Another more straightforward Upwork job I found that only requires you to pay more for pre-published articles for the newsletter is.

These types of simple tasks can be found in Upwork, so do some research and don’t be afraid to bid aggressively to get some referrals.

2. Location-based jobs

Upwork is a highly competitive marketplace.

However, an easy way to reduce the competitive pool is to add location-based search to your arsenal.

For example, the client spent over $300,000 to develop a new walking tour app covering multiple European cities.

Guess what: If you happen to live in one of these cities and get paid to try out the app, you can get paid too.

This guy also employs 50 freelancers.

As long as you can walk and live in one of the dozens of cities where the app is available, you’re in.

These types of jobs are popping up all the time.

Sometimes people need photographers, people to interview, or specific photos of something in the city.

If you live there, you’ve got the most straightforward Upwork job ever!

3. Transcription gigs

With online transcription, dialogue is written to an audio file.

Unless you practice a lot and actually use gadgets like transcription pedals and software to improve accuracy and WPM, online transcription work is usually less rewarding.

However, when it comes to overtime work for beginners, transcription is a relatively commonly recommended route.

After all, if you can type, you can technically pull off a transcription gig (with reasonable accuracy if you take the time, assuming the recording isn’t terrible).

Upwork also includes transcription work, which many people tout as beginner-friendly.

Again, these aren’t always the highest paying jobs, but they are other jobs that people often want to outsource.

4. Native Language Jobs

As with location-based jobs, looking for your first Upwork job in your native language (if you speak a language other than English) can help narrow your competition.

English is the most popular language for Upwork.

However, you can search for a specific language in the search bar to find jobs in other languages you speak.

This may result in you doing translation work in a different language or just regular work at work.

In any case, this is another way to make money from Upwork as a beginner, so use your competitive advantage!

5. Recording

When I was a beginner at Upwork, I remember stumbling upon a job that paid people to read 100 different words in English.

Because the job was so easy, the bids became so low, but it shows you what kind of work you can find at Upwork.

Research groups, audiobook authors, and random businesses sometimes need voice clips to do something. In these cases, they often turn to Upwork to find cheap labor.

Trust me; you don’t have to be a professional voice actor to do this: you can find plenty of recording jobs for beginners on Upwork.

8 Easy Upwork Jobs - Make Money Upwork for Beginners
8 Easy Upwork Jobs – Make Money Upwork for Beginners

6. Content writing

Many SEO professionals like to create niche blogs and then outsource most of their article writing because they have no experienced writers themselves.

This usually means they write articles on sites like Upwork to find writers.

If there’s one thing I can tell you as a full-time freelance writer, it’s that you probably don’t want to rely on Upwork for long-term writing work.

Ideally, creating your own blog or writing on Medium can help you build a portfolio and pitch directly to editors for better pay.

However, if you’re a beginner looking to make money with Upwork, then creating cheap content is easy.

Pro tip: Just make sure the job you apply for is actually feasible and fast enough for you to get a review in your profile.

Some Upwork clients are hiring for positions such as eBook writers or even fiction ghostwriters.

These projects can last for weeks or months. Therefore, stick to the 500 to 2,000-word article type allotment to get quick referrals. 7.

7. Data Entry

My main job at Upwork is basically some form of data entry and competitive research, and it pays pretty well.

Also, data entry, at its core, is a simple task, which is perfect if you’re just starting out with Upwork.

There are always data entry jobs out there. They kind of suck, but hey, it’s a straightforward way to trade time for money.

Also, you may find that there are a large number of data entry types available in specific segments, which can be very useful if you want to expand further into that segment after you get some referrals.

Again, keep in mind that the application is actually closed for work so that you can get positive reviews of your profile sooner.

8. Website and application testing jobs

If you are still looking for jobs for beginners, another type of job you can explore is website and application testing jobs.

Companies pay people to constantly test websites and apps because they want to make sure users have a good experience when they launch.

This is basically some sort of quality assurance work, but hey, it’s one of the most accessible jobs out there.

8 Easy Upwork Jobs - Make Money Upwork for Beginners
8 Easy Upwork Jobs – Make Money Upwork for Beginners

Many of these user testing jobs sound complex, but many of them are just simple QA jobs that don’t require much skill or prior experience.

The main job when conducting user testing is to provide honest feedback on what you like and don’t like about elements of the site or application to help developers create a better experience.

If you can’t find a user testing gig on Upwork, you can also try a site like UserTesting for extra money!

How to use Upwork with no experience – more tips

In my opinion, the categories just mentioned are the best places to start looking for easy Upwork jobs.

However, if you are still struggling to find a job, I think there are a few other tips to keep in mind.

1. Apply quickly

Upwork is incredibly competitive, and if it’s a solid, high-budget job, it’s not uncommon to get dozens of jobs in a matter of hours or a day.

If you’re looking for work, you must look for jobs regularly and apply quickly.

You can also try using extensions such as Upwork Jobs Feed Tracker.

8 Easy Upwork Jobs - Make Money Upwork for Beginners
8 Easy Upwork Jobs – Make Money Upwork for Beginners

Using this extension, you can set up special search filters and then receive notifications when new jobs are posted that match your search criteria.

So you can go online as usual, and this extension will notify you when a new job is posted.

If you are not in a hurry to make money with Upwork, I recommend that you install this extension and occasionally apply for jobs that you come across.

2. Use keywords when searching

When you’re struggling to find a job, the job search bar is really your best friend.

Search filters are great. But finding the specific type of job you’re qualified for is ultimately the fastest way to get a job.

Also, if you want an easy job, include phrases like “beginner” or “no experience” in your search.

8 Easy Upwork Jobs - Make Money Upwork for Beginners
8 Easy Upwork Jobs – Make Money Upwork for Beginners

A surprising number of Gig’sGig’s advertise their lack of requirements in the title or description, so if you are just starting out, this can yield a lot of promising results. 3.

3. Accept lower prices at …… but not forever

Part of being successful as an Upwork beginner is doing some low-paying gigs to get 5-star reviews.

So keep that in mind at the beginning. It’s kind of like learning the ropes and earning your stripes as part of freelancing.

But don’t keep that mindset forever.

Ultimately, you want Upwork to increase your income and career opportunities, not keep you below the low-income norm.

Get as much as you can from this platform, but always strive to get better clients and better prices, whether it’s on Upwork or any other site.

4. Create a decent profile

My final tip for finding work on Upwork is to spend some time creating a profile that sells your services.

Well, to be honest, my profile is pretty average …… Again, I found a lot of jobs from my blog contacts, so I didn’t have to start from scratch.

But, at the very least, make sure to include a nice profile picture, a meaningful description of the services you offer and the value you provide, your education, and the language you speak.

You can also create up to two dedicated profiles to highlight your skills, but this is not always necessary.

In addition, be sure to tag your profile using your job category and experience level.

8 Easy Upwork Jobs - Make Money Upwork for Beginners
8 Easy Upwork Jobs – Make Money Upwork for Beginners

You can also add other content to your profile, such as certifications, portfolios, work experience, and skill lists.

Even if you are struggling to find a job, it may be a good idea to enhance these sections of your profile.

Finally, complete the Upwork Readiness Test.

This is a 10-question test to ensure you understand Upwork’s best practices and how to stay safe on the platform and qualify for Upwork’s Rising Talent program, which will make your profile stand out in the marketplace.

5. Watch what you spend

Upwork Connects Upwork’s token system that you can use to apply for jobs. Basically, if you submit a proposal for a different Upwork job, you have to spend Connects for it.

Freelancer Basic accounts get ten free connections per month and 40 free connections when you first create an account.

Additional connections are $0.15 each. So if you want to apply for a lot of jobs, you might spend some money.

For this reason, it’s essential to find onboarding jobs for beginners so you don’t waste free connections on competitive jobs or jobs that require a lot of experience.

Final thoughts

As someone who works at Upwork and hires freelancers, I think I’ve learned more about the platform each month.

When it comes down to it, Upwork has millions of clients and even more freelancers …… most of them don’t make a dime.

This is the harsh reality of this supply and demand ecosystem, and it won’t change on other freelancing platforms.

So the only way to eliminate the noise is to get great referrals, work hard to excel at your services, and attract new clients through word of mouth.

If you ask me, this is really the key: word of mouth is everything.

Upwork is really just a payment platform with some security features at the end of the day …… As a freelancer, the real “aha” moments you’ll have won’t come from the increasing number of Upwork recommendations, but from the more positive leads you get from The real “aha” moments you’ll have as a freelancer won’t come from the increasing number of Upwork suggestions, but from the word of mouth and connections you make from the more active leads you get.

So don’t be afraid to look for easy jobs at Upwork, but don’t end your search there!

Making money online has never been easier, and Upwork is just a tiny part of it!

I hope this post on the best jobs for beginners will help you decide where to start your job search!

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