5 Tips for successful digital marketing on Facebook

Remember when Facebook was a “cooler” platform because it was inexpensive for you to reach more customers? Those days are long gone, as the social network lowered the organic (and free) reach of commercial content and, with Facebook Business, led many companies to reinvent their digital marketing strategies.

So if you are one of those companies complaining because your digital marketing strategy is not giving you the expected results; your ads have limited reach, and you keep getting few leads, this article is for you. Save

Let’s start by saying that Facebook is a business, and as such, it must make a profit, so forget the publications that are not paid. To get results, the best thing to do is to pay because no matter how many posts you make per month, the chances are that if you have 300 followers, your content will not reach more than 30%.

With that in mind, here are five tips that will help you to correctly manage advertising on Facebook Business to increase the reach of your content; that the platform can approve your ads; that you take advantage of some of the tools that it provides, but that we usually ignore, and much more!

5 Tips for successful digital marketing on Facebook

1 Define a target audience

To begin with, you should establish a target audience, which should be based on your buyer persona. You could tell Facebook to show the ad to its entire user base, but that would be a big waste of money.

For example, if you have US$100 to invest, the ideal would be to delimit a small audience made up of your potential customers. Consider aspects such as location, age range, gender, place of work, and preferences, among others.

2 Digital marketing on Facebook

Remember the 20% rule.
If your ad’s image has more than 20% of the text, Facebook Business will reject it. If it fits the parameters, the platform will give you one of the following ratings: correct, low (little text), medium and high (a lot of text). So, if you want to test your ads and validate the amount of text, you can do it here.

You must be very careful with this rule because if you do not meet the requirements and try some fraud, Facebook Business could block your account.

In addition, it is always better to bet on short and high-impact text; otherwise, if you overload the ad, you will hinder the experience of your audience.

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5 Tips for successful digital marketing on Facebook

3 Personalized lists – Remarketing

What could happen if you give Facebook Ads the email list of your customers, and it takes care of placing your ad in their news feed? That’s personalizing your audience and could be one of the platform’s best secrets.

Emails are the best way to offer better targeting to your digital ads through the custom audience lists you can create in Facebook Ads. If you didn’t know this, now you do, and you can use this to your advantage.

4 Use Facebook stats

Facebook statistics is an internal analysis tool that allows you to regulate and research your audience on this social network. In addition, they offer Facebook page managers statistical data on visitors and interactions, which makes it easier to know what content is attractive or not for your followers.

5 Tips for successful digital marketing on Facebook

5 Facebook for businesses

To access the statistics of your page, click on the “administration panel” of your profile.

Badge “high level of response to messages.”
If you respond right away to all the users who send you messages on Facebook, you can get the badge called “high level of response to messages.” You will see the flag below the facade photo if you have sustained a 90% response rate and an average response period of 15 minutes in the last seven days.

Keep in mind that Facebook rates your responsiveness based on the inbox and considers little the responses given on your profile wall. In other words, if you don’t respond as often to public announcements, it won’t have a significant impact on your badge.

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