5 Best WordPress Plugins for Amazon Associates

In this post, I will talk about some of the best plugins for Amazon affiliates, both free and premium, with which you can increase your affiliate commissions.

Technically you do not need any plugin to promote Amazon products. Still, if you want to track clicks or display products more visually and attractively, the idea is to use an Amazon affiliate plugin.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a link shortener similar to bitly.com, but with the advantage that the links will have the URL of your domain.

These plugins allow you to create links with your domain name that redirect the user to the product page with your affiliate link, these links being more “friendly.”



This makes them easier to remember and use on your website.

In addition, another advantage of using a plugin like Pretty Links is that you can modify the URL to which any of the links you create redirect.

This is useful because if you find that the product you were linking to is discontinued, you will be able to connect to another similar product simply by modifying the link from Pretty Links without manually modifying all the links.

Pretty Links also provides some basic stats on the number of link clicks. This will help you know if users are clicking on your affiliate links and which links are receiving the most clicks.

URL Shortener

This is another plugin to shorten links and make them prettier. It is the alternative to Pretty Links if you are looking for a more “basic” plugin to manage your Amazon affiliate links.

One thing to note about this plugin is that it allows you to classify the links by category, which can still be helpful to you.


AAWP is one of the best and most complete plugins for Amazon affiliates .

Some of the features offered by AAWP

· Automatically update product prices

· Automatically update the availability of products in stock

· Redirects to the products according to the geolocation of the visits

· Automatically place links as nofollow

· Create tables and product comparisons

· Create affiliate links automatically with your affiliate id

· Insert products in the sidebar through widgets

· Make negative selections to exclude products

· Custom Product Box Design

· Show the best sellers or the latest news

· Many customization style options

Basically, with this plugin, you can do everything to increase conversions and save a lot of time by automating tasks such as creating links, updating prices, discounts, stock, etc.

And also, always complying with Amazon policies .

Of course, it is a premium plugin that does not have a free version and that makes use of the Amazon API .

If you are really serious about amazon affiliates theme, this plugin could be said to be a must buy.

Content Egg Pro

It is a plugin quite similar to AAWP in terms of functionality, but with the difference that Content Egg also works with other affiliate programs in addition to Amazon, such as eBay or Aliexpress.

This allows you to even compare the prices of the same product from several stores.

Content Egg also makes use of the Amazon API , but you will have to go for the premium version of Content Egg because its free version does not support Amazon API version 5.

In short, I would say that Content Egg is almost on par with AAWP. Both plugins will be very useful for your Amazon affiliate website.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

This premium plugin turns WooCommerce into an Amazon Associates store .

With it you can create a product store by importing the information of Amazon products (images, description).

It offers a lot of features and statistics to be able to optimize your amazon affiliate website.

On their website you can see some examples of sites with this plugin implemented.

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