5 Steps to create your YouTube channel 

5 Steps to create your YouTube channel 

Do you want to create your own Youtube channel? Do you think it’s too complicated and you don’t dare to do it? Our guest author for this post, Rocio Hernandez, explains creating a Youtube channel in just five steps. Yes, yes… you read that right in just five steps. 

YouTube is the social network we all use.YouTube ranks second among the social networks with the most users worldwide. Impressive, isn’t it? This social network has 1.9 billion monthly active users.

Get to know your followers better on other Social Networks.

If this figure has impressed you, keep an eye on the next one because Youtube reaches 28 million Spaniards monthly. In addition, on average, they watch 36 minutes of content per day on the platform. That’s nothing!

Therefore, we can say that Youtube is undoubtedly one of the most important channels to make yourself known or give visibility to your brand.

Advantages of having your own YouTube channel

But, what advantages can a Youtube channel bring to your business, and why is it so important? There are several reasons why creating a YouTube channel is an excellent idea for your business:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but if we talk about a video instead of a photograph, this statement makes even more sense.

Videos manage to capture the public’s attention, and that is why their growth in recent years has only increased.

5 Steps to create your YouTube channel 

Videos also position

The presence and positioning on the Internet are essential for any business. Having a YouTube channel will help you improve your Google ranking. Need a more significant advantage?

Loyal community

If you publish videos constantly, you will progressively gain views and followers on your channel. 

Move your audience from one social network to another.

This will make Youtube show it more and more, and therefore, you will gain subscribers to your channel. It’s all part of a chain, and believe me… The YouTube community is a pretty loyal audience. So, could you make the most of it?

Create your Youtube channel in 5 steps

But let’s get down to business: I will explain how to create your own YouTube channel in just five steps! And if you don’t believe me… keep reading.

Step 1: Sign in with your Google account

The first thing you have to do is log in with your Google account. This step is essential because you will not be able to create it without logging into Google.

What do you mean you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry. For those who still don’t have a Google account and are just starting in digital marketing, I recommend you to visit Xataka’s blog, which shows you how to create a Google account step by step.

Step 2: Go to the Youtube page.

You can’t tell me that this is complicated because you’ve only had to make a few clicks! And if you think it’s going to get complex, you’re wrong because creating your YouTube channel will be a piece of cake. I assure you.

The next thing you have to do is visit the YouTube page. Once there, you will find your icon or photo at the top right, depending on the data you have filled in your Google account.

Click on it and choose the option “My channel .”If, even with the explanation, you are still a little confused, look at the image below; in it, I will show you where to click, so don’t panic!

5 Steps to create your YouTube channel 

Step 3: Choose your channel name

This is where the exciting part starts and what is essential for your YouTube channel. At this moment, doubts assail you, and when suddenly, a thousand questions come to your head.

Think carefully about the name of your YouTube channel when you will create it!

For all that, and because I’m adorable, I’ve added a section where I give you my best tips when choosing a name for your channel. 

The name should be related to the channel’s theme or your brand’s reputation.

Do not use names that are too long.

Do not use symbols, signs, hyphens, or numbers.

If you don’t have much imagination or can’t think of a name for your channel, I recommend that you use tools that help you generate names, such as Business Name Generator.

At the very end, when you are filling in the different fields on the YouTube page, you will see the option Use a business name or another name. I want to explain the difference:

You can only have a single YouTube channel associated with your account with a personal account.

If you use a brand channel, you can have multiple channels associated with your account. These channels are also known as branded accounts. You can also add additional administrators and owners to your branded account and manage your channel together with your collaborators or teammates without the need to share passwords.

I would recommend the latter option. But you have the final say.

5 Steps to create your YouTube channel 

Step 4: Customize your channel

Here it would help if you customized your channel. That is, you must associate it with your brand image. Use the corporate colors and pictures of your company or business to do this. 

Keep in mind that the design of your channel is essential to make an excellent first impression on your followers.

Good first impression to your followers, so don’t skimp on time.

And above all, take care of the details; this will make your Youtube channel make a difference concerning others with similar content or your competition.

Tip, complete all the required information, be original, and use quality images.

Completing the channel information and using good-quality images will help you gain followers. It will also help Youtube’s algorithm to like your channel more. In other words, all advantages!

Channel icon

The channel icon will be your hallmark. Therefore, you must choose a quality image by the channel you create.

For example, it is best to use your company logo if it is a company. If it is a personal channel, I recommend your brand’s logo or a photo that is associated with you.

Channel header or banner

The header is the most prominent image of your channel, so think carefully about what you will show on it.

Choose a perfect cover that reflects your spirit or that of your brand. When designing it, you should consider the different formats depending on the devices from which it will be viewed (smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc.).

Therefore, you must make sure that what is most relevant can be seen from all devices, that is, that it is located in what is known as the safe area. And how can you know this? It’s elementary. When you upload the image, you will see how it looks on each of the devices in the preview pop-up.

These are the sizes you should use:

YouTube channel icon 800×800

YouTube channel header size 2580×423

How can you create covers for your YouTube channel?

You may not have the knowledge or resources to make your YouTube channel header. For this reason, I leave you here some tools with which you can create original, creative and professional covers.

With these tools, you can also rapidly and easily create your channel header for your channel.

Make a brief description of your channel. It is essential to tell the audience what they will see in your videos.

The location.

You can add an email address so they can contact you if your channel is commercial.

You should also add links to your website or different social media profiles.

The above is essential to attract the public’s attention and end up visiting the content of your channel.

Do you see the difference? Which of the two is more attractive to you? The answer is more than obvious!

5 Steps to create your YouTube channel 

Step 5: Upload your first video

You can click on the “Upload a video” link. You will only have to start uploading the file and choose its privacy: public, hidden, private, or scheduled.

But what is the difference between hidden and private?

Well, the truth is that these two concepts are elementary to understand. Here is the distinction between the two:

Simple, isn’t it? After reading this guide, you know everything you need to create your YouTube channel and start uploading videos on it. And don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any doubts about it.

Finally, I recommend you read some tips to get your first followers “21 tips to get subscribers on your YouTube channel”.

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