Quick Method to Change a WordPress Web Server

In this complete manual, I am going to explain the quick method to migrate WordPress server and point the domain to the new hosting without major complications.

Some situations cause you to have to change your web page server, a process that can always cause doubts when choosing the most appropriate procedure to carry out.

The fear that the website will not be on the new server as it was on the old one, fear of not correctly pointing the website’s domain to the new server, or fear of losing positioning after the change.

There are several methods to transfer a web page in WordPress from a server; even hosting includes the migration of the web from the old server to the new one among its services.

This manual will explain the fastest method you can use to migrate WordPress from the server, point the domain to the new server, and change Cloudflare’s DNS if you use it.


As I have told you, you may need to change your server web page to improve its performance, or your old hosting has fallen short for your traffic.

There are different methods to migrate the WordPress server from plugins that make a complete copy of your website and replicate it on another server to servers, including migration as a claim for new registrations.

I have changed web pages in the WordPress server manually , a fairly slow process that can take up many hours in front of the computer.

But this time, I will tell you how to migrate WordPress from a server in 2 steps, just as the hosting services themselves do, and I will also explain how to point your domain to the new hosting.

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It is a much faster process, and it will only take you a few minutes while you are going to make a replica of your website and a backup of your database to take to the new server.

But let’s go step by step so you don’t make mistakes and you have it clear:

Backup of WordPress files

In this step, you will make a copy of your WordPress installation to install on your new server without the need to use plugins or download all the installation folders via FTP.

01. File Manager. Log in to CPanel on your old server and go into the File Manager. Inside the Administrator, enter the Public_html directory or the directory where you have your WordPress installed.

02. Compress. Once you are inside the directory where it is installed, select all the files and folders using and right-click to choose Compress.

03. Zip file. You will get a compressed zip file of all the files and folders you will have to download to your computer.

With this step, you have already made a backup of your WordPress installation. The next step to continue with migrating WordPress from the Server is to back up the database.

WordPress Database Backup

The database is the heart of a WordPress installation where all settings, posts, etc. are saved.

01. phpMyAdmin. From the Cpanel of your old server, access phpMyAdmin and select your database in the left column so that all its tables appear on the central screen.

02. Export. Once your database is open, click on the Export tab in the top menu, and without changing anything, click on the Continue button.

03. Download. A file with an SQL extension corresponding to your WordPress database will be downloaded to your computer.

With this step, you have completed the backup of your website; now all you have to do is start migrating WordPress from the server to complete the process.

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