5 Free Tools for Freelancers (Essential for Working on the Internet)

5 Free Tools for Freelancers (Essential for Working on the Internet)

If you’re ready to start your online freelancing adventure on Upwork, Fiverr, or 5euros and want to be successful from day one, then using the right tools will help you.

In this article, discover five freelance tools that you absolutely must know and adapt to work on the Internet.


  • the app that ensures your English is flawless and more
    By working as a freelancer on platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr, you will most likely have to communicate in writing with clients in English, where English is predominantly spoken.

If you want to get a job, your written English must be impeccable, and the Grammarly app can help you a lot.

Grammarly is an online computer program that detects and corrects spelling, syntax, or verb agreement errors in English. The application also has a “plagiarism checker” that detects copied and pasted sections. This allows you to view the relevant departments to avoid accusations of plagiarism.

How can I use Grammarly for free?
To enjoy the valuable features of Grammarly for free, you can.

Go to grammarly.com and
Choose to install the application extension on one of the browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.) or Microsoft Word.
DeepL translator for translation



  • translator for accurate and intelligent translations
    The DeepL Translator translation tool is also helpful if you feel the need to translate information to understand better or make yourself understood in English.

DeepL Translator is a machine translation system based on artificial intelligence. This application is unique because it can provide accurate translations while recognizing the most subtle nuances in the language that most other translators do not.

Using DeepL as the basis for translation work
In addition to communicating with clients on a freelance platform, DeepL can help you find a job related to English to French translation and vice versa.

In addition, synonyms appear when you click on each word while allowing you to diversify your vocabulary areas and avoid redundancy.

Be careful, though: despite its efficiency, the application does not always provide 100% reliable translations.

For this reason, it is recommended that you re-read the proposed content after translation to ensure that it remains coherent and faithfully transcribes the ideas of the initial text.

That said, DeepL Translator is still a preferred application that can help you with most of your work.
How can I use DeepL Translator for free?
You can use DeepL for free from deepl.com.



  • a must for video screenshots
    To quickly clarify specific issues, sending a video can be an effective and quick solution.

The Loom application is a video screen capture tool that can prepare captured information with an integrated screen recording function.

The freelancer can record his webcam and screen simultaneously while making a live recorded voice comment.

After recording, the application generates a shareable link to the video hosted on Loom, and the client can provide feedback directly in a chat-like comment space.

The Loom application allows you to save time by providing your customers with audiovisual presentations that are available offline and can be viewed indefinitely.

How can I use Loom for free?
The tool can be accessed through the dedicated Google Chrome extension
or get the application directly from loom.com.
The free version of Loom allows you to record clips of up to 5 minutes in length.

This version limits you to 100 recordings and screenshots, which you can share with an unlimited number of people, but up to 25 collaborators in the same team.

What additional features does Loom have?
Among other things, in addition to video screenshots, you have the option of

A visual effect for mouse clicks.
A drawing tool.
Or an area-specific recording.
Or capture internal audio.
Slack, an alternative to direct messaging



  • an effective alternative to direct messaging
    Sometimes, on freelance platforms such as Upwork, clients may ask to be contacted through other communication channels such as WhatsApp.

In such cases, in order not to confuse the personal with the professional, it is best to offer your clients another more or less neutral communication channel, such as Slack.

The Slack application is a collaborative communication platform that allows you to interact with multiple individuals in a professional environment. In addition to being free, its most significant advantage is tracking all discussions and centralizing project monitoring.

Slack also allows you to share files in conversations and integrate with external services such as Dropbox or Google Drive to manage one or more projects centrally.


5.Gmail Drive

  • for synchronized, secure, and easily accessible content
    If you work on Upwork, using Google Drive can be convenient, mainly if you’re used to working on multiple devices (phone, tablet, computer, etc.).

Google Cloud Drive is a cloud file storage and sharing service from Google that syncs content to be accessed from any device, anywhere, anytime.

The recommended storage prevents you from losing your data, as the data stored there is stored digitally in virtual storage space.

Therefore, data stored on Google Drive can be recovered indefinitely as long as you have a good Internet connection and as long as you do not delete it yourself.

Easy to share with other tools via links
Another interesting aspect of Google Drive is that the application is compatible with other tools, such as Docs, Sheets, or Slides, cloud applications that allow you to collaborate efficiently with your customers in real-time.

The interaction between these different tools is made possible by the ease of sharing Google Drive links, which allows collaborators to exchange different types of files and make changes to them if necessary. Works well, right?

How can I use Google Drive for free?
To enjoy the features of this tool for free, you need to.

Access Google Drive from your computer (download).
Click on “Access Drive” in the upper right corner of the page that appears.
Enter your Gmail account details to link it to Google Cloud Drive.
Follow the given instructions to confirm the binding; it will show you the different files on your computer and the space left in your cloud.
That’s it, and you can now use Google Drive and invite your collaborators/customers to do the same, if not already!


Working as an online freelancer requires a keen sense of organization and specific skills, and some apps will help you acquire these skills more quickly.

Due to their specific and ergonomic nature, Google Drive, Slack, Loom, DeepL translator, and Grammarly are among the top free apps that will increase your productivity on freelance platforms.

Depending on your specialty (area of expertise) or your needs in terms of organization, other applications may be helpful for you later.

But with this article, I hope I’ve given you an overview of free tools to understand and use to get started in freelancing.

It’s up to you to use them well!

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