4 Fun Ways to Make Money Online with Amazon_

4 ways you can make money on Amazon

As promised, if I am subscribed, I will be doing a series of posts about how to make money on Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, and other American marketplaces. I have 226 people subscribed to me, thank you all for your interest, It’s very nice! After reading this post, if you help me raise my posts to the top-in case you like them, once I get 1000 subscribers, I will create a YouTube channel, as in video format, it would be easier for me to explain and immediately show video instructions on how and what to do.

Totally true. I started my way on Amazon, when I lived in St. Petersburg, now I’ve emigrated to America, but in the summer I like to come to Russia, to run after beautiful girls (my biggest disappointment about America is that scarier girls than in the U.S., I’ve never seen anywhere else, I’m not surprised why there are so many of these _you get it, it’s just like an anecdote expectation-reality), so I’m writing to you from Moscow. My Muscovite Muska sends you greetings:

What about knowledge of English? Of course it’s desirable, but you can start without it, and I’ll show you the translation tools I use, in the following posts. These tools I use when communicating with the Chinese in Chinese, but you can use these tools when translating from English to Russian.

(Important) Let’s start with what you need to make money in America. (Perhaps some points may sound harsh, but I need to speak out so that people have no illusions, about the business, and the Internet is full of pseudo-businessmen who say that the business is chik pok and earned. This is nonsense. Business is boring, tedious and not interesting, but it is the best kayf when you get it and you start to develop in other areas of life, as you have money) and so what is needed:

4 ways you can make money on Amazon

a bank account in one of the banks that are not under sanctions. You can use the following banks: Sberbank, VTB, Rosselkhozbank, Vnesheconombank, Bank of Moscow and Gazprom Bank

Mobile number for sms confirmation of your Amazon account

(Important): A credit card from one of the above banks.

Tax ID number (this is similar to TIN number, which you must get from US IRS

If you decide to open a separate business in America, and not to do business on your own behalf, you will need to get instead of ITIN, EIN number, open a business license LLC – analogue of LLC, and register a business in Delaware or Wyoming-these states accept registration of business from foreign citizens.

Since there were a lot of aggressively patriotic Stalinists in the comments, I decided to add this paragraph. No patriotic sentiments. If you have any, I doubt you are ready for world-class business. I confess that I, too, once had admiration for Stalin, his uniquely planned economy, and how he raised the economy of the USSR, with growth of 50% a year. But all my admiration ended when I myself began to study the history of the USSR, not the one I was taught at school, but an alternative, independent history, and everything became clear to me. In addition, I read the works of my now favorite Solzhenitsyn, the Gulag Archipelago, and the Kolyma Tales of Shalamov, and it finally finished me, and my admiration for the planned economy of Stalin, not a trace left. So I recommend you read it.

I’m sure the last 2 points will undermine a few people, but it’s better for them, I hope it saves them from losing their investment.

And so, philosophy is sorted out, let’s get started, (Moose wanted a kebab, so let’s light the coals at the same time):

There are up to 4 ways to make money on Amazon (at least that I know of), but you can’t make money on all of them if you don’t live in the US. I will list only those that I earn from, or that I used to earn from, and that anyone who is not a resident of America can earn from. Let’s go from the less profitable to the most profitable.

Online Arbitrage . What this means: Buy on the Internet at a cheaper, shipped to Amazon and sell at a higher price. In the U.S., there are a huge number of sites where there are online sales on various sites. Caught where the money is?

Minuses of this method, you need to constantly sit behind a computer, and do the chore, watch, looking for sites with sales. Because of the structure of the male brain, men this method is very difficult to give. Quickly fall into a sluggish state, apathy, depression. But, on the other hand, the girls will cope well with this kind of earnings because of their different brain structure: they are better able to cope with monotonous work.

Another disadvantage, you have to use different prep services that are in America, gave a shipping address to one of the prep centers, they get your goods, glue the necessary labels, pack them, and send them to the Amazon warehouse under your account. Of course you pay them for this, usually a dollar + packaging, in short, it is very difficult to do this without living in the U.S., but it is possible.

4 ways you can make money on Amazon

Get a VPN and set the U.S. location, because you can’t even go to the sites I gave you above without a VPN. You can get a free VPN by downloading Opera browser. There is a function in the settings – set VPN, and set VPN to America.

Sign up for an Amazon account (I’ll do detailed instructions on how to do this in future posts, why I’m not doing a post now, because Amazon prohibits having 2 accounts, but you can make an exception if you ask them for a 2nd account, so I’m waiting for Amazon’s permission)

While I’m waiting for permission and preparing a post on how to properly sign up for an Amazon account, prepare the following:

You need a bank account at one of the banks I listed above. Most importantly it must be a VISA or Mastercard.

Credit Card – is very important, it is very important that this was not a service like Payoneer, Paypal, Qiwi, Webmoney. Be sure from the official bank.

Prepare documents for ITIN. (You need an official photocopy of your passport with a stamp, you can get at the local FMS or at the embassy.) Damn, I only about ITIN number can make a separate series of posts, okay, while prepare a photocopy.

Wait until I release a post with step-by-step instructions on how to create an Amazon account correctly, or if you understand it in English, try to do it yourself on the official Amazon site.

A rough plan of action (The plan is not detailed, just to understand the logic; for a full understanding I’ll need to write a separate detailed, step by step post)

⇨ Create an account on Amazon, Ebay.

⇨ search the above sites for items on sale

⇨ buy merchandise and ship to prep center

⇨ ship items from prep center to Amazon warehouse

⇨ put it on sale with your markup.

Moose, it’ll be ready soon, don’t go away:

4 ways you can make money on Amazon

1) Retail Arbitrage .

Buy in-store for cheaper on sale, sell on Amazon for more. This is a very profitable way to make money if you live in the US, but take your time, read on, I will tell you how to do it in your country of residence. The same logic as with Online Arbitrage, but only instead of looking at sites of goods, you go shopping and look for items on sale in stores. This is the way I always make money when I come to America.

Of course there are a lot of nuances: new Amazon accounts can’t sell sneakers, you have to get special permission from Amazon, you have to have a perfect reputation on Amazon, you have to make $10,000 or more a month to sell Nike sneakers, etc. You can spend a long time describing how to do this, but you can also trade in other products, such as mugs, shirts, etc. How to do it, if you do not live in the U.S.Very often I see people who are not tech savvy putting computers, monitors, bikes for sale at an undervalued price, especially in big cities. You can go there to meet, bargain, buy, and immediately put on the site Avito already with their markup. I’m about a month has always earned this way at least 70 000 rubles, living in St. Petersburg. I hope that the logic of the process of earning this way is clear.

However, on Ebay there are no restrictions on the sale of shoes, but that you understand the difference between Ebay and Amazon, I will tell you my statistics. For every hundred pairs of sneakers sold on Amazon, I sell one pair on Ebay. So, compared to Amazon, Ebay is dead.

2) Dropshipping.

Long to explain, this deserves a separate series of posts about dropshipping. What is dropshipping is speculation. Basically, you find someone who sells an item; on another marketplace, you copy his ad and put the same product with a markup price. When the customer buys the product from you, you take the money and buy the product, which is underpriced and the shipping address you write the address of the customer, while leaving yourself a profit. There are many ways to make money on dropshipping.

3) Use Shopify service

ready-made site, with ready solutions for accepting payments, you create a site on Shopify service, copy ads from Aliexpress on your site. When they buy goods from you in America, you take the money, buy the product on Aliexpress, and send it to the address of the American client, calculate your cache) P.S. Goods from China to America are very fast

4 ways you can make money on Amazon

4) Create your own site

rotate advertising on the American Google, and just use the site Aliexpress in the sale of this or that product.

Seen here somewhere else post and comment that Amazon bans dropshipping, I called Amazon, and checked this issue, they are not against this policy. Although, I called Amazon in 2017, and now I’m not doing it, maybe they are now cracking down on such business activities. At the moment, I’m only doing way 3 and 4 as extra income.

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