Amazon. I've compiled all the options for you and created this thorough article for you so that you, too, can make money on Amazon this year.

6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!

Many people only know Amazon as a platform where you can buy products.But by 2022, there are a total of 12 ways to make money on Amazon. I’ve compiled all the options for you and created this thorough article for you so that you, too, can make money on Amazon this year.

In addition to selling products, you can also work at Amazon, for example, as a part-time package delivery person, offer eBooks and audiobooks, or work directly at Amazon.

Of course, the income potential depends on many factors, but on the Internet, you can find real sources of people who sell very well on Amazon.

On Amazon, you really have a wide variety of self-employment opportunities. Only when you have all your partner offers in one place do you realize how large that team is. So you’re spoiled for choice. In this article, you will find all the business offers available in Germany.

Here you will also find links to all individual registration or application pages for the individual business opportunities. This is how you can get started with your new Amazon business without having to take a detour.

So let’s get started!

6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!
6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!

Become an Amazon seller

Amazon Seller Central
This is the heart of Amazon and probably the most well-known way to make money through Amazon. Amazon is the operator of the world’s largest online marketplace.

Almost every Internet user has already ordered something from Amazon. About 17 million German users are Amazon Prime customers, who pay Amazon for faster shipping. As a thank you, you can use a wide range of additional services.

With impressive numbers, it’s clear that anyone who wants to get a foothold in e-commerce can’t avoid Amazon. To become an Amazon seller, Amazon offers many opportunities. You can port your existing online store to Amazon and use your own infrastructure, or you can hand off shipping and other things that handle your products to Amazon. I’ll explain both of these options in more detail below.

Amazon FBA: Let Amazon handle the shipping directly
Amazon FBA
FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon,” which means something like “Shipping by Amazon.”

You send the items you want to offer to one of Amazon’s warehouses, and from there, the sold products are sent directly to the customer.

With FBA, both sellers and buyers can benefit from lightning-fast Prime shipping. Goods can be sold and shipped throughout Europe without having to ship anything yourself. For more information, see Amazon’s FBA homepage.

Amazon also handles returns or backorders. Therefore, as a seller, you can focus on more important things. In this case, the more important thing is to find new products and build your brand.

Own Branding: Register your own brand and offer it on Amazon
To not have to compete with other retailers or manufacturers in a constant price war, there is the option of creating your own brand.
With the help of Amazon, you bring your branded products to market. This allows you to better position yourself in the marketplace. This is achieved by manufacturing your products in the Far East, Pakistan, or India on your own terms. In order not to reinvent the wheel, existing products from competitors are improved directly in the manufacturing process. The improved product can then be offered on the Amazon marketplace at a higher price.

Amazon FBM
Amazon FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) is similar to FBA; the only difference is that you are responsible for your own shipping, returns, and merchandise management.

FBM is more interesting for existing e-commerce companies. You use your own infrastructure and can adapt to Amazon seamlessly.

Make money through middlemen – Dropshipping.
Buying merchandise doesn’t have to be a major investment. Professionals start with intermediate trading of fashion items. You list the item on the Amazon marketplace, and only when a sale occurs do you order the item and enter your customer address as the recipient address. This method is also called direct selling.

After a while, it will become clear which items are doing particularly well and which ones are not. If you find such popular items, you can buy the corresponding items in bulk from a wholesaler or directly from the manufacturer.

This strategy saves a lot of money and reduces the risk of making mistakes. You can then invest your budget more purposefully and increase your profit margin.

6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!

6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!
6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!

Amazon Merchandise

Amazon Merchandise Logo
Many people have been waiting a long time for this. With Amazon Merch, you can offer a variety of fan articles through Amazon. You don’t have to produce the product first, which is expensive and has the advantage of producing the item only after the order is placed and then shipped from Amazon.

With this service, almost all the costs and tasks associated with classic retailing are eliminated. You also save a lot of money if the product is not accepted in the market and there is no risk of cost.

No more things like finding the right raw materials, negotiating prices with manufacturers, importing, printing and labeling. All that’s left is the creative part, which is fun for most entrepreneurs.

Another huge advantage is that you can reduce the risk of loss to exactly zero. In the past, it was unknown whether those 20,000 finished products would actually sell. Today you can throw away an infinite number of designs until you find one that is very popular and sells like hotcakes.

Let Amazon produce T-shirts and sell them automatically.
Amazon would hardly miss an interesting business model. The print-on-demand (or print-on-order) market is so interesting that Amazon has created its own service focused on T-shirts, mugs, and other promotional items. Similar to Spreadshirt, you can use the Merch by Amazon service to make your own patterns, order them at lightning speed and have them delivered to your customers.

The point is that Amazon sometimes charges much less for its services than other providers. The downside is that you must first apply for the Merch by Amazon program. Unfortunately, not everyone is accepted equally.

6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!
6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!

Become a package deliverer for Amazon Flex and Amazon Logistics

Amazon is now a big company. A person can make money not only from selling merchandise but also from other services. Amazon has two different models which you can apply to become a service provider.

Amazon Flex – for everyone.
In theory, anyone who owns their own car can apply for this service. Amazon promises flexibility in working hours and a good hourly wage. As an Amazon Flex partner, you deliver orders from Amazon customers.

Flex applications make the job easier. Before that, you need to create your own personal work schedule. Then, the app calculates how many packages must be picked up at a central collection point. You use your smartphone to scan the item, and the app even calculates the most efficient delivery route.

The only downside: Amazon Flex is not fully available. Flexible delivery partners are only sought in certain areas within Germany. The current status of delivery partners being sought can be found on the Amazon Flex page.

Become an Amazon Logistics Partner
Amazon Logistics is similar to Amazon Flex. The difference is that an existing logistician or courier service can apply to become an Amazon Logistics Partner. Of course, Amazon assumes that you already have experience as a courier service, parcel deliverer, or logistician. The cost is significantly higher.

Amazon understands logistics partners as local companies that support Amazon’s delivery of packages. The goods are picked up from a central storage location and delivered to the customer’s home.

As a company, you can be sure that there is sufficient volume. It can be assumed that Amazon as a customer is safe for the next few years.

Experts have long agreed that the number of online orders will continue to grow and that Amazon is the largest mail-order company in the world. As long as you can guarantee that your customers’ orders will be delivered quickly, you may have the most powerful partner in the Amazon world.

The Amazon app makes this job easier. Amazon also promises good pay so you can grow a business. The app can calculate almost everything. Efficiently determine loads and routes so you can increase the workload of individual drivers.

Prerequisites for becoming an Amazon logistics partner
Of course, for the partnership itself, the entrepreneur does not have to pay any fees. However, a delivery vehicle must be available, a driver and safety training program must have been attended, and full insurance coverage must be in place. In any case, professional transport companies meet these conditions.

You can apply to become a logistics partner within 10 minutes. After applying, you must create an Amazon Business account and provide information about your company.

Then you must submit documents such as company data, and you must submit evidence of compliance with the program requirements. You will then receive a response within seven days.

6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!
6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!

Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP
The abbreviation “KDP” stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. As a KDP subscriber, you can sell your eBooks on the Amazon marketplace. The best thing about this business model is that you don’t need a publisher; anyone can participate. The earning potential is also good if you know how to do it.

Anyone searching the Internet on this topic will be surprised. Many participants report that they make their entire living and earn a lot of money by selling ebooks. Some even made five figures or more.

In this article, I have described how to make money from eBooks. The right professionals make excellent sales with the help of Amazon. This business model is very lucrative and definitely worth a look at.

Selling eBooks on Amazon
Of course, there are countless reasons why you should sell eBooks on Amazon. The most important reason is that it is the largest marketplace for ebooks in the world.

With devices like the Kindle, bookworms can download eBooks from the marketplace for free or for a fee at any time. Make money every time you are a writer. After a while, what many online entrepreneurs dream of happens – the long-awaited passive income is finally earned.

Books on Demand: Owning real books produced directly by Amazon
If you already have a well-performing eBook listed on Amazon, you can use your existing work to increase sales again. Amazon offers a print service for this purpose. Because there are still many readers who prefer physical books to digital eBooks. Amazon then prints and ships the book for ordering.

Offer audiobooks with audio
In addition, the combination of eBook and paperback allows you to set the eBook to Music yourself or by professional speakers. Audiobooks are available not only on Amazon but also on Audible, Amazon’s audiobook service.

6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!
6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!

Amazon Affiliate Partner Program

Amazon Partner Network Logo
If you’ve never heard of affiliate network marketing, you can make money by recommending products or services on the Internet. Even if it sounds unbelievable at first, there are affiliate marketing professionals making millions of dollars a year. It is one of the most successful business models on the Internet.

Of course, giants like Amazon also offer their own affiliate programs so that website operators can make money from their own content. More information about Amazon’s affiliate program can be found here.

Make money as an Amazon affiliate.
The Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs in the world. Every time someone makes a purchase on Amazon through an affiliate link within 24 hours, you will receive a commission of 1% to 10% of the sales.

In German-speaking countries, the Amazon affiliate program became known through Peer Wandinger, a well-known blogger who makes money from niche websites on the Internet and launched the first niche website challenge in 2012. Since then, many newcomers and professionals have been building niche websites to make money on the Internet.

The Amazon Membership Program works in detail as follows.

You sign up for free as a member of the Amazon Partner Network.

You regularly post-test reports, reviews, or product descriptions on your own blog or on your own niche site. With a little know-how, you can make sure that your content ends up on the first page of Google.

After a while, many visitors come to your own site and click on the link, which then links to the corresponding Amazon product page.

Since the visitors are deliberately searching Google for more information about the product, there is a good chance that they will also buy something. If the purchase is made within 24 hours of clicking on the link, you will receive a commission.

The commission depends on the product you are promoting. Electronics products are paid only 1% because the seller’s profit margin is relatively small. Other product categories, such as “handmade,” are paid at 10%.

At first, this sounds like a lot of money, but when you consider that almost everyone has an Amazon account and that Amazon usually has a very trustworthy reputation, many purchases are made through your own partner links. The cool thing is that customers don’t necessarily have to buy the advertised product. Members receive a commission on whatever is purchased within 24 hours.

Earn money on Amazon services like Prime, Fresh, and Co.
As a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, you can also advertise Amazon products and services. Each affiliate or trial member will receive a one-time commission of a few euros. One should not be confused by the small amounts, as these are the placements of trial members. The probability of someone signing up is high and builds a relatively large number of members. It is worthwhile to participate in such an activity.

The following is a list of individual Amazon services and the compensation for arranging trial memberships.

Prime membership (3€ commission per member)
Unlimited Music (4.50€ commission per new customer)
Prime Video (3€ commission per member)
Audible (5€ per new customer)
Fire for Kids (3€ per new customer)
Amazon Business (30€ per signup)
Kindle Unlimited (1€ per trial member)
Amazon Fresh (3€ per trial member)
Channels (3€ per trial membership)
(Status as of February 2020: We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information. (Amazon itself adjusts it periodically.)

Amazon is always looking for motivated employees

For a true entrepreneurial spirit, an employment relationship is, of course, out of the question. Nevertheless, the employment relationship has its advantages, such as social security.

Thanks to numerous criticisms, working in Amazon’s parcel centers has become widely known. However, Amazon offers more than just warehouse clerks or parcel center jobs.

You can look around and get all the other job opportunities from this Internet giant. You can also work from home as a virtual employee. So if you want to work for Amazon, you should definitely check out the job opportunities.

6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!
6 Ways to Make Money on Amazon!

Conclusion: There’s something for almost everyone!

As you read in the article, there are many opportunities for self-employment with the help of Amazon. There are many options and something for everyone. So you are spoilt for choice.

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