5 Ways to Make Money with Facebook Page

Five ways to earn income in a Fan Page of this social network in a secondary way, publishing and sharing beautiful and exciting things with our followers. How to sell products or promote affiliate links. The best and most successful methods.

Facebook is a social network that allows and encourages users to share content of interest with friends. Still, the good and what makes possible the operation of the service is to display advertising to earn income, but of course, not the users.
However, it is possible to earn income by adequately managing a Facebook fan page, but it takes a lot of interest, perseverance, and dedication, like any project in real life.

How to earn income with Facebook
There are many methods of earning money in the network, just by clicking on the “Like” buttons.
This method is fast, but we always have to become full-time enslaved people to get much less than 100 USD per month.
Whoever wants to do that can use the Fanslave service.
In this article, we only deal with the ways to earn money by making popular a Fan Page of ours, which can make us quite a lot of money.
It is the method used by many entrepreneurs who have created real mini-companies associated with Facebook.

Requirements to be able to earn money on Facebook

The first requirement is creating a Facebook page called a “Fan Page.”
It is necessary to have a Facebook account and a profile page called a biography.
With Fan Pages, it is relatively easy to get fans or followers.
Fans are not friends; users become fans or followers when they click the Like button on one of these pages.
From that moment on, some of them will receive our publications.
It is necessary to create our page or pages (there can be several) with a topic focused on a particular sector related to the case we will share on it.
It is also possible to convert a profile page into a Fan Page.
After that, we must begin publishing and sharing beautiful things for a reasonable time before marketing them.
We must clarify that buying followers for a Fan Page do not benefit. On the contrary, it decreases the average interaction, and therefore, automatically, the Facebook algorithm reduces the reach of the publications of the page.
A page with 1000 real followers is more profitable than a page with 100 000 followers, of which only 100 are confirmed.

5 Ways to Make Money with Facebook Page

All the ways to earn money with a fan page

There are thousands of different ways to make money with a fan page.
We only suggest below the most used methods, but it depends on each person, the content they share, their followers, and the experience they gain over time.
1- Make money on Facebook by selling products

One of the easiest ways to make money, which does not require much knowledge or strategy, is to sell our products on it.
They can be any digital product such as electronic books (eBooks, manuals, tutorials, etc.) and services of all kinds.
We only need to upload an attractive image with a description and the links for the PayPal payment.
It is necessary to be very careful because followers will not like to be saturated with advertising.
It is considered tolerable ten standard publications for one promotional one.
2- Earn money on Facebook with mentions
Many small companies or businesses do not have a presence on Facebook, and in that case, they thank and pay to be mentioned on popular pages.
It is a secondary option to earn additional income.

3- Earn money on Facebook by promoting affiliate products
several companies on the net.
You need to register on one of their sites and choose a product that may be relevant to your followers.
They will give you a code that will be a link with your affiliate ID in it.
When a person clicks on the link and buys a product or service, they will be paid a commission.
Then create posts on your Fan Page with your affiliate link.
Practical tip
✓ Find an effect on one of the affiliate platforms related to what you post and fits your audience.
✓ Create a post accompanied by the association.
✓ Monitor the reaction of your followers and see how many Likes it gets in the first few minutes or hours; the perfect rate you will know over time according to the number of followers.
✓ Please wait for the result of conversions (people who click on the links); you can understand it with the Facebook Insights statistics tool.
✓ If the result is good, continue with the product. If not, look for something different.
The success with this system depends on many factors but mainly are two: The number of followers and the product that fits also influence the attractiveness of the publication.
There are different types of affiliate programs, and each one has another system.
Which affiliate platform to choose?

5 Ways to Make Money with Facebook Page

Thousands of affiliate services serve as links between the companies that offer the products and those that publish them on the Internet.
Some work only with a regional reach, for example, for the audience in Spain, Mexico, or other countries.
Read which are the best affiliate companies and services available for our geographical area: Top affiliate networks and services on the Internet in Spanish
4- Earn money on Facebook by sending visitors to a blog with AdSense

This method actively publishes content, mainly images with links to direct fans to a blog or website with ads from AdSense or another advertising company.
Of course, we had to create this blog previously if we didn’t already have one.
If you are not going to invest in a hosting (storage service), the only option is to create a blog on Blogger.
It does not work as fast, but it works.
It is necessary to create the blog and the Facebook page and publish engaging content on both, link them, and only after a few months, apply to Google for the AdSense service.
The links of the blog posts that we share on Facebook must encourage fans to click on the image to send them to the blog.
It takes patience, effort, and perseverance, but it’s doable.
It seems a bit silly, but it is the one used by Viralnova.com, a favorite blog that reached 200 million daily visitors in only eight months, attracting them with a Facebook page that already has more than one million fans.
The monthly income is hundreds of thousands of dollars with AdSense.

5 Ways to Make Money with Facebook Page

All done by one person and two part-timers.
It is just an isolated case, but I always mention it as an example of what can be achieved on the Internet with ideas, tenacity, and luck.
Villanova’s publication on Facebook
With the same Viralnova system, tens of thousands of blogs and websites on the Internet are currently working and are perfectly profitable.

5- Make money selling a Facebook page
The last of the options is to create pages to sell them; this task is done by several people and is a very profitable business.
A whole market has been created around Fan Pages, and there are hundreds of people willing to buy one for a local business.
Reach of Facebook publications.

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